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March 23, 1996

My hair has now grown as long as Chloe’s hair as it was 2years ago! Joanne had just trimmed it for me just then and even then it hangsjust below my butt (covering it completely)! I absolutely love my super longhair. Keeping it healthy and shiny is an immense task; somewhat like caring fora pet! But it’s definitely worth it!

June 15, 1996

Today I cut six inches from my hair! I can’t stand the painanymore (of accidentally sitting on my hair and pulling them. I got Vanessa tocut it up to just above my bum. This way it is still very long but does not getsat on!

(I sent those six inch locks to Jeffrey in an envelop! Healways compliments my hair; I thought I’d tease him!)

June 26, 1996

My sweet sixteenth birthday is tomorrow! So excited!

June 28, 1996

I almost couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror today withthose bangs! Last night was crazy… I couldn’t believe my double misfortune! Itstarted with a game of Jenga. To make things interesting, the punishment fortoppling the Jenga tower was a forced haircut. Oh, why did it have to be me totopple it?

Everyone in the room gasped when I toppled it, at theprospect of me – the birthday girl with the longest hair in the room – gettingthe forfeit! There was chaos in the room after that; the guys shouted “cut,cut, cut!” while the girls screamed “no! don’t do it!”. Not wanting to spoilthe mood of the party, I did not chickened out.

I got my cousin Amanda to do the honours. Someone went toget some old newspapers and lined the floor with them. Phone cameras clickedaway as Amanda brushed and cut my hair. She decided to be lenient on me and cutit at mid-back level. But still, I lost almost a foot of my previously nearbutt-length hair!

The worst bit was that it wasn’t the end. We played Jenga asecond time and again I toppled the tower! I’m really bad at this game and Iwish I hadn’t played it! Vanessa was given the scissors this time round. Shewanted to make me into her “twin” and decided to give me bangs!

Snip, snip, snip! I lost another more than a foot of hairfrom my bangs! Now they’re just beneath my eyebrows, making me look almost likean entire new person – Vanessa’s “twin”…

No more Jenga for me!

December 20, 1996

My bangs had grown out enough to be tucked back behind myears. Today, my mum brought me to this new salon which had opened in town totry them out. Amanda has been pestering me to change my “blunt cut” look intothe more trendy point-cut wispy layered look which everyone else is wearing. Iwas reluctant initially because I’ve always felt that my blunt-cut hair makesme unique. But I gave in today and decided that a change for this Christmas isnot a bad idea.

It was the longest time I’ve ever spent getting my hairdone! The stylist seemed to take her sweet time plunging her scissors slowlyinto my hair, thinning it while maintaining the length. I have to admit my headfeels a lot lighter with those internal layers added. The stylist also changedmy middle part into a side parting and gave me side-swept bangs. Still tryingto get used to it falling into my face all the time though.

November 19, 1997

For the past whole year, I’ve been maintaining the same hairstyle, returning back to the salon every 2 months to get my hair trimmed.Today, I’ve decided to grow out my layers and side swept bangs. My school promis next year and I wanted my hair to have full volume by then.

August 30, 1998

My hair has grown into a v-shape at the back; longest atwaist length and the shortest layer is around bra-strap length. My bangs havegrown out way below my chin. Prom is just a week away! I want my hair to beblunt cut to my shoulders!

August 31, 1998

I told the stylist that I did not want any layers at all,and wanted it all blunt cut, to which she complied. She snipped my hair rightacross my back about 3 inches below the top of my shoulders. She had to cut offabout a foot of my hair at its longest point to even up the length! But it wasworth it. Everyone at the prom said how much healthier and more voluminous itis.

December 31, 1999

The last day of the millennium! Chloe convinced me to dosomething which I’ve never in my life every thought of doing; donating my hair!My hair had grown to the small of my back, kept silky straight one length fromlast year.

All eyes stared as me when I entered the salon. Whowouldn’t? A lady with beautiful waist length hair cutting it all off? Anyway,after washing my hair, the stylist tied my hair into a loose ponytail, and cutit while it’s still wet!

Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, went the sound of the scissorshacking away at my hair at the base of my nape. It was surreal to feel the coldblades of the scissors touching my nape! I’ve never felt anything like thatbefore; not since I was a child. The ponytail put up quite a fight, but thescissors triumphed in the end.

The stylist placed the wet ponytail in my hands after that!It was the weirdest feeling in my life; holding my own ponytail in my hand!Since it was wet, it felt like a slimy animal. I was amazed at how long it was;26 inches! I did shed a few tears then, but surprisingly I didn’t wept. PerhapsI knew that this was going to a good cause; to a child who needs it more than Ido.

The stylist tidied up the rough bob and I walked out of thesalon with a stylish long inverted bob! The back was cut short to the base ofmy nape, while the front was 3 inches below my jaw. It felt weird at first tohave all that weight lifted from my head, but I’ve grown to love this haircut!

January 5, 2000

Everyone at college commented on how great my hair looked. Isent Jeffrey a photo of me in my new hairstyle to tease him again, knowing howhe loved my previous long hair.

April 25, 2002

It has been more than 2 years since I last wrote here! So much has happened.Jeffrey and I have been friends with benefits for just over a year now. Just acouple of weeks ago, he admitted he has a “hair fetish”. I still don’tunderstand it, but apparently he gets really turned on by hair. So that’s whyhe showed such great interest in my hair (which had grown to the small of myback now) all these while.

I was curious to understand more about his fetishism, so Idecided to ask him to trim my hair today. The look on his face when I requestedthat was unbelievable; he looked like he was going to explode in sheerexcitement any moment! I limited him to cut no more than 4 inches, which wouldbring the length up neatly to mid-back length, which he did.

His pants budged the whole time he trimmed my hair. I couldliterally feel that he was going to explode any moment. Well, we went straightupstairs immediately after he was done, and oh boy… an unforgettable night!


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