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July 1, 2004

Bad news today. I got a phone call today by the policeinforming me that Jeff died in a horrific car crash. We have moved on with ourlives ever since graduation, but apparently he hadn’t changed his emergencycontact number on his phone. We never got serious beyond “friends withbenefits” but when I heard the news, I felt a deep regret within me. I don’tknow what else to say. I’m going to cry myself to sleep tonight…

July 3, 2004

After leaving Jeff’s funeral today, I felt I needed tocommemorate his life by sacrificing that which is mine but that which I alsoshared with Jeff; my hair. My hair had grown to the same length as it was backwhen I was 16; butt length, and still maintained healthily straight and shiny.

Jeff had mentioned this hair fetish site once before. Itdidn’t take long to search for it on the web. I found it, contacted the siteowner, and an appointment was made.

September 3, 2004

The day of my appointment with the owner of this hair fetishsalon! I told him that I’m willing to go “all the way”, and he suggested thatwe do it in stages, to which I agreed. He asked me to call him “Peter”, whichwas obviously not his real name. Before we started, Peter instructed me tochange into the bikinis which he had prepared. There wasn’t anyone else aroundexcept Peter and a few cameramen, but I wasn’t bothered. This was for Jeff.

After I had changed into bikinis, Peter led me into hisstudio where there were 3 video recorders positioned around a barbershop styledchair to record the whole footage from different angles. We started by doingsome long hair modeling. After he was satisfied with the videos, he got me tostand against the wall with my back facing the cameras.

He started by trimming my butt length hair to waist length,slowly and carefully. Snip! Snip! Snip! I’ve never had my hair cut sodelicately and intricately before, not even by a professional hair stylist! Helater told me that he did it slowly on purpose to capture every precious momenton video. After about 5 minutes, the hair concealing my bum was no more;revealing my bum.

After the trim, Peter instructed one of the cameramen tozoom in on the 7 inches cut locks on the floor and got another one to zoom inon the ends of my freshly trimmed hair. When he was satisfied, he asked them tozoom out.

Next, he placed the scissors level with my shoulders andpromptly snipped away the 2 feet of silky dark hair beneath the blades! Shick,shick, shick went the scissors as Peter lopped away those precious locks. Withevery snip of the blades, my hair fell heavily onto the floor with a loud thud!Before long, my bare back was revealed, leaving me with a long pageboy cut.

Again, the cameramen zoomed in on the mound of cut hair onthe floor and on the freshly cut ends, before zooming out again.

Peter then asked me to turn around to face the cameras. Heproceeded to comb the front locks down over my face. At that point, I knew whatwas coming; bangs. The scissors slid into the bangs from the left temple andslowly hacked away at them. Snip! Snip! Snip! I felt the blades on my foreheadas they made their way across; Peter must have given me short bangs to themiddle of my forehead! With each snip, 8 inches of bangs fell to the floor,joining the longer 2 feet long tresses.

Next, I felt the scissors placed at cheek level. Snip! Snip!Snip! More hair fell to the floor as Peter cut the pageboy into a lip lengthbob. “Zoom in a bit more”, I heard him bark to one of the cameramen as heworked his way around to the other side of my face. This was the shortest myhair has ever been since I was a little kid! But more was to come.

Snap! Buzz! It was the sound of electric clippers beingturned on. The last time I heard it was back when I had to get my hair fixedafter a school bully cut my hair. Hearing the sound brought back memories of mychildhood… which was interrupted by Peter asking me to turn around to face thewall.

Zzz! Zzz! Zzz! A strange new sensation flooded through me asthe clippers were brought to my nape. Weird, but it was a soothing feeling!

After buzzing my nape, Peter again instructed the cameramento zoom in on my nape, then asked me to turn around so that they can video thebob from different angles. After he was satisfied with the footages, Petersnapped the clippers back on, this time without guards and plunged the clippersright down my head!

Zzz! Zzz! Zzz! It was literally raining hair as Petercontinued to plow the clippers through my hair. Before long, the short bob hadbeen clippered away into a crewcut – like Demi Moore’s in “G.I. Jane”. Therewas no mirror in the studio – it ‘confuses’ the cameras according to Peter – soI couldn’t see how I looked then.

Next came the shaving cream and the razor blade, scrapingaway at the stubbles until I was completely bald. Bald! Never before have Ieven imagined being bald, not even when Jeff talked about some of the beautifulbald women he saw on the net. Did Jeff somehow in the afterlife watched thewhole transformation? I don’t know, but this I know; that I shaved my head theway he would want them shaved – in stages.

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