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Ms. Kent drove Nina and Cheryl to Nina’s house. Nina’s Mother was in shock. Ms. Kent was afraid that Nina’s Mother would be angry with her, but instead she was grateful how supportive she had been during this difficult episode. After Ms Kent had left, Nina and her Mother begged Cheryl to stay over night.

“Oh yes, I would love to stay with Nina if it’s alright with my Mum” said Cheryl.

Nina’s Mother called Cheryl’s Mother, explained the situation and requested if Cheryl could stay with Nina tonight. Of course Cheryl’s Mother was more than ready to be supportive. Nina cried herself to sleep that night and did not go to school the next day.

At school the next day, rumors were flying about what had happened to Nina, but no one, except Cheryl, knew what had happened. Some of the kids thought she had broken her arm or leg. Some thought she had had her dress ripped off. Some thought that she had run away. No one asked Cheryl and Cheryl did not volunteer any information. Nina was also out of school the following day and then the day after that. At this point, Cheryl called Nina to see if she was alright. Nina had shut herself in her room and did not want to talk to anyone, but her Mother begged Cheryl to come to see her after school the next day.

After school the next day Cheryl walked to Nina’s house. Nina’s Mother was overjoyed to see Cheryl. Nina was in her room. Cheryl knocked on Nina’s bedroom door and identified herself. Nina allowed her to come in. This was the first visual contact Nina had had with another human being since the incident. Nina’s Mother had left her meals outside of her bedroom door and Nina had left the dirty dishes outside her bedroom when she had finished eating.

“Nina, how are you doing?” inquired Cheryl gingerly.

“Not very well. I can’t face the world like this” she said as she brushed her hand over her nearly bald head. “But I can’t stay in my room forever either. I don’t know what to do.”

“You are right about not being able to stay in your room forever”, replied Cheryl.

Before she could continue Nina continued her discourse. “But how can I go in public like this? Everyone will laugh at me. I look hideous. Maybe if I could stay out of sight until it grows out…”

“Nina, how long did it take you to get your hair as long as it was?” inquired Cheryl.

“Years, but maybe if I could just stay out of sight until it gets a decent length”, answered Nina.

“You can’t stay in your room that long. It could take months, even years”

A cold shutter went through Nina’s body at the thought of it taking years for her hair to grow out again. Several minutes passed in silence. Nina hung her head in sadness and shame, but Cheryl’s mind was racing. “I’ve got an idea. Let’s go to the Bowden playground. No one from our school ever goes there or for that matter anyone we know. At least, it’ll get you out of your room.” After much begging and persuading, Nina agreed to go. Nina’s Mother was convinced that Cheryl was a miracle worker.

Nina was in her pajamas and started to get dressed, but she didn’t know what to wear. After a short discussion with Cheryl, she decided to put on a boyish pair of short pants, t-shirt and tennis shoes.
Cheryl had been correct. There was no one at the playground that either of the girls knew. In fact there was not a lot going on except a basketball game. The girls wondered toward the game to see the action. As they got closer they could hear a lively discussion between the 2 teams.

“You’re a man short. You have to forfeit. You lose. That’s the rules we all agreed to.” All the boy’s team members nodded their heads in agreement.

“But it’s not fair. We can beat you with one player short. You’re just afraid to play us”

“Maybe, maybe not. But it’s the rules you agreed to. You lose, we win”

“Wait a minute”, said the boy to the other team captain. Turning to Nina and Cheryl, he shouted “Hey kid, you’re on our team. Come on.” Cheryl started to get up. “Not you. Him, the bald headed kid.”

Nina hesitated. “Go on” Cheryl urged. Nina walked toward the boy who had summoned her. “We’re playing in the gym he said as he pointed to an old building behind him. They all starting to walk into the gym with Cheryl following. “Hey, no girls” piped up one of the other boys.

“If she can’t go, then I won’t go” answered Nina. This boldness surprised both Nina, herself, and Cheryl.

“Ok, Ok, but she’s got to stay off the playing floor. No street shoes are allowed.” All the boys took off their shoes before going to the center of the court. Nina followed suite..

The captain of one group of boys flipped a coin in the air and instructed the other captain to call it while it was in the air. Nina’s team lost the toss. The other team elected to be shirts. All the boys on Nina’s team starting peeling off their shirts. Nina just stood there. Seeing that she was not making a move to remove her shirt, one of her teammates started pulling her shirt off. Cheryl was sure that Nina would freak out as her shirt was completely removed. But she didn’t. She just started playing like the boys.

Nina was not as good as the boys, but she really tried hard and her teammates and even the other team recognized this. They all congratulated her for a great effort. Nevertheless, Nina’s team loss the game and as a consequence had to turn over their shirts and shoes to the other team.

As Nina and Cheryl were walking back to Nina’s house, Nina was caught up in the thrill of the moment. Cheryl knew that at any moment she would realize that she was walking in public completely topless and would have a panic attack. But it never happened.

“Thanks Cheryl. I really enjoyed that game.”

They continued to walk towards Nina’s house. When they got there, Nina’s Mother was surprised to see her daughter wearing so few cloths. But at the same time she was pleased. Nina and Cheryl went to Nina’ s bedroom and talked and laughed for a while. Then Cheryl left. As she was leaving, her parting words were “See ya tomorrow.”

The next morning Nina was waiting at the bus stop when Cheryl arrived. Nina was not wearing any type of head covering. Her nearly bald head was on display for any and all to see. Nina was not expecting the stares and the awkward comments. The snide remarks she expected, but the stares and awkward conversations. Nina was glad Cheryl had the same lunch time as her. No one wanted to socialize with her except Cheryl. The next few school days were no better. Nina felt ugly and ashamed. After a week of growth, she could not tell any difference in her appearance.

After a day that had been very disappointing and frustrating for Nina, Cherly persuaded her to go to Bowden playground. The same set of boys were there. The same team she had played for before invited her to be on their team again. Nina accepted. This time they did not toss a coin to see who was shirts and who was skins. Since her team had lost last time, they were automatically skins. Nina and her teammates played their hearts out, but still were not able to beat the other team. Once again they li
terally lost their shirts and shoes.

In walking to Nina’s house after the euphoria of the game had worn off, Nina began to lament that she couldn’t take going to school bald any longer. It was too much for her. Her hair was growing back too slow.

“You know I’ve heard that hair grows faster when it’s shaved.” said Cheryl.

“Are you suggesting that I shave my head?” inquired Nina incredulously.

“No, I’m not suggesting anything. I’ve just heard that shaved hair not only grows faster, but it is also thicker and fuller when it grows back”

“Do you really believe that?” asked Nina.

“Well think about it. One day a boy has nothing but peach fuzz and then he starts shaving—what happens?” Not waiting for Nina to answer, Cheryl continues, “The next thing you know he has a 5 o’clock shadow. In other words his hair grows so fast, it won’t last the whole day. Your cousin Gregg was like that. Remember when he tried to grow a beard, if you could call it a beard. But look what happened after he started shaving.”

“Do you think that would work for me?” asked Nina.

Cheryl could not believe this. A couple of weeks ago Nina had never cut her hair and was talking about growing it to her knees. And now she had a haircut a lot shorter than most boys and she was asking about shaving her head. “Yes, it would work, but you would have to keep it shaved for a while.” Cheryl noticed Nina’s disappointment as she made her statement. “But it would still give you your hair back a lot quicker than not doing anything.”

“I don’t know if I have the courage to get it completely shaved. No, there’s no way.” said Nina.

“You don’t have the courage to get your head shaved, but you have the courage to play basketball topless and walk home topless. That doesn’t make any sense.” said Cheryl

With Cheryl’s statement it seemed that Nina realized that she was half dressed. She covered her breast with her hands and her face turned beat red.

“Nina, it’s too late. I already know what your boobs look like and so do the boys.”

Nina dropped her hands and stopped trying to cover herself. “Yea, I guess you’re right. But where would I get my head shaved?”

Cheryl could not believe that Nina was seriously considering her suggestion. “What about the barbershop where you go the haircut you have now?”

“I don’t want to go when it’s crowded. Besides I don’t believe I can do this by myself. Cheryl, will you go with me?”

Cheryl agreed to accompany Nina to the barbershop. It did not take a lot of persuading. They set the following afternoon after school. Neither Cheryl nor Nina could sleep that night. Cheryl was thrilled with anticipation and Nina terrified. The girls did not get off the bus at their usual stop, but one that stops in front of the barbershop. Cheryl was hoping that the shop was not crowded and she was in luck. No one except the barber was there. Nina would have no excuse.

“You ready?” inquired Cheryl.

“Yea, let’s get it over with” , answered Nina.

Both girls entered the shop. The barber was surprised to see them, especially so soon after Nina’s radical haircut. “Can I help you young ladies?”

“Ur .. Ur. Ur” Nina couldn’t get any words out.

“Nina wants a haircut” volunteer Cheryl as she lead Nina to the barber chair.

The barber caped Nina and tied a neck band around her. Then he pumped the chair up and asked “What kind of haircut do you want?” Nina just sat there in a daze. The barber repeated the question, but no response.

“She wants her head shaved” said Cheryl.



“Well, some people mean different things by shaved” spoke the barber.

Nervously, Cheryl provided more details. “She wants it shaved with a razor, smooth.”

Turning to Nina, the barber asked for assurance, “Is that what you want?” Nina could not speak. Fear had frozen her vocal cords. She was not really sure she wanted this. It is bad enough to have such a radically short haircut, especially after having had such beautiful long hair but shaved smooth! But now she had placed her friend Cheryl in a very awkward position. It would be humiliating for her to contradict Cheryl’s instructions.Cheryl may never speak to her again and Cheryl was her only friend. “What the heck” Nina thought. “I’m almost bald anyway. It won’t make that much difference, certainly not enough to risk losing her only friend.Nina nodded her head yes.

The barber removed the attachment from his clippers and ran them down the middle of Nina’s head from her forehead straight to the crown of her head leaving a path of white skin. Then he did another path and another. Soon Nina was clipper shaved. Nina hated to admit it, but she was beginning to enjoy the feel of the clippers. Cheryl was definitely enjoying it, Next the barber put a very warm cloth on Nina’s head. At first it seemed to burn, but then it felt good. After a few minutes, the barber removed the cloth. Her head felt cold for a moment, but the barber quickly covered her head with warm soap. It felt heavenly. Then came the razor. It was warm and felt great as the barber ran it over Nina’s scalp. Nina could not see how she looked, but was enjoying the shave. She was feeling funny and warm inside, yet nervous and afraid. Subconsciously she began to rub her crotch. This felt good and relaxed her. The barber thought that Nina might be rubbing her crotch, but could not be certain under the cape. But with her friend Cheryl, there was no doubt. The barber was afraid that the young girl would have an organism. Nina was so caught up in her own experience, she did not notice Cheryl.. Finally, the shave was finished to complete smoothness. When the barber turned the chair where Nina could see herself, Nina almost flipped out. It was all Cheryl could do to make a show of sympathy.

The first part of the walk to Nina’s house was silent. Neither Cheryl nor Nina said a word. Then Cheryl broke the silence. “Can I feel it?”

“Huh?” asked Nina in confusion.

“Your head. Can I feel your head?”

“Well, sure I guess” answered Nina puzzled why Cheryl would want to feel her bald head. Cheryl wasted no time rubbing her hand over Nina’s scalp. Nina enjoyed the feel of Cheryl’s hand against her bare scalp.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” said Cheryl. “You feel it”

Nina slowly raised her hand to her scalp and rubbed her hands over it. It felt fantastic. “It feels fantastic” said Nina as she continued to rub her hands over her bare scalp. As they walked for her house she continued to rub her head. She and Cheryl went to Nina’s room and Nina looked in the mirror. The euphoria quickly melted. She looked horrible. She looked like an alien from outer space. “I look horrible” she cried. “How can I let anyone see me like this!!!”

“You look different. You’re not used to seeing yourself with no hair, but you look beautiful. You’re a beautiful girl and hair is not what makes you beautiful” confessed Cheryl.

“You think I look beautiful? Cheryl, you’re a good friend and I know you are trying to make me feel better. But look at me. I’ve never se
en anything like the way I look. I look awful. I’m ugly” protested Nina.

“Just look at yourself in the mirror and stop trying to imagine what everyone will think. You’ve got beautiful eyes. Your head is perfectly shaped. All your features are perfect, your lips, your eyes, everything. Your head curves at just the right angle. You don’t need hair. In fact, I think you look better without hair” persuaded Cheryl.

“You really think I look good bald?” asked Nina as she examined herself in the mirror. “I’ve got to admit it looks different.”

“Different, but good”

“Yea, it does looks good. Thanks Cheryl”

The next day at school was the best ever. Nina was now completely bald, but she had a new self confidence. Sure, other kids and even teachers would stare at her, but they had to admit she looked good. And the kids that teased her were convinced by her self assurance and with a little help from Cheryl. The biggest challenge came a few days later when Nina’s hair had grown out a little. She still appeared bald, but the magnificent smoothness had disappeared. It seemed like a crises, but Cheryl assured Nina she could keep her head shaved. At first Nina was unsure, but Cheryl came through with flying colors. She did a great job of keeping Nina shaved. Nina still visited the barbershop once a week, but Cheryl kept her shaved in between.

At first Nina would ask if she had she kept her head shaved long enough. Chery would reply that the longer Nina kept her head shaved the better it would grow out. So week after week passed and then month after month and Nina stopped asking or even caring how long she was to remain bald. As far as she was concerned, she could remain bald forever.

One day Cheryl had Nina’s head lathered and Nina said to her “ Cheryl, you haven’t been able to grow hair longer than a ear bob have you?”

“Well I can, but my Mom won’t let me” answered Cheryl

“And why is that?” Nina pressed on.

“Ok, it looks like crap when it gets any longer. There, is that what you wanted?” responded Cheryl.

“Well, you know, we’ve been shaving my head for several months because you told me it would grow back faster and thicker and better? “

“So what’s your point?” answered Cheryl

“So if works for me, why wouldn’t do the same thing for you?” asked Nina.

The time of reckoning had come. Cheryl had lead Nina to baldness and now she was being confronted with her own sin. Cheryl hesitated, “I’m not sure it would work for me. You’re so much prettier than me.”

The next day when the girls got off the school bus, Cheryl started walking toward Nina’s house thinking she was going to shave her as usual. But Nina started walking toward the barbershop and signaled Cheryl to join her. “I’m going to the barbershop today. Sorry I didn’t get off earlier at the closer stop, but the walk will do us good.” As they walked to the barbershop, Cheryl was puzzled and could not figure out why suddenly Nina wanted to go to the barbershop today. After all it was not barbershop day. But soon they arrived at the shop.

“Hi girls. What can I do for you today?”

“We want haircuts” replied Nina

What’s this we stuff? thought Cheryl. “I’m not here for a haircut. You are”

“It’s true that I am, but you were going to get your bob trimmed tomorrow anyway and I knew the barber can do the same trim, so my Mom called yours and it’s been settled. You’re getting your haircut here today. All we need to do is decide who goes first.” Then Nina flipped a coin and instructed Cheryl to call it while it’s in the air.

“Heads” cried Cheryl.

“Sorry it’s tails. Well I guess I get to choose. Ok Cheryl, you go first.”

Cheryl did not really believe that the coin had landed on tails, but wasn’t going to call her friend a cheater especially after orchestrating her head shaving. So Cheryl climbed in the chair.

After caping her, the barber asked the usual question “How do you want it cut?” Before Cheryl could answer, Nina piped in “A little shorter haircut than she has now.” She then looked at Chery and said “I won the coin toss so I can chose the haircut.” 

“I guess that would mean a different style.” Looking at Nina “So what were you thinking?”

“A girl’s flattop.”

The barber did not wait for Cheryl to confirm the style. He immediately took the clippers and started plowing up the sides and back of Cheryl’s neck. Then he took the scissors and trimmed the top. Then he turned Cheryl to mirror and asked Nina “What do you think?”

“Well” answered Nina. “I’m not sure. What do you think Cheryl?”

Cheryl had every intension of saying that it was already too short, but that’s not what came out of her mouth. “I guess it could be a little shorter.” While it was true,Cheryl did not like the girl’s flattop, she certainly did not want her hair cut any shorter. But she had agreed to a shorter cut. The barber took the clippers, put on the largest attachment that he had and pulled the clippers across the top of Cheryl’s head. Then he changed to a smaller attachment and clippered the sides and back. Then he turned her toward the mirror.

“Oh my god, I look like a boy” Cheryl gasped.

“She does look like a boy” pondered Nina. “Is there anything you can do?”

The barber turned Cheryl away from the mirror. He then changed the attachment on the clippers to a number 2 (1/4th inch). He put the clippers to Cheryl’s forehead and plowed them all the way to the crown of her head. He did another pass and then another. Then he took off the attachment and clipper shaved the sides and back. Nina was shocked and was afraid that Cheryl would be too. When the barber showed her the style, Cheryl began to cry. “You’ll get used to it honey” the barber said trying to comfort her.

Then Nina surprised Cheryl. “You gone this far. You might as well go all the way”

Cheryl starting crying and saying through her tears “I can’t. I can’t”

“If you go through with the smooth shave, I’ll get my eyebrows shaved.” offered Nina

Cheryl really wanted the shave, but was afraid. The eyebrow offer was just the incentive she needed.
Cheryl agreed. The barber ran the bare clippers over Cheryl’s head and lathered her up and shaved her smooth. Cheryl hated for it to end. But all good things come to an end, and finally the barber turned Cheryl to the mirror to see her new self. Wow oh Wow. She looked 10 times better bald. She didn’t care what anyone thought.

Now it was Nina’s time. While Nina was being shaved, Cheryl was enjoying the smoothness of her own bald head. She wished she had had the courage to have done this earlier. While she was enjoying the smoothness of own bare scalp, she was also enjoying seeing Nina once again shaved to complete smoothness. Then came the eyebrows Cheryl thought she was going to explode. When the barber had finished with Nina and she had finished admiring herself, Cheryl requested that the barber shave her eyebrows.

On the walk to Nina’s house, Cheryl pretending like she wanted to regrow her hair, asked how long she had to keep her head shaved.

“As long as I keep mine shaved” replied Nina.

“And how long is that?” asked Cheryl


“I can live with that” replied Cheryl. And the bald girls continued their walk, smiling and embracing each other.

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