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One Spring evening High School Soccer coach Janice ran into her friend Gloria at the Super Market. Now Gloria ran the Sexy Hair Salon and was a school booster who liked doing makeovers.

Janice told her that a new season was underway with new players and that if she attended the game on Tuesday at 4pm she might see a possible new makeover model. Janice told her to look for player number 15 in particular.

Gloria arrived a few minutes early for the game and sat right behind the bench. She had brought a pair of binoculars and pulled them out and looked for player #15. She found the player and looked at her program. The girls name was Shantelle X and she was a junior making her around 17. Janice had directed her to a player with long golden brown  hair ponytail that went flapping behind her as she played. She noticed how the opposing players would take advantage of the long tail by pulling it and Shantelle out of the way. During a time out she was able to zero in on it and it looked like great hair for extensions. Janice saw Gloria during the time out and pointed to #15 and Gloria responded with a thumbs up.

During the last intermission Gloria went to her car with a plan in mind. She prepared an envelope with a $10 bill in it and her business card. It stated that the bearer was entitled to a free deep conditioning treatment at her salon and that another $10 could be earned by returning the card to the salon.Janice would explain to Shantelle that Gloria was a long time Soccer Team booster.  When the game ended Gloria caught up to Janice as she headed toward the school bus. Janice spoke ” Did you see a future Model?” Gloria responded ” Yes, I did and it is #15 like you suggested. Here is an envelope to give to that player at a good time.” Janice put the envelope in her pocket and boared the bus.

The next day Gloria got a call that the envelope had been delivered at  a private moment. Gloria could now only hope for a response.

Thursday afternoon a young girl with waist  length golden brown hair entered the salon. Gloria recognized it as Shantelle and went to the reception desk to greet her. shantelle spoke ” I’m here to see Gloria.” ” I’m Gloria, How can I help you?”. Shantelle pulled the folded envelope from her pocket. ” I’m here to see about this offer. ” Gloria smiled ” Come this way back to my private station and let me tell you about it.” Gloria let her free hand slide up against Shantelle’s long golden silky brown hair as she opened the door to a private room. A fully equiped room greeting them. A styiling chair with shampoo sink with a 180 degree full length mirror to one side. On the sides were placed various styling instruments. Gloria stood in front of Shantelle. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a $10 bill and gave it to Shantelle and began speaking. ” My name is Gloria and I own this salon. That is why I have my own room for my special clients. I’ve been a school booster for 15 years. I was at the game on Tuesday and noticed you have beautiful hair from far away. Now, I’d like to give you a deep conditioning treatment that will take 15-20 minutes. I will use my salon products and the treatment will do wonders for your hair making it even more solft and beautiful. Now I know your a busy girl so I could get early in the morning or after hours. Are you interested?” Shantelle looked around at the room and back at Gloria ” No charge for me right?” Gloria ” No charge and there might be a way for you to make some money out of the deal. I’ll explain that later.” Shantelle looked at the wall calendar and thought for a moment. ” Could you do it Saturday morning at 8am?” Gloria ” I sure can now let me get a good feel of your hair so I get the right conditioning formula.” Shantelle stood still as Gloria reached into her thick soft brown mane. She pulled it into a high tight pontail to examine Shantelle’s neck line. She pulled it tightly to the back and away from Shantell’s face and looked in the mirror. ” You hair is beautiful and will look even better when I’m done with it Saturday. Now, her is an appointment card and be sure to bring your soccer uniform.”

Gloria got the her salon  Saturday at 7:30am to get things ready.

Right at 8am a car pulled up and Shantelle with her long straight golden brown hair got out and came to the door. Gloria asked her if she had brought her soccer uniform and Shantelle told her it was in her car. Gloria took her back to the private room and left the door open.One of her stlylist would be coming soon She had Shantelle sit in the styling chiar and leaned her back into the washing basin.Shantell”s hair filled the sink as Gloria gave it a deep shampooing. She then lifted Shantelle up out of the sink and towel dried her thick brown hair. She divided the thick silky wet mane into four sections and then subsectioned it to begin working the deep conditioner into the hair starting at the roots and working out to the ends. Shantell’s hair was over two feet long. The more Gloria worked the hair the more she wanted to have it. Shantelle relaxed more and more as the work progressed. When she was done she pinned up the hair and placed a plastic cap over all the hair. She spoke to Shantelle ” The conditioner has to set up for  20 minutes and I need to get the salon ready for opening. Here are some style books I want you to look through. She hands Shantelle five  hairstyle books and went to her office. She takes some bills out of her safe and puts them in her smock. She come back to Shantelle and removes the cap and leans Shantelle back in the sink for a good rinse. She sits Shantelle up and proceeds to comb out Shantell’s silky mane. It is time to get to the point. Gloria starts to talk to Shantelle ” Did you see any styles in the books that you liked?” Shantelle ” The styles are all short and my hair is long.” Gloria ” Yes,  long and easy for the opposing players to pull you here and there and make you less of a player. I’d like to cut your hair short and use you as a makeover model.” Shantelle looks at her long hair in the mirror.” Yes, it does get pulled by my oponents and it really hurts when they do that. However, I’ve never had short hair.” Gloria finishes the comb out and comes in front of Shantelle. ” You know I will give you a modeling fee in exchange for cutting your hair. Just think of what you can do with the extra money. Money your mom and dad will never know you have. Maybe buy yourself some jewlrey, music , and maybe you have a naughty habit that needs cash. Your young and your hair will grow back fast.I’ll cut is short enough where it won’t get pulled the rest of the season. Shantell’s face was lighting up. ” How will you work it that my mom won’t be mad at me for cutting it.?” Gloria ” I’ll have you fill out a Locks of Love paper and you will tell you folks that you decided to don’ate your long hair to a worthy cause.. How much of a modeling fee will I get paid?” ask Shantelle. Gloria smiles ” How much do you want for your hair? Here put your hands out and I’ll start placing money in them. When I get to your number you say ” CUT”. Should I run out of money then I dry your hair and you leave.” Gloria removed the roll of $50 bills from her smock pocket. Gloira started placing the $50 dollar bills into Shantelle’s hands. Shantelle’s eyes started getting bigger and bigger. The game went on  50,100,150, 200, 250 and finally at $500 Shantelle said ” CUT”. Gloria let out a sigh of relief ” Ok, so at $500 i get to cut your hair short in a style of my choice and you will pose for me as a model in your soccer uniform.?” Shantelle looks at the money ” Yes.”  Gloria give me your keys and I’l let my assistant get your soccer uniform. Gloria proceeded to dry Shantell’s thick soft golden brown tresses. Gloria’s assistant came back with the uniform. Shantelle got out of the chair and went into the bathroom to change into her uniform. When she came out Gloria had her pose for before pictures  in front of the 180
degree full length mirror and with her hair up liked she played in a high tight ponytail and down in the front and then down in the back for various poses. Then Gloria has her sit back in the styling chair an after puling the thick soft hair up and over capes Shantelle. She sections Shantell’s thick soft mane into four sections up tight and close to Shantell’s scalp. Gloria then takes al long pair of shiny silver scissors  and places them four inches from scalp and the tie off of the first ponytail.  Shantellle looks in the mirror and sees and hears the snip, snip, snip sound of the sciccors cutting a long brown ponytail off and placed on the counter.Gloria can feel Shantelle stiffen as she cuts off the next section. Gloria hands the severed ponytail to Shantelle  and pulls out a measuring tape from the drawer. Shantelle holds it up as Gloria measures it ” That is just a bit over 20 inches of hair. That is 20 inches that will never be pulled on again. ” Gloria ruthlessly removes the last two ponytails of brown silky material.  Gloria ” Shantelle you have a pretty neckline that needs exposed and since your hair is so thick I’m going to use my old friend my Oyster clippers to do the job. She pushes Shantell’s head down and with a click of a switch the buzzing of Shantell’es neck and nape are begin. Large clumps of brown hair tumble to the floor.

Gloira take a comb and pulls the hair up on the sides and leaves two inches there as the clippers remove everything above the comb. She sprays Shantelles remaining hair wet and using scissors over  fingers she cuts the top down to three inches plus or minus a bit. Gloira is giving Shantelle a nice wash and go haircut. A quick use of the blowdryer and brush means Shantelle has a new short cropped hairstyle for her next soccer game. A mirror is handed to Shantelle” Oh, my goodness. What a change! I can feel my neck and see my ears. I’ve never had hair this short. It will take a few days to adjust to the new look.  Now, what do I tell my parents?” Gloria ” Here sign his ” Locks of love ” form and her is a pamphlet from them to hand to your folks.

Let me take a few after pictures for my makeover book up front and you can be on your way with your money to spend however you want. Be sure to tell your fellow players where you got it cut and her is a few business cards of mine to pass out to the curious.” Shantelle goes to the bathroom after the photo’s and changes into her jeans and t-shirt. Gloria walks her to the exit .The time is 10am and Gloria has a customer at 10:15. She goes to the room and looks at the four long severed brown tails of freshly conditioned virgin hair resting on the counter. One of Gloria’s stylist walks in ” Well,Gloria as they say in soccer you scored a ” Goal” with that  girl. She looked totally different walking out. ” Gloria ” Yes, I guess it was worth it after all the length I had to get it done. She sweeps the pile of brown hair off the flloor and dumps it into the trash. 

A few days later Janice calls Gloria and tells her that Shantelle was the center of attention at the next practice and a big hit with her fellow players. Shantelle had a real good game that day with no one able to pull her long hair. Gloria’s next hope was a referal from Shantell’es haircut. One cut leads to another. Gloira never hears a word from Shantell’s parents so all ends well.

The End..Hope you enjoyed…Mr. Snips

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