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Jack and Jill Swanson were in the mall shopping when Jack’s eye caught a young girl window shopping with long brown hair and bouncy curls.Jack looked at Jill ” Honey, I think it is time to make a new Home movie.” Jill saw what Jack was looking at and replied “Ok, I’ll set the wheels going when we get home.” Jill got home and called the local employment office. She told them she needed a housekeeper and to send over a few applicants starting the next day at 1pm staggered every half hour. The next day at 1pm a lady came to the door. Jill interviewed her and concluded she didn’t meet their criteria. Neither did the next one.

However the one that came at 2pm did show promise. She was young brown skinned and had a big raven thick twisty bun of hair that shinned in the light and a nice young figure. Jill had her sit down in the living room and called Jack down.

Jill took out a questionair form and started to ask her questions. Jack asked her what days she could work and hours she could work. Jill asked her about her age. Her name was Valina Yazzie, she was 22, a Navajo Native American originally from Chinle, Arizona. She could work three days a week. Jill looked at her and asked ” That is quite a thick bun of hair have. How long is it and will it interfere with your houskeeping duties?” Valina replied ” It reaches just past my rear pointng to a place but I wear it up or in a long braid when I work.” Jack asked ” Why are you doing housekeeping work?” Valina replied looking at Jack ” I need the money for tuition to finish my college degree in Teaching.” Jack smiled an approving smile at Jill. He continued speaking ” We pay just above the Standard rate. Can you start next week?” Valina ” Yes, I can.”

Jack ” That is great. Jill will show you around the house and note what she wants done. She will give you a start time and day.” He got up and went upstairs. Valina stated to work the following Tuesday. Jack and Jill observed her doing her assigned task of dusting, vacuming, a bit of laundry. She came three days a week. She kept her shining black tresses up or in a  thick braid that reached just to her bottom of a real nice looking butt. She had a nice young figure that was emphasised with the tight jeans and tops she wore. She was working out great. Jack and Jill agreed she would be perfect for their new home movie.

It was at the end of the day at nine week mark on a Friday afternoon. Valina was getting ready to leave when Jill asked her to come into the living room. Jill sat down on a chair and motioned Valina over to her.” Valina can I see your hair down and loose before you go? I’m really curious about how it looks that way.” Valina turned around and reached up and loosened her thick bun and the thick shiny raven black hair tumbled downward. She gave her head a shake. Jack came into the room to see the action. Jill reached over and felt Valina’s thick soft mane. She commented ” It is just beautiful and so shiny.” Jack came over and felt Valina’s long carpet of hair ” It is lovely silky hair and so thick.”

Jill spoke ” What do you want for it Valina?”

Valina startled by the question turned  around and looked at Jill.

Jill spoke repeated the question. “  How much money  would you sell your hair for ?

Valina taken by surprise ” I’ve never thought of selling it.” Jack came over to Valina and told her to sit down on a chair between him and Jill. ” We have a proposition for you Valina. We are willing to pay you some very nice money if you agree to do it.”  Valina ” Do what?” Jill took Valina’s young hand and looked into her dark brown eyes. ” We want to give you a nice buzz cut haircut-style and we want to film you in the nude while we do it. It is just a private home movie for me and Jack. We will provide you with a comparable colored wig to wear while your hair grows back and with you being so young that shoudn’t take too long.” Jack spoke up ” I’m sure for a fair price your willing to sacrifice your long hair and remove your cloths for a short period of time in a private setting. We think with your head shape that you will be fine with short hair. You go home and look over your money needs and when you come to work Monday have a price in mind. Now, if we are asking for you to sacrifice too much then I’m afraid we will have to terminate your employment in two weeks. To make our home movie we will pay you enough that you won’t have to work for us anyway. What are you thinking now “

Valina ” I don’t know what to say or think. It is such a surprise to me. i’ve never thought of selling my hair. Your the first ones who have ever asked ”

Jill ” Wouldnt it be nice to not to have to do houskeeping chores and have some money for college tuition?”

Valina stood up and twisted her thick hair back up and proceeded to leave.

Jill ” Well, that surprised the heck out of her.”

Jack ” She is a pretty young lady with great hair.

We will know by Monday night. There is just no easy way to ask her  the question. I believe in the powerful persuasion power of Money.”

Monday morning came and Valina was running late and Jack and Jill started to think negative. A knock at the door and there was Valina with her raven hair up in a thick ponytail and wearing jeans. Jill motioned her to come sit down at the kitchen table. Jack saw her and spoke ” Good Morning Valina.  Did you make a decision and come up with a dollar amount? Valina ” Yes, I did “ She took out a piece of paper and handed it to Jack who showed it to Jill. Jill looked at Valina ” We can meet that number but you must let us make you Brazilian bare.” ” What does that mean?” asked Valina. Jack ” That means we shave your pubic area free of hair too.” Valina ” Well since it is a home movie and just for you and Jacks entertainment. I can let you do that to me. You two have treated me so nice the last nine weeks. When and where do you want to do this?”

Jill ” How about this afternoon at 3 pm? Go home and wash your hair and curl the ends. Wash your private area as well.  Wear a nice short dress and sexy top if you have one. Here is some advance money to by a wig or head covering when it is over. We will see you here at 3pm.” Valina left and  Jill looked at Jack ” Your Home Movies are getting very expensive. Jack ” Yes, but I think this one might become a best seller. I’ll go get the haircutting room and cameras ready.”

Valina arrived at 3pm in a red blouse slit down the front and short mini black dress. Her hair up in the usual bun. Jill opened the door and greeted her. ” You look like a princess my dear.Follow me please.” Jill went down the hall down the steps in the basement  and opened a door to a room Valina didn’t know existed. A large mirror on the wall greeted her and in front of it was an old fashion  red barbers chair. Thre was a counter with various haircutting tools on it.  Nearby was a large black vinyle bench with towels laying on it and a large pillow. A camera was setup on a tripod near where an X was marked on the floor. Jack came smiling up to Valina ” Hi Valina, you ready to make some easy money and get a whole new look? Just do what we say and it will go fast and easy. Jill lets start with some ” before” pictures.”

Jill ” Valina come stand on this X mark. Now I’ll take a few pictures and then I’ll let your hair down.” Valina stood while Jill took a few pictures of how she looked everyday.Then Jill reached up and loosened the thick raven mane of hair. The shiny  thick soft locks tumbled towards the floor. Jill brushed the hair and took some more photo’s front, side and back. Then she had Valina to pin it back up in a quick twist.

Jack came over to Valina ” Now, Valina  I want you to slowly remove your cloths and hand them to Jill.” Valina obviously nervous  began removing her clothing starting with her red blouse and proceeded to remove her skirt, bra and last t
o be removed was her panties. Her soft looking native american brown skin began showing in earnest as her young assets were revealed to the cameras. Jill spoke softly ” Valina have you ever taken your cloths off before strangers before? ” A nervous ” No” was the reply. ” I bet your boyfriend has?”  Valina ” I don’t have one of those either. ” Jill continued ” Now, I want you to bend over and put your hands on your knees and then touch your toes.” Jack knew the cameras were rolling from both sides of Valina including hidden ones Valina couldn’t see. Jill had Valina stand up straight and again released her long black mane of Native hair. She brushed it and moved it over and away from Valina’s cute ass.

Jill spoke ” Jack are we ready to make Valina Brazilian Bare?” Jack ” Yes, Iam lets do it to her.” Jill let Valina’s llong mane swing free as she directed her to the bench and spread her legs putting them in hooks just past the end of the bench. Her head rested on a large pillow.Jack came over to Valina  “Your doing just fine. Now just relax and think happy thoughts. I’ll clipper the thick part of your bush and then shave you nice and smooth.” Valina put her head on the pillow and heard a click and then the buzzing of small clippers in her crouch area. She then began feeling the vibration as the clippers began removing her black pubic hair. She saw Jill filming everytihing but didn’t see the hidden overhead cameras recording her clutcching her medium sized breast from time to time and a startled look when the shaving cream was applied to her private area. Valina didn’t see her pubic hair being collected and put in baggies. Jack wasted no time in making Valina Brazilian Bare. He proudly anounced as he moved away for Jill to take final pictures. ” Her Bottom is done” He took a towel and wiped the bench and Valina’s pubic area off. Valina reache down and felt her newly shaved area ” Holy Cow, that feels awsome.!”  Jill had her stand up and walk over to the X spot and took some pictures up close clearly showing Valina shaved smooth now.

Jill brushed down Valina’s shiny black hair and recurled the ends with a curling iron. Valina expected to go to the Barbers chair but she was directed to a bar stool placed in front of the large wall mirror. Valina’s black tresses almost reached the floor. Jack softly spoke to Valina ” The moment of truth coming shortly Valina It will all be over soon. I use the stool because your hair is so long. Now me and Jill will tie your lovely hair  off in four ponytail sections close to your head so you might feel a bit of pain as we pull your hair tight. Then I will cut your ponytails and then I’ll buzz your lovely young head. I want you to stand up in front of the mirror and brush your long hair one last time and then sti back down.” Valina took the brush and brushed out her hair like she did every morning at home and at night before she went to bed. She did  it slowly as she knew it would be the last time for a long time. She sat down on the stool in her naked glory only covered by her shiiny black carpet of hair. Her lady Godiva look was about to be removed.  Her hair was seperated  and pulled tightly into the four ponytails and tied off with rubber ties close to her head. Jill stopped and picked up the camera and Jack picked up a large pair of silver shears and placed them at the base of the first tail at the back of Valina’s head. Schnick, schnick, schnick, and plop was the sound of the thick hair being cut free and Valina felt the removal of the weight.The long severed tail was held up so Valina and Jill could see it. The approximate length was 39 inches. Jill took a moment to examine it at the front of Valina. She spoke ” Just beautiful soft hair and look at the shine. Just like you see in those pantene shampoo comercials.” Jack just smiled as her grabbed the scissors to remove another long ponytail. ” Have you ever had short hair before Valina?” You haven’t , well who knows after this afternoon and as it grows back out you might like the short look.” Schnip, schniip, snip,and plop another tail is removed and placed on the counter nearby. Jilll moved to and fro recording the long ponytail removal. When finshed she looked liked one of those girls who gets her hair cut by force in a movie. A rough ragged look with uneven looks. Jack came over to Valina. ” Well, now for the final act or part of the movie. I’m going to buzz your head with a number two attachment on my Oyster clippers which are heavy duty and can handle the thickness of your hair. I will be pushing your head to and fro.”  He swiveled the stool toward Jill and away from the mirror. ” I’m going to start right down  the  middle going front to back. Are you ready Jill and Valina. Here we go..Action”

Jack places the clippers on the top of Valinas forehead and hits the switch. The Oysters roar to life and Valina’s give a shake as the oysters push her head back and thick locks of black hair two and three inches of hair tumble on her naked body and to the floor below. Jack makes two passed front to back and then pushes Valina’s head forward and starting at the neckline goes up and over the top. More thick shiny black hair tumbles to the ground. Valina’s young brown native skin is covered with short clippings of black hair. Jack keeps moving the clippers around Valina’s head so soon she looks like  a fuzzy bowling ball. Jack takes off the number two attachment and puts a number one attachment on and attacks the sides of Valina’s little head. Finally he removes the attachment and shaves her neck and nape area smooth. He inverts the clippers and make an outline around the base of Valina’s hairline. The clippers are turned off. The floor around the chair is covered with a ring of black shiny hair. Jack take a blow dryer and blows the loose hair off of Valina’s nude body. He hands her a dusting brush and she brushes herself off. Jack hands her a  hand mirror and turns her toward the large wall mirror.

Valina see’s herself for the first time. She stands up and feels her shaven pussy and looks at her almost hairless head. Tears come to her young eyes ” My God, What have I done? How will I explaiin this to my family and friends.” Jill comes over to her ” Your a college student who was talked into doing at ST. Baldridge fundraiser held at a town 30 miles away. Here is the advertisement in the college newspaper. The difference is that you get the money. Now dry your eyes and come stand on the X mark for some post pictures. I think you look dramatically different and for the better. Your not hiding anymore under all that hair. Your security blanket of hair is gone.” Jack piped in ” You look very pretty with your new buzz cut and it will take you a few days to get use to it.”

The pictures were taken and Valina put back on her cloths. She would feel the senuality of her short hair when she took her shower when she got home. She took a black bob wig out of a bag and placed in on her head in front of the mirror.

Jill spoke ” Here is the money you wanted in a cashiers check. Me and Jack want to thank you for being such a good model and a good worker.  Here is a letter of recommendation for you to carry with you. Here is our private cell phone number in case you run into any long haired  friends or female family members who might want to earn some extra money without working too hard.”

Valina quietly took the money as she was stil shocked by her new look and went upstairs and out the door after saying a final goodbye to Jack and Jill . It was 5:30 pm so in a little under three hours  a new  Jack and Jill Home Movie had been created.  Jill was sweeping up the mass of hair clippings and dumping them with Jack doing some other cleaning up. Jill looked at Jack. ” I think once we put all the footage together from the other cameras.This will be our
best selling movie yet. She sure had a lot of hair didn’t she?”  Jack took the severed ponytails and placed them in large baggie. He held them up. ” Well she use to but we have it all now and from both ends..Ha! Ha!  Lets finish this later asI’m ready for dinner. I mean we worked hard this afternoon.”

The End.

Hope you like Story.

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