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Less than twenty minutes after transforming Jenny’s head from an amazing mane of silky soft tresses we were gathered in Jenny’s backyard, a blazing, three foot tall fire now set in her portable bonfire pit. We stood around it as the flames grew, laughing and joking and feeling Jenny’s newly shorn scalp in pure awe as she clutched her shorn ponytail to her chest.

Suddenly without warning Jenny smiled a mischievous smile and said “Hope all of you got one last feel.” Then she turned towards the bonfire and with a scream of delight she threw her golden shining ponytail into the fire.

“Jenny, what are you doing?” I screamed, watching her amazing hair wither and reduced to ash in less than five seconds. It let off an acrid smoke that smelled horrible, and just like that, it was gone.

“I’m getting rid of the old me, everything about me, my shyness, my lack of nerves, everything holding me back dies tonight!” With that she took off her shoes and threw them into the fire as well, then began stripping off her socks as she continued to smile with a wild fire dancing in her eyes. “Consider this a baptism by fire!” she cried. “I… Jenny Slater… am born again!” she threw in her socks in as she began to unzip her shining, puffy satin North Face jacket.

“Jenny no! Not the jack…” but I was already too late. Within two seconds she had pulled her expensive and bulky satin jacket off and with wild abandonment tossed it into the fire. I watched her $200 dollar jacket fall onto the bonfire, and while it was fire resistant the sheer heat of the inferno caused it to wither and burst into flames within a few seconds. As I watched my crazed, bald friend who just 2 hours ago had been a beautiful and shy girl with hair to kill for, a deep part of me felt awakened as Jenny clearly was. Tonight really WAS a night for change, and we were all feeling it.

“Anyone care to join me? I have plenty of spare clothes, but everything I’m wearing RIGHT NOW has to go!” and with this she began pulling her black yoga pants and white tank top off at the same time.

Mary, Nicole, and myself all looked at each other for a second, then I reached down and pulled my brown leather boots off. My boots were a little too expensive to go up in smoke so I put them off to the side, but everything else was expendable, so I slipped out of my skintight jeans, pink hoody, and black t-shirt and threw them all onto the fire one by one.

I looked to my left and saw Mary doing the same as she tossed in her boots, and then her form fitting dress as well. I turned to my right and saw Nicole shrug and slip out of her stylish leather jacket and place it on the ground, then she kicked her black leather boots into the fire, followed by her designer jeans and white satin blouse. Then she did something I really didn’t see coming. With a new determination in her eyes I watched in horror as she picked up my favorite leather jacket and yelled “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now!”

“Jenny! The jacket!” Mary yelled, and I suddenly remembered what Nicole’s criteria was. It was hard enough watching Jenny shed her magnificent locks tonight, but I don’t know if I could handle two of my best friends losing their magnificent manes at once.

“Nicole! NO!” I screamed as she cocked back her arm and hurled her jacket into the fire. I reached out and for a split second my fingers grazed the soft, smooth leather, but then it slid by my fingers and landed square in the middle of the fire. I cried out as I watched the leather crack and wither away under the heat, and before long the jacket that I admired so much was nothing but embers.

“Oh my God Tracie, I’m so sorry, I forgot how much you loved that jacket, I should have just given it to you.” Nicole was beside herself with guilt, but I knew I was going to feel worse telling her what that jacket had actually cost her.


“What? No, NO!” Nicole cried as we reached into our purses and pulled out her envelope. “No, it can’t be! Please no! Not my hair! Not yet!” she looked like she was close to tears as she reached back and stroked her long, chocolate brown locks for one of the last times. I looked up at the clock and saw that she had one hour and 48 minutes to enjoy her hair, should she so choose.

“Nicole, I’m sorry, but that was the event right there. Now we didn’t expect you to get rid of it so dramatically, but the fact is you did.” Mary said. Jenny left for a second while Nicole sighed and sat down next to us.

“You’re right, it just… hit me hard just now, you know?” she leaned her head on my shoulder and I reached back to run my fingers through her hair, taking in the feeling as it may have been the last time I would be able to do so. Jenny returned from her room with two robes and 2 sets of pajamas. At first I was confused, then remembered what had just happened as I looked around and realized we were all still in our bras and panties. I took one of the robes and slipped into it.

“So when do you want to do it hun?” Jenny asked gently as she sat down with us. Baptism by fire or not she had definitely calmed down since Nicole had accidentally doomed her mane. Nicole looked at the clock and let out another long resigned sigh.

“No time like the present I guess.” She said, then smiled bravely.


Barely ten minutes later we were gathered around Nicole as Jenny slowly brushed out her chocolate brown hair for the last time. With every stroke of the brush her hair would shimmer so darkly and brightly at the same time that it looked almost like a spill of the world’s most beautiful oil. As I watched her hair shimmer with each brushstroke I realized that in about ten minutes our quartet of amazing manes would be dwindled down to two, Mary and myself. Two of my friends had lost their hair within an hour of each other, how long before bad luck would strike mine down? A month? A week? A day? Would I be bald by the end of tonight?

The thought of losing my hair within the next two hours made me shudder, my hair fluttering softly with the movement as if it too were afraid to leave my head. Sure I could just say “No” when the time came, but I knew for a fact that when my number was up I would be doing no such thing. It had taken eight months for the enormity of what was at stake to finally hit me full force. Indeed the last eight months had been heaven for myself and my beautiful mane of hair, but along with all the deep conditioning treatments, growing out, and softer silkier texture of my luscious mane, it was easy to forget that I had in effect placed my hair on the line for a bet that whether I liked it or not, I was most likely going to lose. My hair was going to die, the only question was when? My God, what have I done?

Suddenly another part of me stepped back from all the drama I was making up in my mind. So what if one day soon I was forced to shave my mane because of all of this? Sure it was beautiful beyond words, but in the end all it was was hair. If the unthinkable happened and my warm, soft locks were sheared from my head, at the rate my hair grew all it would take was another year to grow it back to a style that was still relatively long, and heck it wasn’t like my hair was going to be any less beautiful at that length. It may not be as long as it was now, but it would surely be as beautiful, and just a couple years after that I could even settle for hair that reached down to my butt. In fact, as I thought about this idea a small part of me felt anxious, even hungry to lose my hair.

No, NO! I forced the horrible craving down as I caught a glimpse of my thigh length, silvery blanket of hair in the mirror. I banished any thought of enjoying my impending shave away and I promised my beautiful mane that I would do everything in my power to protect it. The strange feeling I had just been experiencing popped like a burst balloon, but the fact that I had somewhat positive feelings in the first place gave me a little hope that losing my hair may not be as bad as I had feared.

“No, I want to do it now.” Nicole said, and I snapped back to the present.

“Huh? What?” I asked as I came out of my dreamlike state.

“Mary just asked me if I wanted to wait a little bit and try going bald a completely different way, but I can’t put this off, it’s now or never.” Nicole said as she bundled up a little tighter in her terrycloth robe. I turned to Mary, curious what she meant.

“What do you mean, ‘go bald a completely different way’?” I asked, it didn’t make any sense.

“If I lose, I’m going to lose all of this…” Mary said with a smile as she held up a mound of her flaming red locks, “but not to the clippers. Wait until you see what I have in store for it, it’ll blow you mind.” She was excited for sure, but now I was curious.

“If I have to shave first, are you going to offer it to me?” I asked. Mary just shrugged.

“I don’t see why not, the only reason I didn’t offer it to Jenny is that we had already talked about how she wanted to lose her hair.” As if on cue Jenny stopped brushing Nicole’s hair and picked up the clippers.

I don’t mean to interrupt, but it’s time.” Jenny snapped the clippers on and slowly brought them closer to Nicole’s silky brown mane, and as she moved closer to Nicole’s head she paused for a moment to ask “How do you want to do this hun?”

Nicole seemed to think for a moment, then lifted her mane and exposed her nape to Jenny. “Take it off from the back first, I want to feel the stubble before I see it.”

“You got it.” Jenny turned the chair and placed the clippers right below Nicole’s super thick hairline. She moved them upwards and at the last second stopped to ask “Any last words?”

Nicole was silent for a second, and as a tiny tear began to form in her eye she slowly shook her head. “Just do it.” She said, and then with a deep breath Jenny pushed the clippers into her dark brown silky locks. Just like with Jenny the tone of the clippers changed drastically as they began to chew away at Nicole’s thick Italian hair, and then the hair separated as the clippers chewed deeper upward into her amazing, soft mane. It wasn’t long before Nicole had no hair below the top of her ears, and as Jenny dropped her hair to hand off the clippers to me I looked at her thick hair as it fell back in place. At first glance Nicole’s hair looked just as thick and beautiful as it did before we began, but on a closer inspection I could tell that her mane looked just barely less thick and luxuriant as it did before. The difference was tiny, but it was a sign that Nicole’s lovely mane was indeed beginning to fade away.

As I lifted Nicole’s hair again and continued the destruction upwards toward the crown of her head I saw her hand reach around and feel the shorn stubble that just moments ago had been covered by the silky, lush jungle of locks that still adorned most of her head, locks that even now I continued to snip away without a word. I heard her gasp quietly, then drop her hand and began wringing it nervously. I never would have guessed in a million years that Nicole would take losing her hair harder than Jenny, after all, even though Nicole’s hair WAS incredibly beautiful it was still outdone by Jenny’s formerly gorgeous mane. On the other hand Jenny had been preparing herself for this for eight months while Nicole had been taken by surprise, I guess we just didn’t know how we would react until our number was up.

“How are you holding up Nicky?” Mary asked as she chewed a lock of her own strawberry blonde hair nervously. She almost looked like she felt a bit guilty at Nicole’s misery since she had gotten us into this in the first place.

Nicole must have sensed her unease though because she put on a brave smile and laughed out loud. “I’m OK!” she said with a chuckle, but as the clippers continued up the back of her head I could feel her shaking.

Before long my turn was over, and Nicole was now devoid of hair below the crown of her head. I dropped her hair back down and as it settled over her back I felt a wave of sadness wash over me when I saw her hair. With half of its’ bulk gone Nicole’s hair was now barely a shadow of its’ former beauty, the thick mass of her mane had been reduced to a mane that looked sick and lifeless. With half her hair gone it was strange to think that the remainder of her hair was still slightly thicker than most manes of hair, but it made me realize the beauty her mane used to possess, a beauty that was now dwindling away to nothing.

Finally it was Mary’s turn to finish the job, and with a final nod from Nicole she moved the clippers from the crown of her head all the way forward, placing the first strip of complete baldness into Nicole’s scalp, which now looked pale without her thick hair to cover it. Swipe after swipe removed the remaining silky soft hair from Nicole’s head, and before long there was one last patch of long hair adorning her head. I held the hair sadly in my hand, the last trace of Nicole’s formerly glorious mane, but with one last swipe Mary severed it from Nicole’s head and it fell limply in my hand without an anchor to hold onto. For a long time we stood around as Nicole looked at her new self in the mirror, her eyes widening as she rubbed her hands over her new 0 shaved stubble.

“Well?” Jenny asked nervously, “what do you think?”

“I… I…” Nicole squeezed out, and then a smile exploded over her face, “I… LIKE IT!” and with a laugh she closed her eyes and rubbed her hands over her newly shorn head. It turns out that even though it killed her to lose her mane to the clippers, the feeling of having no hair brought her excitement of growing it back out full force. She said she was already planning styles to wear as she grew it back out, and even though we were surprised how well she was taking it Mary and I still exchanged nervous glances as Jenny and Nicole giggled while rubbing each others heads. Whose hair would be next? Mary’s mass of feathery, bouncy, strawberry blonde locks? Or my beautiful, long, thick blanket of shining, silvery tresses? Only time would tell…


Like I stated before, once the turning point in a saga is reached things begin to unravel quickly. It had taken over eight months for poor Jenny to finally trigger her event, becoming the first of our group to lose her hair. Almost as if by fate, getting caught up in the moment of Jenny’s shave had accidentally caused Nicole to trigger her event, and she too lost her hair with a brave face and a great attitude. Immediately following that night Mary and I had become incredibly protective of my beautiful platinum blonde mane and her luscious, feathery soft locks. I made it a point to do everything I could in order to protect it, reeling back on any behaviors out of the ordinary and avoiding telling the girls about any events they didn’t witness or need to know about, lest I accidentally trigger my event when no one was looking. I knew my hair was in grave danger of being sheared at any given moment, but if I was going to lose my perfect shining mane I wasn’t going to do it w
ithout a fight.

Even though Jenny and Nicole didn’t notice it I had come to realize that Mary was in the same boat I was, and I could see small, subtle signs that she too had come to recognize the impending threat to her hair. Her conversations were slightly more reserved, her wild side was slightly more tamed, and anytime I would recommend new things to her to try she would almost always pass out of fear that I was leading her into a trap. For a while this worked, and our conservative attitudes kept our manes safe for a while longer. Time ends all things however, and forty-one days later my hair became the final mane left out of the original four.

Like this entire adventure, it began with a question, one asked by none other than Mary. “So hey, who wants to do something REALLY crazy?” Mary asked, once again it was Pantene night and we were gathered at our favorite restaurant.

Everyone at the table exchanged nervous glances, if Mary proposed something crazy and we all agreed, it would be the end of her beautiful red mane. “What’s up?” Nicole asked.

“So, my birthday is in two weeks, and I want us all to do something really crazy, what do you say we all go SKYDIVING?” Mary asked, a dangerous flash in her eyes. My jaw dropped, along with Jennys’ and Nicoles’, this was actually something we had wanted to do for quite a while, but would Jenny and Nicole go along with it? Especially if they knew it would cost Mary her hair?

“I’m in!” Nicole said almost instantly.

“Me too!” Jenny added with a smile to Nicole. After their shaves they had decided that for at least a year they were going to share hairstyles while they grew it out, and right now they were both sporting cute, pinned back pixie styles which they both wore surprisingly well. My own hair had grown out another inch and a half since that night, and as it continued to creep down my thighs it now hung just a few inches above my knees and still looked as healthy and thick as a shampoo models’ mane from root to tip. I had curled the bottom six inches or so with an iron into cute, spiraling curls which I could feel bounce as I walked, and it looked great. Mary’s hair had grown out another inch as well, and the longest part of it now reached the top of her bum, but now I held the future of her mane in my hands. All it took was one simple “yes” from me, and her hair would be gone within three hours.

“No thanks.” I said, then took a sip of water as my three friends stared at me in dismay.

“What? Why not Tracie?” Mary asked.

“Yeah, why not Tracie?” Jenny and Nicole chimed in. I flashed them a dangerous look, they were going to try and put all the pressure on me since they had secretly been pining for Mary to lose her hair since the day of her shave.

“I just don’t feel like it.” I replied, twirling one of my bouncy ringlets around my finger in a subtle warning to Mary that I prayed she got.

“But we’ve been wanting to do this for years! You can’t back out now!” Mary said, her red locks swinging into her face as she leaned in closer. A small part of me wanted so badly to see those locks get shaved, but I resisted once again.

“Listen, Mary… I just don’t think I should do this right now, trust me, you’ll thank me later.” I twirled my hair around my finger even more frantically as I tried to get the warning across to her. Any harder and I was going to pull this damn lock out of my head.

“No, YOU listen!” Mary began getting angry, “I am going to do this with or without my best friends, it would just mean so much more to me if you all came with me. So get over your fear, swallow your pride, and do me a damn favor OK?”

As I took a long look at her glorious, shining red mane a part of me wanted to leave, to walk out and let Mary enjoy her hair for a while longer, but after a ten second staring contest I finally flinched. “OK Mary, I’ll do it.” I said, and as simple as that I may as well have shaved her head right then and there.

“GREAT!” Mary said loudly as a smile blossomed over her face. The poor girl had no idea what she had just done, and Jenny and Nicole began smiling as well at the prospect of what was now inevitable. Mary turned away for to talk to the waitress about her order, her beautiful red hair shining beautifully like it knew its’ number had just come up.


Mary’s face fell for a second as we pulled out our enveloped with her name on it, but only a second. Then a smile appeared on it, although a very small one.

“Wow, so that’s it then huh?” she asked as she sat down in one of her chairs. We had gathered back at her place and had surprised her pretty well when we pulled out the cards. I guess I was becoming better at being subtle. “So what was it?” she asked.

We pulled out our paper and showed her the GET US ALL TO AGREE TO A CRAZY IDEA written on each, but she just laughed out loud as she reached into her purse and pulled out a prescription bottle about the size of a Schnapps shot and cracked open the lid. “Well then, if that’s what it’s going to be, then bottoms up!” and just like that she tilted her head back and downed the bottle. “Mmmm… not bad,” she said as she placed the bottle on the table, “kind of tastes like Dr. Pepper.”

“What the heck was that?” I asked her with a puzzled look on my face.

“THAT my dear Tracie, was something my pharmaceutical company will be releasing in a matter of weeks.” Mary replied with an evil smile.

“What does it do?” Jenny asked, but Mary just smiled wider and reached back with both of her hands to begin fluffing her hair.

“It’s a fast acting depilatory, completely safe and FDA approved, and in…” she took a look at her watch “fifty-nine minutes and twenty-four seconds I’m going to be as bald as the day I was born.” Her smile widened as our jaws all dropped. And as the seconds began to count down to Marys’ complete baldness she just continued fluffing her beautiful, cascading, butt length, feathery locks which shined gorgeously, having no idea that they were already as good as gone.


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