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Authors note:My first version of this story was published on the site a few months ago.  I decided to write this version with the haircut and the emotions aroused from the girl receiving it instead of from the stylist wielding the scissors.  If you haven’t read the other version I still think most will enjoy this and if you read both which version will you prefer? (The pictures displayed in the first story help to dramatise it) 

I left the meeting feeling absolutely thrilled.  They had offered me the job!  It would mean a move to London but a huge rise in salary and responsibility and really had come at a perfect time as my life had changed so much in the past 3 months.  As I hurried to the station to catch my train I could feel my long heavy hair bouncing against my back and I realised that this was another change I had to consider.  During the meeting, one of the panel had casually mentioned that senior staff were expected to look business-like and professional at work and long hair should be worn up. 

This presented me with a problem as my hair was waist length and very heavy and I had never been able to wear it up successfully and anyway much preferred to wear it loose.  There was naturally a simple solution to this problem – have it cut short!  However, even the thought of it made me feel nervous was because my hair had been long ever since I could remember. Of course occasionally I would think about having a change but my long hair was greatly admired and I really enjoyed its length and beauty myself and deep down the thought of watching scissors strip off my long treasured locks and not knowing how I would look with my hair shorter had always deterred me. 

As the train neared my destination I reluctantly realised I would have to be sensible and sacrifice my long hair for the sake of the new job opportunity.  The salon I had been using when I had my hair trimmed was very near the station and glancing at my watch I realised that it was very near its closing time but it might still be open.  Now I had made the decision that my long hair should be cut I wanted it done as soon as possible so that I wouldn’t have to agonise over it for too long. If the salon was open I would see if my hair could be cut this evening. As I left the train I could feel my heart pounding and part of me hoped that the salon would be closed so that the agony could be postponed.  As I neared the premises I could see that the lights were still on and I took a deep breath and tried to control my nervousness and pushed open the salon door. 

Mark looked up and smiled at me and I said, “I know it is rather late but can you do my hair for me now please?”  He nodded and replied, “Of course, I always enjoy doing you hair.  It’s a bit soon for your trim, isn’t it?”  He had trimmed the ends of my hair about 3 weeks earlier and I did usually go a couple of months between trims.  I took a deep breath and then spoke the words I had been dreading for such a long time. “I want you to cut my hair short please.”  He looked very surprised and said,  “Short?” 

I was a little surprised myself that a man who had a reputation for his eagerness to cut hair appeared to be almost reluctant to cut mine. “Will you do it for me?” I said determinedly. There was a slight hesitation and then he smiled at me and said, “Of course I can do it.”  He moved past me and locked the door and said. “I don’t want any interruptions so I can spend plenty of time working on your hair. I think it will be best if we move to the top of the salon and I can put these lights out.”  He picked up a brush and scissors and comb and then led me through the salon and into a small room that was fitted out as a beauty treatment area.  It contained a large chair opposite a mirror, a full-length couch and the usual array of trays and trolleys that held the necessary beauty products.  He indicated that I should sit down in the chair and I sank down gratefully into it, feeling very nervous but determined to surrender my long hair. 

He smiled at me and said. “Would you like a cup of coffee before I start?”  “Oh yes please, that would be lovely.”  I tried hard to relax as he went off to make the coffee and stared at my reflection in the mirror with my long hair streaming down over my shoulders and trying to imagine how I would look without it.  He returned with two cups of coffee and then drew up a chair and sat down alongside me.  He looked hard at me and then said slowly, “Well, this is quite a surprise.  Are you sure about this?”  I nodded and said,  “Yes, I am. I suppose I have been thinking it was time for me to have a change for about the past 6 months or more, but recent events have helped to make up my mind.”  I hesitated and then continued. “My husband and I have split up.  I found out he was having an affair and we are to divorce.  I have just come back from London from an interview and I have been offered quite a high executive position in the bank, starting next month so everything is changing in my life.  One of the reasons I have kept my hair long is that my husband insisted, but I can do what I like with it now, also during my interview in London someone casually mentioned that the staff should look professional and any long hair should be worn up.  My hair is too long and thick for me to do that successfully so that is another reason for me to have it cut.  I thought long and hard about on the train on the way back and have decided to have it cut short and I was hoping you would still be open and could do it for me tonight before I changed my mind.  I know I am probably going to be terrified whilst it is being cut but I am determined now to have a complete change.” 

He stared at me for a few moments and then put a hand sympathetically on my shoulder and then stood up and moved behind me.  He loosened the covered band, which held back the top section of my hair and totally freed all of it, and allowed it to stream down over my shoulders down to her waist.  He picked up the brush and as he began gently drawing it through my long hair, he said, “You are sure about this?” 

The wonderful feeling that I always enjoyed as my hair was brushed relaxed me slightly and I stared at him through the mirror and gave a little sigh and murmured, “Oh, that feels so good. I really love having my hair brushed.  I am sure it will feel so strange when it is short but I am not going to change my mind.” He continued to brush my hair with long gentle strokes and it was obvious we were both getting a lot of pleasure from it. I said softly, “I don’t think you really want to cut my hair short.  I have seen you cut off a lot of long hair since I have been coming here and you really cropped a couple of my friends when they were only expecting an inch or two to be cut off.  You have got quite a reputation for being ’scissor’ happy, and yet you have never put any pressure on me to have my hair shorter.  I remember once sitting waiting and the girl in the next chair had quite long hair and you just chopped off masses of it before she realised what was happening and I half wished you would do it to mine.  You obviously love cutting hair short and I might have been persuaded to let you cut mine a long time ago if you had tried.”  I paused and then added, “The last few times you trimmed my hair I had this fantasy that you would suddenly just start chopping off masses of my hair and I would just sit there and let you do it.  Didn’t you ever want to cut my hair short?” 

He looked a little uncomfortable and then took a deep breath and then
looking directly through the mirror he said, “When I first saw your hair I wanted to cut it short as I do find cutting off long hair is very exciting but your hair is special that there is something I wanted to do even more than cutting it off.”  I could feel him now brushing my hair more firmly and my excitement grew and I leant my head into the sweeping strokes of the brush. He lifted my hair upwards and I gave a little gasp and my body gave a little shudder as his fingers gently stroked the back of my neck. 

He continued to gently touch my neck and lifting and toying with my heavy hair and I could feel my juices flowing and my excitement mounting rapidly and then he said softly, “I want to see you naked with your hair loose and spread out like a blanket and make love to you under it.”  I gave a little moan and turned around and saw that he had an enormous bulge in his trousers my hand reached out and stroked it gently, and then I said, “Why not do it now? I am sure you know how aroused I am as well.”  I stood up and gently pushed him back towards the large beauty couch that was behind me. I swiftly began loosening my belt and I pulled down my skirt and he pulled off my blouse and my bra and pants followed and I stood before him naked. 

Within seconds he had ripped off all his clothes and he gathered me in his arms and lifted me off the floor and I wrapped my legs about his body. My enlarged nipples throbbed against his chest as he held me and carefully lowered onto his throbbing member. I could feel my long hair threshing about as I worked myself up and down and within seconds I felt him come inside me.  He lifted me off and lowered me gently to the floor and I smiled provocatively at him. I indicated the large beauty couch behind me and said, “I am sure it will be more comfortable on there.”

He moved backwards until he was able to lie on the bed and I clambered up and sat astride him and said, “Now let me see how I can really excite you with my hair!”  I bent over and began kissing him and allowed my long hair to fall forward over his face and he lifted and stroked my heavy hair as I slowly moved from kissing his mouth and stroked him with my hair as moved along his body. He moaned in unison with me and twisted his fingers deep into my hair.  Finally I reached his throbbing erect member and I pulled myself upright and he closed his eyes as I eased myself onto him.  As I began to gently move up and down I could see his scissors within reach on the shelf. 

On a sudden impulse I stretched over and picked them up.  I stared at them for a few seconds as I gently moved up and down on him and then reached up and caught hold of a lock of my hair.  I hesitated and then pulled hard on it and began forcing the scissors through the long heavy tress at about shoulder level. The scissors were very sharp and sliced through my hair in seconds. He had opened his eyes at the sound of the shearing scissors and he looked shocked as I dropped the thick lock of my severed hair onto his bare chest.  I smiled at him and increased my movement on his throbbing member and then seized another lock of my hair and began forcing the scissors through the silken hair. 

For some strange reason it felt good to be getting rid of something that had been such an important and treasured part of me for most of my life

and I continued to hack away at my long hair and dropping the severed locks down onto his naked body.  He had groaned when the first lock of severed hair had dropped on his chest and I wasn’t sure whether it was in anguish as he saw that I was depriving him of the opportunity to cut off my long hair or because he found it exciting.  Now though I was increasing my movement up and down and could feel my excitement mounting as I began to reach my climax.  I finally severed the last lock of my hair and as I tossed it down to join the great pile on his body, the enormity at what I had done to my treasured hair overcame me, and I burst into tears. 

He thrust at me with increased vigour and rolled me over so that he was on top of me and as he thrust at me I could feel the long lengths of my severed hair against my bare skin.  I moved with him as he came and then he sat me up on the side of the and kissed me gently and the mass of my long treasured hair that I had tossed on to his naked body tumbled down to the floor.  I put my hands to my ravaged hair and gasped with horror as I felt the severed ends and said, “Oh my God!  What have I done! “ 

He smiled at me and said, “Deprived me of the pleasure of cutting off your long hair for a start.”  I looked at him and said, “I am sorry but I thought you might try to talk me into keeping my hair long and I probably would have changed my mind, so I just made sure and wanted to cut the first lock off myself and then once I started it felt so good doing I just carried on. Can you make my hair look good now or have I ruined it?”  “It will be fine,” he said.  “Come and sit over here and let me see what I can do with it.” 

I moved to the chair and grimaced as I looked at my reflection in the mirror.  I looked dreadful, with a tear-stained face and my shorn hair bushing unevenly out about my shoulders. He picked up a brush and began drawing it slowly through my hair and although it was much shorter I still enjoyed the sensuous feeling. As he was brushing it he said, “I will turn the chair around away from the mirror so you don’t have to see yourself until I have completed your new image. You have made a bit of a mess of it but I can sort it out for you.”  I smiled with relief and said, “How much more will you have to cut off?” 

He continued to vigorously brush my hair, lifting and smoothing it at the back and then he said,  “Well, I will have to cut your hair quite short now but I think that you will look very dramatic for most people will be shocked when they first see you without your long hair.”  I gave a little nervous smile and said, “I am shocked enough myself!  My head feels so strange and light.”  I paused and then said, “Please don’t cut it any shorter than you have to, you know you have a reputation for being scissor happy,”  “Just relax, your hair will look great when I have finished.  I will just get what I need from the salon.” he replied. 

  I sat waiting feeling very nervous now and I toyed with the ends of my shoulder length hair wondering how much more he would be cutting off, but knowing that I was completely in his hands.  He returned and I watched as he placed on the shelf in front of the mirror, a number of items including a hair dryer, blow-drying brushes, dampening lotion and then my stomach lurched as I saw him put down electric clippers with a number of attachments. I swallowed nervously and said, “Are you going to use clippers on my hair?”  “I may just need them to tidy up the nape area.” he replied casually. 

He picked up his comb and pushed my head forward and made a horizontal parting across my head at the crown and then fastened all the top hair up. He combed down the rest of my hair and reached forward and picked up his scissors.  I felt the touch of cold steel at the nape of my neck and heard the scrunch of the blades and felt him cut straight across  and I gave a little gasp as I saw 4 or 5 inches of my hair tumbling down on to my naked shoulders and then on to my hands that I had clenched together in my lap. He moved first to one side and then the other and casually lopped off another 4 inches or so to bring my hair up to about jaw level.  I felt stunned that he was so casually chopping off so much more of my hair – surely it wasn’t really necessary. 

He then put down the scisso
rs and from the corner of my eye I saw him pick up the clippers from behind me.  He pushed my head even lower and switched them on and I began to feel really panicky. “Oh please not too short.  I don’t want to look like a little boy.” He paused with the clippers buzzing close to my head and said casually, “It needs to be short at the back, and it is quicker if I use the clippers.” He then placed his left hand on the top of my head to steady it and then moved the clippers gently up the back of my head.  The note of the clippers changed as they began biting into my hair and I gave a little gasp as I felt clippers on my head for the first time in my life. 

I felt clumps of my hair rolling down on to my naked shoulders as the clippers carved their remorseless way up almost to the crown of my head but suddenly I didn’t care!  It was the most erotic feeling I had ever experienced and as the clippers began making their second pass up the back of my head I moaned with pleasure and began stroking myself to heighten the pleasure.  “Oh that feels unbelievable!” Again and again he ran the clippers up my bowed head and each pass heightened my feelings.   He moved to the side of me and I felt him clear the hair away from over my ear as I continued to stroke myself. He cropped off the hair on the other side and then paused with the clippers still buzzing and with me in such a high state of ecstasy that I gasped. “Oh please don’t stop yet!”  He made a slight adjustment to the clippers and then began running them up the back of my head again and moved my head into the clippers eagerly and finally climaxed with great gasping sobs.  “Oh that was the most unbelievable climax I have ever had!  I was terrified at how short you were cutting my hair but didn’t care because it felt so fantastic.” 

  I raised my hand to the back of my head and grimaced as I felt the merest covering of hair, which remained and said, “Christ!  It’s so short!  Are you sure it’s going to look alright?”  “Don’t worry.  It is short but it really will look good when I have finished.” he replied.  He repositioned my head now and released the remaining long hair from the front and top that was still 4 or 5 inches long and dampened it with the spray and then picked up his scissors. He repositioned my head now and released the remaining long hair from the front and top that was still 4 or 5 inches long and dampened it with the spray. He started at the side, taking small sections of the longer hair and using the scissor over comb method began cutting my hair again. 

  I could feel the scissors working quite close to my scalp and sat motionless as more and more of my hair tumbled down onto my bare shoulders and then down to my lap.  I fingered the damp locks of hair and felt shocked that he was still cutting off so much hair.  He continued to work around my head and as he was cutting the remaining longer hair in the front, I realised that his penis was erect and throbbing.  Oh my God!  He really was scissor happy!  I pulled him close and began sucking hard on his penis but even as he moaned with pleasure he continued to scissor my hair and then he stopped cutting and I could feel him begin to ejaculate and pulled away so that he spurted onto my naked body.  I realised that my haircut had probably given us both most incredible exotic experience we had ever had. 

He hugged me and then said, “There is a shower next door, let’s go and clean up and then I will blow dry your hair.”  Masses of hair fell from my body to join the great piles around the chair as I stood up. I brought both hands to my head and my stomach lurched as I began fingering the extreme shortness of the hair remaining on my head.  “My head feels so light and bare.  I hope you haven’t made me look a freak.”  I said anxiously.  He smiled and said, “I promise you are going to look sensational.  Once you decided that your long hair was going to be cut it needed to be replaced by a really dramatic hairstyle.”  I hoped and wondered if that I would be happy without my very long hair but realised that I now had to quickly get used to it. 

We shared a long sensuous shower together and then after we had dressed he led me back into the small beauty room and when I was seated swung the chair around so that I was able to see my reflection in the mirror.  I  gasped with amazement as I saw myself with short hair for the first time.  I could barely recognise the image I saw and then ran my fingers through my very short hair.  “ Oh it is so short but it feels fantastic and I think I am going to like it once I get over the shock!”  I looked so different and yet I realised it was an amazing haircut that would of course, lead to many comments.  My head felt so light and bare but I knew that the new image reflected the great changes that had occurred recently. 

He picked up a brush and a dryer and began working on my hair and it only took a few minutes, as the only hair on my head longer than about ¼ of an inch was the hair at the front.  He had cut this in an asymmetric shape with the left side much shorter and the right side just partly covering my forehead.  He applied a little dressing to smooth my hair down and then stood back looking delighted with his work and smiled with pleasure as he saw that I was clearly pleased as well.  I smiled at my reflection in the mirror, turning my head several ways and studying the back view as well as he held a mirror behind me.  My God it was so short!  I brought my hands up and smoothed the cropped hair at the back, enjoying the sensuous feel of the short hair.  I smiled happily at him and said, “Oh I can hardly recognise myself.  I love it! You are absolutely brilliant.  I thought I would never forgive you for cutting my hair so short but you were right.  Another good thing is that I won’t have to spend nearly so much time on my hair, shampooing and drying it always took hours.” 

I stood up and hugged him and then gave him a long lingering kiss and then said with a smile, “I am sure I won’t be able to get such a good haircut when I move to London.  Will you be able to trim it for me, when I come down, I will be visiting my parents quite often.”  “Of course, and if you can’t make often enough I could always come up to London.  You know how much I like your hair,” We both laughed happily, knowing that more than just her hair was the attraction.The End

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