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The elevator doors opened at the penthouse level of the apartment. No one comes up here unless summoned by the Master. Nervously, I stepped out of the elevator into the foyer. This was only my second time here. I remember my first time meeting him almost a year ago…


“You must be Susan. Come on in.”

A well-dressed, tall and handsome man greeted me at the door. He is the property tycoon who owns this, and many other apartments in town. This particular apartment is unlike the other properties, for he reserves it as his personal modern day harem.

“You’re very beautiful Susan, and your raven black locks are a sight to behold!”

“Thank you.” I blushed.

“Care for a drink?” He said.

“No thanks.”

“Sure? Well then, let’s get down to business, shall we? You have read the terms and conditions, have you?”

“Yes…” I replied nervously.

“Good. So, we have an agreement then? Sign here at the bottom of this document.” And so I did.

“Excellent. Let me remind you of the key points of this agreement. You will call me ‘Master’ from now on. I provide you a room to live in for free. What you do during the day is none of my business. But at night, if and when I summon you to my chambers, you will be my slave for the night. I will have complete control over you, and you must submit. Failure to abide by this agreement will result in the termination of your tenancy here. Is that understood?”

“Yes… err… Master.”

“One other thing. You are forbidden to come up here unless I specifically summon you.”

“Yes, Master.” I replied meekly.

“I hope I’m not making a huge mistake. Is free accommodation worth being a slave to someone?” I thought to myself.

(End of flashback)

*Ding Dong*

“Come in. It’s not locked,” the Master shouted from inside his chamber. And so I opened the door and stepped into his penthouse.

Everything inside is filled with expensive-ware, typical of a rich man’s habitat. However, what caught my attention were the aromatic lit candles dotted around the place, which released a fragrant scent into the air. A romantic song being played on his hi-fi added to the atmosphere. 

“Wow, he really knows how to set the atmosphere!” I thought to myself. I was no longer nervous. In fact, I felt something awaken deep inside me. Something I didn’t know before. I was strangely turned on by this romantic atmosphere, and even more turned on by the prospect of being totally dominated by the Master.

And then he appeared, dressed in a white bath robe.

“Susan. You still look as lovely as when I first met you.”

Even though I suspect that he uses the same charming lines to every woman in his harem, his suave voice melted my heart. “He really knows how to get to a woman!” I thought.

I stood still as he walked around me slowly, his eyes scanning my body from head to toe. I came straight from my office, so I was still dressed in my work clothes and my hair was still pinned up in a bun. He stopped behind me and kissed the back of my neck, sending shudders down my body. The Master then fumbled with my bun.

 “Let’s see what we have here,” said the Master as he undid my bun, causing my long raven black hair to spill down my back.

I have been wearing my hair long as long as I could remember. Currently, it is just below waist length, without layers or bangs. I have been blessed with good genes too, for my hair is naturally silky straight and shiny. It is my treasured possession, and I spend great deal of effort caring it.

“Magnificent!” said the Master as he held my long locks in his hands and caressed them lovingly.

Next, the Master undid my clothes. Piece by piece, he slowly took off my clothes until I was wearing nothing but bra and panties. He stopped short of stripping me completely naked, and led me by hand to another room.

I was surprised at the room’s content. It seemed like the Master has built a mini salon there! There is a salon hair washing station, a barber’s chair in front of a mirror, and an assortment of hair styling tools on the counter underneath the mirror.

It was then that I realise the truth; the Master is a hair fetishist! But he doesn’t look like the ‘fetishist’ type. I’ve always thought that men with weird fetishes are your stereotypical lowly ugly and obese men, still living with their mother. But the Master clearly does not fit that stereotype; he is a successful handsome businessman!

The Master beckoned me towards the hair washing station, to which I obeyed. I lay down on the seat, and rested my head on the headrest. The Master gathered my hair and placed it in the sink.


The taps were opened and cold water flowed over my scalp, sending jitters through me. After my hair was thoroughly wet, he lathered my hair with shampoo. He took his time massaging my lathered head, to calm my nerves, which it did. By the end of it, I was thoroughly enjoying it; it’s not every day that someone else lathers your hair and massages your head!

After rinsing the suds off with more cold water, he wrapped my hair in a towel and helped me up back to my feet. The Master guided me by hand and sat me down on the chair facing the mirror. He dried my hair as much as he could with the towel and then switched to using a hair dryer and brush to dry my hair completely.

“Your hair is so much smoother after the wash!” he said as he parted my hair down the middle with a rat tail comb.

The Master then reached for the wide toothed comb. Gently in a soothing motion, he combed my hair through its full length. From the top of the crown, down the back of the chair to the ends, he savoured every single stroke of the comb. With every pass of the comb, my hair seemed to shine more and more. I was enjoying every single moment of the combing session.

“I wonder if he is getting turned on by this?” I thought to myself. The Master was wearing a loose bathrobe, so it was impossible to see of his crotch is bulging.

After the Master was satisfied, he stood back a little to admire the jet black waterfall of hair before him. It looked like he was deciding what to do with it next. He then turned the chair around, so that I faced him.

“Remember our deal?” he asked. “You are mine tonight, including your hair.”

“Yes, Master,” I murmured.

“Good girl.”

With that, he bent down and looked me in the eyes, as if telling me to trust him. And then he gave me a quick peck on my lips. I melted!

“Now, stand up and face the mirror!”

With me standing, the Master combed my hair down my back again, making sure that all the hair is in place. He then reached for the scissors from the counter.

“Stand still. Don’t move.”

A thousand thoughts raced through my head. “What is he going to do? Is he going to chop it all off?”

I shuddered as the scissors touched my bare skin at my lower back. I couldn’t see exactly where he was going to cut, but judging from where I felt the scissors contacting my skin, it was somewhere above the tailbone and below the middle of my back.  The next thing I knew…


The first cut was made!


Again, the scissors sliced through the ends.

*Snip! Snip! Snip!*

The scissor continued to make its way across my lower back, with the cold blades intermittently making contact with my skin.

After he was done, I looked down and saw my cut hair strewn across the floor. The cut locks were about 6 inches long. I felt the ends of my hair with my hands and checked it out with the mirror. My hair was initially down to just above my bum and the Master had trimmed it up to the small of my back, cut straight across in a blunt cut. The cut ends seemed so much fuller and healthier!

The Master then took me by the shoulders and turned me around to face him. Looking deep into my eyes, he said, “Come to
bed with me!”

We made our way out of the mini salon into his bedroom. There, he disrobed, revealing his well-built body and hardened cock. “Come at me!”

I too, stripped down naked and pounced on him.  The Master laid back on his bed while I mounted him. I allowed my long hair to fall onto his chest, tickling him. It drove him absolutely crazy! We grinded harder and harder until eventually, he came to and released his essence into me. We lay in bed after that, and the Master continued to play with my freshly trimmed hair. Eventually we dozed off and I slept in his arms that night.

When I woke up the next morning, the Master was no longer there, but he left a note on the bed counter: 


We’re just getting started. Come back again tonight. Just wear a bath robe.

The Master 

(The next night.)

I arrived just on time. This time, I had time to shower, wash and dry my hair before meeting the Master. As instructed, I came wearing just a bath robe; I was completely naked underneath. I wore my hair loose, and let it hang down my slender back.


The Master greeted me at the door this time. Unlike the night before, he was properly dressed this time, clad in jeans and a polo shirt. Our dress codes seemed to have reversed. The room was lit with different aromatic candles this time; I could tell from the scent in the air.

“Ah, lovely Susan,” he said as he led me by hand into his chamber and closed the door behind us.

Immediately, the Master reached for my hair and smelt it.

“I can still smell the fragrant shampoo you used,” he said as he buried his face into the waterfall of raven black hair hanging down my back. “Magnificent!”

After playing with my hair for a while, the Master’s hands reached for bath robe. Slowly, he disrobed me and let the robes fell to my feet. I was completely naked before the Master.

“You have a body to die for too Susan!”

The Master started kissing the back of my neck, gradually moving around to the front where he gave me a quick peck on my lips. Facing me, he brought my hair over my shoulders. My long silky locks covered my breasts and reached down to my waist. He produced a comb from his pocket and started combing my hair. Starting from the crown, he brought the comb down my cheeks, past my breasts and all the way to the tips where it ended at my waist. Every time the comb bristles touched my nipples, I felt hormonal surges throughout my body. Before long, my nipples started to harden and I moaned.

Not wanting me to climax prematurely, the Master stopped combing my hair. He took out hair elastics from his pocket and tied my hair into pigtails. After that, he took out a pair of scissors from his pocket and attempted to cut off the pigtails at the base!

“Eekk!” I exclaimed. But he was only pretending.

“Not like this,” he said as he put the scissors back into his pocket.

The Master undid the pigtails and proceeded to braid my hair down my back. Again, after he was done, he took out the scissors and pretended to cut the braid off at the base.

“Not like this either,” he said as he put the scissors back into his pocket.

The Master then undid the braid and tied my hair up in a high ponytail, with the base right at the apex of my crown. He then led me into the mini salon and seated me on the familiar barber chair. He pulled out the scissors again and placed them at the base of the ponytail. I thought he was just going to scissor play like before until…


“Eekk!” I let out a short scream as my hair tumbled down my back. A moment later, I realised that the Master had only cut off the elastic band, releasing the hair down my back; my hair was still intact.

“Ssshhh!” the Master shushed to remind me of my position.

“Yes, Master.” I replied feebly.

The Master combed my hair some more. Knowing that I was getting more hair cut, he took extra time to caress my hair until my nerves were calmed. After he was done combing my silky locks, the Master moved to stand between me and the mirror. Facing me, he bent over, kissed my forehead and asked, “Ready?”

“Yes, Master.”

With a rat tail comb, he partitioned off a triangular section of the hair in front and combed it down over my face. I couldn’t see what he was doing and wondered why he had to bring my forelocks down over my face. The Master then picked up the scissors from the counter and positioned them at my eye brows.

“Bangs! He’s going to give me bangs!” I thought, finally realising what was happening. Before I could process what was going on…


The scissor jaws opened and closed over the curtain of hair covering my face! The cut two feet long lock fell before the blades, and landed on my bare crotch!

*Snip! Snip! Snip!*

Slowly, the scissors made its way across, gradually revealing my face. The cut forelocks fell into a sizable pile on my crotch! I began to feel an orgasmic tingling sensation from the chopped locks tickling my crotch! I could also see the Master’s cock bulging through his pants!


The last of my extremely long bangs fell before the merciless blades. The scissors finally completed its journey scrunching through my forelocks. The Master stood aside to allow me to inspect my newly cut bangs. My hair which had been one length before, now sported blunt bangs at eye brow level! It hung in sharp contrast with the rest of my hair which was still very long.

“I’ve never had bangs before, but I think these look cute on me!” I exclaimed. It’s amazing how bangs can change a person’s look dramatically. It framed my face perfectly and brought out my eyes.

“Yes, but I’m not done yet!” said the Master.

He moved to the back and combed my hair through once more to even it up.

“Now bend your head down and rest your chin against your chest.”

“Yes, Master.”

The Master inspected the waterfall of dark hair down my back for what he knew to be the last time, and then went for the scissors. He positioned the scissors a little below the top of my shoulders and pressed the blades against my back. I shuddered as the cold blade made contact with my bare skin.

“He’s going to chop it off to my shoulders!” I thought to myself, feeling the blades on the back below my shoulders.

*Snip! Splat!*

The cut hair was so thick and heavy that it made an audible sound when it hit the floor! I felt myself getting turned on from this haircut. Through the reflection in the mirror, I could see his crotch starting to bulge through his tight jeans!

*Snip! Splat! Snip! Splat! Snip! Splat!*

More 16 inch silky locks fell before the blades as the scissors made its way across my shoulder. The combination of the sound of my hair being chopped, the sound of it falling on the floor and the motion of the cold blades making its way across my bare back was strangely orgasmic!

*Snip! Splat!*

I moaned as the last piece of my previously waist length hair was reduced to shoulder length. The Master too, could not stand it any longer. He pulled down his pants, revealing his hardened and moist cock. I grabbed it immediately and sucked on it. Before long, he ejaculated into my mouth, and I gulped it down. We lay down on the floor of the mini salon after that, too tired from the climax to do much. We played with the huge pile of my severed locks, tickling each other with them. We gradually dozed off, sleeping amongst my own chopped hair on the floor.

When I woke up the next morning, the Master had already left for work. I got the chance to properly inspect my new haircut. The back fell to about 2 inches past the top of my shoulders, and the bangs were at eye brow level. The shoulder length cut with bangs actually looked good on me. I felt naked though, for I was no longer covered in waist length hair which I had for most of my life.

“I can’t believe so much hair was chopped off!” I thought to
myself. “My colleagues at work will be in for a surprise.”.

As I was leaving the penthouse, I noticed a sticky note on the door, addressed to me: 


Grow out your hair. I will summon you back again when it is long enough to play with again.

The Master

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