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Aesaani is a large island whose snow and ice covered northern half straddles the arctic circle while it’s southern half was temperate to warm, while the archipelago to the south of the island were much warmer. The country was governed by a seven thousand year old hereditary monarchy, with the current Royal Dynasty, the Caiverne-Suryndea-Alnaeic Family took power 110 years before the present through marriage to the heiress of the Suryndea Dynasty. The government was completely controlled by the monarch, which cause widespread support for Communism, Separatism, and Republicanism. The country’s culture was extremely religious and conservative and their were appearance codes based on caste strictly enforced by the government. The Queen always had uncut hair that was to be the longest in the land, other Royal women would also have very long hair but it had to be at least foot and a half shorter than the Queens and thigh length at the longest. Noble women had collar length hair, Priestesses had short spiked hair, workers had buzzes and outcastes were shaved bald.

 The current monarch Queen Talroara is wildly unpopular and viewed as ineffective, vain, and undeserving. Talroara’s father Aellevan L was extremely popular but he along with his son and heir was killed in a Space Shuttle accident. Talroara had made the news during her father’s reign for disappearing from Aesaani to party around the world. She had been recognized at a spaceport by her hip-length hair which a security guard saw hanging out of her shirt.

 A few years in to her reign revolts break out in the Kingdom of Aesaani’s Capitol and other cities throughout Aesaani follow. In the capitol the revolts started as protests by the Worker Caste and the Outcastes over the wealth gap, but the Communists hijacked the protests and they turned to looting businesses, attacking police and government officials. With the Communists out in force the Radical Republicans and the Theocrats organized their own marches. The political factions clashed with each other and police. By the third day police had begun getting the capital in order, arresting many rioters and isolating those that were still out rioting to pockets throughout out the city. Many of the political factions’ leaders escaped across the only bridge to the mainland or through the Littoral Tunnel before the Capital Police closed off all ways to the mainland. Queen Talroara’s ministers had advised her to leave the Capital until the protests were quelled but when the protests seemed to be over when she decided to remain. Early on the Communists and the Radical Republicans formed an uneasy truce, attacking only Government forces and Theocrats. The Royal Guards still held all five Royal Palaces, small Military units guarded the embassies, and some Police Precincts still held certain government buildings. The rioters took control of an air security system and had shot down a security plane, so the Queen opted to remain in the Palace of Brudoan. The Queen did order Military units in when word of the Police Headquarters’ capture came, but the Military units were slow to arrive and those that had were fighting their way towards the center of the city from the outskirts. She even attempted to have Aerial Shuttle come and pick her up but the Shuttle could not see through the thick smokes rising from the city and was shot down searching for the Palace’s landing pad. Around dawn the Military began crushing the revolt throughout the capital. The rebels became desperate and the Radical Republicans were able to seize the judicial hall, and the two legislative halls. The Communists sent several charges at the Royal Guards at the Palace of Brudoan, many died before they began breaking through. At that point Queen Talroara, dressed in her white gown braided her knee-length hair and pinned it to her head, and then packed the crown jewels in a bag and fled to the tunnels beneath the palace. She was accompanied by 3 Ministers and 4 Royal Guardsman. Their were several tunnels; one to the 3 government buildings, one to the coast which was flooded, one to the Palace of Iveraal III which was well fortified, and one that led to the Royal Salon which was near the Littoral Tunnel. The Queen chose to make for the Tunnel against the advice of her Guardsmen that she go to the Palace of Iveraal III. She reasoned that if the Littoral Tunnel was dangerous they could just return to the tunnel using it’s track-car to quickly make their way to the Palace of Iveraal. They exited the tunnel in the Salon. They found the salon abandoned but as of yet untouched by the looting. As they attempted to exit the Salon they came under attack by a group of mostly female Communists. Three of the Guardsmen fell before they even saw the Communists. The last Guardsmen attempted to hold off the Communists but was killed quickly. The ministers and Talroara fled towards the tunnel. The ministers were killed in the chad one by one, Talroara made it to the tunnel, but as she jumped in the track-car one of the Communists grabbed her by the long braid which had come unpinned and whipped her back to the ground. She was then seized by the arms and dragged back to the front of the salon which was now filled with the bodies of dead guardsmen and ministers, alone with a few of the Communists. They ripped her clothes off till she was naked. She was then held up for all to see. After that they tied her to one of the salon chairs with her braid hanging behind it almost to the floor. Some of the women slapped her, or spit in her face, and other screamed obscenities at her. When word came that the Radical Republicans had declared the Kingdom of Aesaani over and the Republic of Aesaani born the Communists felt betrayed. The Communist holding Talroara took their anger out on her hitting her or blaming her for the Kingdom’s inequality. The Communists in the Salon were overjoyed when word came that Communists holding the Palace of Brudoan had announced the Queens abdication to the Aesaani Communist Party Leadership Committee and the birth of the Communist State of Aesaani. The Communists began destroying signs of the monarchy in the Palace and other buildings they hold; tearing down flags, coats of arms, portraits, statues, and even religious symbols. The Communists holding the Queen began giving her the basics of Communist philosophy and their goals for the new Communist State. They than showed her media footage of the Communists stripping everything royal from parts of the capital. They explained that they had to rid Aesaani of it’s Royal decadent trappings and symbols that represented the social hierarchy that oppressed the majority on the bottom. They then stated that Talroara be stripped of her trappings and symbols so that all may see that she was just another woman of Aesaani. They then forced her to drink a chalky disgusting drink. Talroara was confused as they had taken her bag with the crown jewels, her gown, and humiliated her. She had been left wearing only her shoes, a pair of flats. Talroara then heard some of them whispering but she began feeling tired and realized they had put something in the drink. She fell asleep. The Communist leader then said ok lets do this then move her back to the palace, but another women said oh come one lets have some fun with her first. The difference between the women was stark the leader was an outcaste with rough features and a shaved head while the other women was of the gentry with soft features had collar length hair. The gentry women won out when several other Communist women agreed. The gentry woman too the lead and began unbraiding Talroara’s hair. Other girls grabbed a comb, a brush, and a straightening iron. The leader got irritated and asked what the hell they were doing, the women responded that they had never played with hair that long nor had they really seen it’s true length as it was always braided or in a bun. The combed and brushed it out and then began the task of straightening Talroara’s hair. They got two more straighteners to get it done faster and when they did they were all amazed
to see that her hair went past her knees to her calves. She started to wake around that point and the leader began cursing. Talroara felt her hair being pulled back and realized they were putting it in a ponytail. The woman than grabbed the end of the ponytail as if to braid it but the leader snapped that their was no time. The leader had them stand a groggy Talroara up and the leader then held up a pair a scissors and snapped them in front of Talroara’s face. The groggy Talroara’s eyes grew wide and she began declaring that they couldn’t cut her hair Queens don’t cut their hair, but they laughed at her and the leader moved behind her snapping the scissors so Talroara could see in the mirror. A desperate Talroara began begging them not to cut her hair. As she was begging she felt the leader’s fist coil around her ponytail and pull it taut and then she heard a loud scrunchhhhh as her head jerked somewhat and ten again scrunchhhh, and again scrunch, and finally schinck, the tension at the back of her head released and her head jerked forward, jaw-length hair spraying forward to curtain her tear-covered face. They then gripped her by her now jaw-length bangs and jerked her head back as clippers sheared the hair from her scalp. They shaved the front and crown such that it appeared she had a bald spot. As they were about to rub anti-hair growth gel on her new bald spot, but they heard Royalist Forces coming towards them. They fled leaving the Queen behind.

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