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If I close my eyes

If I close my eyes I can still see that gleaming silky heavy plait of golden blonde hair…..

I was about 18 at the time that Sarah and her mother came to stay with my family.  I had not seen her for 4 or 5 years and then she had been a plain 11 year old who had been very shy and had almost ignored me during the week or so she had stayed with us. Now when she walked into the room with her mother at the start of their planned week’s stay I hardly recognised her. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Tall and slim with lovely features and her hair was stunning.  Very long, a few inches past her waist, it was a beautiful gleaming golden blonde with natural highlights and she wore it in a single heavy plait that was as thick as my wrist at the base 

I had become fascinated by long beautiful hair several years previously and spent many hours on the internet looking at sites showing long haired models, but then by accident I had looked at a site featuring long hair being cropped.  First I was horrified that such beauty was being removed – how could someone allow their long hair to be stripped from their head and equally why did the hairstylist be so cruel in relieving a girl of long hair that would have been part of them for at least several years and would take equally long to replace.  Then I realised the absolute fascination of seeing scissors stripping hair off and a completely new style being created and envied the power of the person able to do it.  I also wondered what thoughts would be going through the mind of the one in the chair feeling and seeing her long hair being removed.  Most of the clips I watched, the decision to part with the hair would have been made by the girl herself but I wondered how many would have wanted to change their mind as their locks tumbled.  

A few of the scenes I had been able to find had shown girls losing more hair than they clearly had been prepared for or in some cases actually having their hair forcibly removed.  This fascination of mine led me to start going frequently to unisex salons when I needed my own hair cut in the hope that I would see a girl having long hair completely restyled but the most I had seen being cut off had been a couple of inches.
I looked closely now at hairstyles of all the women I encountered and began to appreciate well cut short hair as well as still enjoying the sight of a mane of long flowing hair.

This was the reason that I could not keep my eyes off Sarah and her fascinating hair and I fantasised many scenes from seeing it cropped to simply seeing the beautiful long hair being brushed.  She had a very engaging personality and I enjoyed her company that evening as we all had dinner and then sat around talking.  A couple of times she noticed how closely I was studying her and gave me a little smile and I wondered what her reaction would be if she realised how interested I was in her hair. Eventually she and her mother went upstairs to bed and I followed them a few minutes later. As I reached the top of the stairs I heard the bathroom door open and Sarah emerged and I gasped as I saw the full beauty and length of her hair revealed for the first time.  It was magnificent! She had undone the plait and now her hair streamed down over her shoulders and back to reach past her waist in a tumbling riot of silken gleaming waves. She gave me a little smile as she clearly realised the effect her wonderful hair had on me and then said softly, “Goodnight.” and disappeared into her bedroom.
  I spent a very restless night with my mind full of visions of the beautiful mane of hair and wanting to see more of it.  Perhaps I would have the opportunity the next day to watch her brushing and arranging it. How wonderful it would be if I could ever have the opportunity myself to be able to draw a brush through her long silken hair. The next morning I was down to breakfast early and my mother was surprised that I had appeared so early but it was only a few minutes later that Sarah and her mother appeared and once more her hair was back in its immaculate gleaming silken plait.  

When breakfast was over Mrs Roberts said to my mother, “You have got a hair appointment this morning, haven’t you?” Mother nodded and Mrs Roberts then added, “ Do you think they could fit me and Sarah in as well? I would like a shampoo and set and Sarah needs to have at least a couple of inches cut off her hair “ Sarah gave a little groan and said,”Oh Mum please, I don’t want my hair done.”  Mrs Roberts looked sternly at her daughter and said, “You are having your hair cut a bit shorter Sarah and there will be no arguments.  It has grown too long and you are spending far too much time and money looking after it.”  Sarah looked very upset and then said, “Alright I will come but I only want it trimmed a little bit.”  Her mother gave a little smile and said, “Well we shall see, it really could do with much more than just a trim”

Mother moved away to the telephone and Sarah was looking close to tears. I could not understand that her mother was so insistent on having such beautiful hair cut shorter and I looked at her sympathetically.  After a short conversation my mother returned and said, “They can fit us in all together today.”  “Oh that’s good.  Come along Sarah we had better go and get ready.”  Sarah stood up reluctantly and made one last effort to avoid her visit to the hairdressers, “Oh please Mum; I really don’t want my hair trimmed.  I love it long like this.”  Her mother said firmly “You will have your hair cut today,  if you don’t you will not go on holiday with Clare, next month.”  Sarah looked very close to tears as her mother said,” Come along and I don’t want any more arguments.”

I watched her leave the room and saw how the heavy gleaming plait bounced and swung with her movement and I wondered how it would look when she returned from the hair salon.  I felt very sorry for her and yet I was very excited at imagining her being forced to part with some of her treasured long hair. How would she feel as scissors snipped away and how much would her mother make her have cut off?   After they had left I waited with my mind full of these thoughts and then after about an hour or so the door opened and Sarah returned.  She looked at me with tear filled eyes and said, “Look what’s been done to my hair.”

She turned round slowly and my stomach lurched with shock and disappointment as I saw that her magnificent long hair had been reduced by at least 15 inches and was now in a loose plait that was only about six inches below her shoulders.  My earlier dreams of being able to brush the below waist-length hair were now shattered but I also envied the hairdresser who had used scissors on the lovely mane and chopped so much of it off – what a thrill that must have been! 

She turned back to me and said tearfully, “You liked my hair long, didn’t you. I saw you looking at it a lot and now it is ruined.”  “What happened?” I asked, “I thought you were only going to have it trimmed.”  “So did I” she replied sadly, “and I didn’t really want that done as I loved my hair as it was but my mother can be strict so I had to agree to go to the s
alon with her”. I knew the salon that my mother used and it was not particularly impressive, it was small and rather old fashioned and not really a salon for the younger set.  Sarah fiddled with the ends of her greatly reduced plait as she continued her story. “When we got there the woman who I think was the owner, came over and said she would trim my hair first whilst the other two were being shampooed.  As she started to lead me away my mother said to her, “I want her to have at least 3 or 4 inches off, her hair is far too long” I was pretty upset at that but knew I didn’t have any choice.  She took me to a small room and caped me and sat me in a chair which she pumped up quite high and then swung it away from the mirror.  She quickly undid my plait and said, “Your mother is right.  You have let your hair get far too long, and the ends are splitting.”   I only want an inch or so cut off,” I said, and I knew my hair was in perfect condition, but she ignored me and took a brush and briefly pulled it down through my hair.  She then put the brush down and I saw her pick up scissors and comb. She pushed my head forward and said, “Keep quite still now.”

 I felt her catch hold of a thick lock of hair at the back and then the tug of the scissors as she began cutting it.  I couldn’t really tell how much she was cutting off but I knew that it was more than just a few inches. I could feel the hair coming away and then she caught hold of another lock of my hair and as I felt this lock coming away I twisted around and saw her dropping it to the floor. I was horrified when I saw it appeared to be at least 12 inches long. “Oh please don’t cut so much off,” I begged her but I realised it was too late anyway.  She just carried on chopping off my hair and I just felt as though I was having a nightmare. It was so horrible. When she had cut it all the way across she just put it back in this silly short plait and told me it looked much better and led me back into the salon.  

I think my mother was a bit shocked when she saw how much she had cut off and how upset I was looking. Of course there was nothing she could do about it and I just hate how it looks now. It will take years for it to grow again and I loved my hair really long. It just looks horrible like this!”

With that she burst into tears and stepped towards me as I held out my arms to comfort her.  She sobbed bitterly and buried her head in my chest and I could smell her sweet scented hair and I held her close.  I could not resist bringing up my hand and touching her silken hair for the first time.  I gently lifted the still thick and heavy plait and ran my fingers down its length and thrilled to its silken texture.  She moved
away from me and began loosening her plait and said, “Will you check the ends for me, I am sure she just hacked my hair away and it will look very uneven if I wear it loose.”  She freed her hair from its silken folds and gave her head a shake so that the lovely hair spilled out across her shoulders and back and then took a hairbrush from her bag and began slowly drawing it through her hair. “How does it look?” she asked.

  I felt very aroused just looking at her gleaming hair and then began to sow the seeds of an idea that had occurred to me. “Let me have the brush a moment,” I said, and as she passed it to me she said, “I love having my hair brushed, and I just wish that horrible woman hadn’t cut so much off”. I took the brush and began drawing it through her beautiful hair and my excitement increased as I stroked the brush down through her silken tresses.”  The ends of her hair looked perfectly level to me but I said casually, “Yes, I think the ends do look very uneven.”  I paused and then said,  “I am going into town this morning to have my own hair cut. Why don’t you come with me and have your hair cut again to a nicer shape?  I will pay for you to have it done.”

Feeling very tense I waited for her reaction as now I just longed to see her sitting caped in a chair and watch her lovely hair be cut some more.  She looked a little stunned at my suggestion and said hesitantly, “Oh do you think I need more of my hair cut off.”  I continued brushing her hair and said; “I think you should go for a complete change now. Get rid of your plait altogether and have something really modern.  It is a very popular salon with teenagers and I have seen some fantastic haircuts on girls that have been there.”   Of course I was making all this up although I had planned to visit the salon myself at some time I had not intended to do it today and had never even been there before.  Would she allow herself to be persuaded into parting with more of her treasured hair?  As she hesitated I continued to brush her hair and then to my delight she said, “Well I must admit that occasionally I think that it is time I should stop wearing my hair plaited and have it shorter so I could try different styles.  How much shorter do you think they would want to cut it?”

“I think you should let the stylist decide for you if you don’t know yourself what sort of style to have.”  I was getting more and more aroused at the thought of seeing lots of this beautiful silken hair I was now brushing, being scissored and a new style being created.  I could feel myself becoming really aroused as she hesitated and then she said, “Will we need to make appointments?”  My stomach lurched with excitement and I said quickly, “No, there is nearly always a sign outside which says ‘appointments not always necessary’,” She turned around and said, “Ok, I will come with you but I am really nervous about it.  I hope I am not making a mistake.”    Oh fantastic!  “Come on, let’s go before you change your mind.”

I put down the brush and she brought her hands behind her head and said, “I may as well put it back in a plait for what probably will be the last time.”  I watched with fascination as she skilfully arranged her hair in a simple loose plait and although it was obviously not as long as when she had first arrived, it looked superb with it still as thick as my wrist at the base of her neck.  As she was working on her hair she said,  “Why are you so keen for me to have my hair cut again?”  I felt slightly uncomfortable, half wondering if she had guessed my fascination with hair being cut off, but replied casually, “Well I saw how upset you were with your hair so I thought I would treat you to a visit to a good salon so they could sort it out.”  She smiled and said, “You are very kind.”  She fastened a tie on the end of her gleaming heavy plait of hair and then said, “Let’s go!”

My mind was in a whirl as we approached the salon and I hoped that Sarah would allow her hair to be dramatically restyled. When we finally reached the salon and entered it I was amazed that it was so large inside.  There were at least 12 styling chairs in the main area; most of which seemed to be occupied and then beyond was the shampoo area and other rooms.  The reception area had 4 or 5 seats, with 3 people in them, presumably waiting their turn in the salon.  My heart sank, Oh please have some free appoint
ments soon!  The attractive young receptionist raised her head and said enquiringly, “How may I help?”  “Um, is it possible for us both to have restyle cuts and blow dries this morning?” I stammered. She smiled and said; “Of course, but you may just have to wait a little while.”  She glanced at her book and said. “Debbie can do your hair in about 10 minutes and Mark is free to do a restyle cut for your friend in about 15 minutes, is that alright?”  I felt a wave of relief flood over me and nodded happily and she indicated that we should wait in the vacant chairs.

As we sat down a young girl offered Sarah a portfolio of hairstyles and she nervously flicked through them and then said to me, “Oh, I really don’t know what to do.  I think I may just get them to level off the ends of my hair.”  I inwardly groaned but before I could reply a young girl came up to me and said, “Would you come with me please, I will shampoo your hair ready for Debbie.”  I stood up and gave Sarah what I hoped was an encouraging smile and followed the girl into the depths of the salon.  All the while my hair was being shampooed I wondered about Sarah.  Would she allow her hair to be completely restyled or just end up with the ends trimmed?

When I was led back into the main salon I looked around but could see no sign of her at first, but then as the stylist began combing through my damp hair I saw her.  She was sitting diagonally across from me but several rows away.  She was caped and her heavy silken plait fell over the cape like a gleaming rope.  A young man was standing behind her and was talking to her in a persuasive manner. The girl combing my hair said something to me but I was so concentrating that I merely nodded and she picked up large black clippers and switched them on.  Fortunately she moved to the left side of me so I still had a good view of Sarah. I saw her give a slow nod and my stomach lurched as I saw scissors appear in the stylist’s hand.  He grasped the very thick plait of hair firmly and then rapidly began forcing the scissors through the hair at nape level.  At the same time I felt the clippers ploughing up through my hair from my ear right up to the top of my head.

At that time my hair was about 4 or 5 inches long and I liked it that way and in previous haircuts the clippers had only ever been used at the back of my head and perhaps a little around my ears.  I had found the feel of them on my head to be quite enjoyable and sensual.  The combination of seeing Sarah’s hair being severed and feeling clippers ploughing across the top of my head, sending clouds of hair dropping into my lap, was the most exciting experience ever.  I managed to suppress a groan of pleasure and was relieved that the cape was hiding the enormous bulge in my trousers.   I watched with almost disbelief as the scissors were forced through the magnificent hair and it took a dozen or more plunging snips of the scissors to sever Sarah’s magnificent plait of hair. As her head was bowed I was unable to see her face to see how she was reacting to the ruthless removal of her long hair and when the scissors finally severed the thick plait she was quickly ushered away to the shampoo area. The heavy plait of hair had been tossed casually on to the shelf in front of the mirror and I gazed at it almost in disbelief.  How ruthlessly her wonderful hair had been removed and I couldn’t wait to see how she looked with her hair short.

When I looked back at my own reflection I had quite a shock to realise that the stylist had run her clippers completely over the top of my head cutting the hair down to almost stubble!  I had never had my hair cut so short before but was enjoying the feel of the clippers being run again and again over my head and also still excited at seeing Sarah’s hair being removed.  The stylist did not take long to complete my haircut I mumbled my thanks as she ushered me from the chair and I returned to the reception area.  I had not seen Sarah returning from the shampooing area and I wondered now what was being done to her hair and how she would react to going from waist length hair to a short crop in a few short hours.

I gazed into the salon but from my position I could see no sign of her and wondered again how she felt about being relieved so ruthlessly of her long hair.  Had she been aware that so much of it was going to be removed and how short had her remaining hair been cut.  My own head felt very bare and light and I had only had a few inches removed, Sarah must have lost almost a yard of hair during her two visits to the hair salons.  I could barely conceal my excitement as I waited for her return but there was plenty of activity in the busy salon to keep me interested. After what seemed an age I saw her walking towards me and my heart gave a lurch.  My God!  She had been well  and truly cropped!

Her blonde hair now clung closely to her head, obviously clipper cut very close at the nape and over her ears and the rest of her hair combed forward in a short elfin cut.  She looked sensational!  Gone had the young looking schoolgirl with a long plait, now there was a sophisticated looking teenager who was looking delighted.  She beamed at me and said, “Oh thank you so much for bringing me here.  I would never have had the courage to have my hair cut so short myself. I think deep down I always wanted to get rid of the plait, it was a bit childish.  My mother will be shocked but I don’t care as she made me have my hair cut this morning!”

I was delighted that she was so pleased with the result and I just felt a little sad that her magnificent long hair was no more, but had got such a thrill at being involved in her transformation.  What an experience.

The End

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