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                  Daring Seduction 
                                                      Fantasy Girl

First, my name is Marlene and I just recently turned twenty-one this September. I planned on celebrating my birthday on Saturday night with my closest girlfriend, Kim (she and I usually go out a few times a week for drinks after work, and dancing on the weekends). I simply had no idea at the time what exciting adventures would soon unfold. A few days before my birthday, while having drinks, Kim surprised me with a rather unique present … a visit to a small boutique spa. As I opened up the gift certificate, Kim told me that she reserved my one and a half hour massage session with a massage therapist named Savanna. The appointment was scheduled for 7pm on Wednesday, three days before my actual birthday.  
By the time I arrived, I was really looking forward to my massage. Upon entering the reception area I was greeted by a cute young girl, named Taryn, who asked for my name and appointment time. A few moments later, a gorgeous girl with a really dark tan and dark auburn hair approached me and introduced herself as Savanna. She was maybe a couple of years older than me, with a similar slender build, and a very pretty face. We immediately shook hands and then she turned around and softly instructed me to follow her back into one of the massage rooms. Once we were in the room she asked a few rather ordinary questions relating to my general health and exercise routine before she offered a brief overview of her specific massage techniques. Then Savanna instructed me to please get undressed after she left the room and lie face down under the sheet on the heated massage table. Once she left the room I quickly took off my suit jacket and silk blouse and hung them up on the wall. Next, I removed my high heels and silk stay-up stockings. Finally, I unhooked the back clasp of my skirt, unzipped it and stepped out of it; leaving myself completely naked, since I never wear a bra, or panties (I absolutely love the feel and exhibitionist thrill of being almost naked in public). Then, as instructed, I pulled down the crisp white sheet, and laid face down on the soft, padded table. 
A moment later, Savanna lightly knocked on the door, and reentered the room.
The warmth of the heated table felt exquisite on my naked body, and the soft background music was equally as relaxing. As I closed my eyes, I felt Savanna gently pull back the sheet to expose my shoulders and back. The next few moments were simply wonderful as she first expertly massaged my neck and shoulders, and then my back. A few times while she was slowly massaging my back, I felt her slippery hands lightly glide over the sides of my partially exposed breasts. It almost seemed as though she was teasing me to test my reaction to her sensual touch. All I knew for sure is that her soft, oiled fingers felt incredible gliding up and down my bare back and sides. A few moments later (and much to my disappointment) Savanna finished that part of my massage and pulled the sheet up over my back. Next, she slowly pulled the other end of the sheet up over my legs and neatly folded it up over the cheeks of my ass. Then, she started to slowly massage my feet and then each of my legs. As she eventually reached higher and higher up the back of my legs, she gently, but firmly, pushed my legs slightly further apart to allow her experienced hands easier access to my inner thighs. Each time her hands slid up the back of my thighs, they slowly reached a little higher towards my ass and shaved pussy lips. At this point I was so nice and warm, and relaxed, that my body was in heaven … and I was totally oblivious to anything but the soothing effect of Savanna’s delicate touch and the warmth of the soft massage table. 

Soon, she was finished massaging my legs and once again reached for the sheet. However, instead of pulling it back down over my legs (as I anticipated), Savanna surprised me somewhat by folding it up higher, completely over my exposed ass. A moment later I once again felt her talented slippery hands on my bare skin. Savanna then proceeded to slowly, and firmly, massage the cheeks of my ass while I simply relaxed and enjoyed all the wonderful attention to my body. Eventually, I felt her delicate fingers start to occasionally slide in-between my oiled ass cheeks, and down the crack of my ass. Each time this happened, I involuntarily sighed out loud in reaction to her touch. At some point, Savanna reacted to my sighs by positioning a large round pillow under my slender hips (which further exposed both my ass and pussy). Then she gently pushed my nervous legs even further apart before slowly dripping more oil directly down the crack of my ass. Seconds later, I felt Savanna’s fingers slowing sliding up and down the crack of my slippery ass, each time getting closer and closer to my exposed asshole and wet pussy lips.
Again I heard myself sight out loud, just as I felt one of her fingers lightly glide over my asshole and further down in-between my spread legs. She repeated this provocative maneuver several times as I continued to get more turned on each second. As nervous as I was at the moment, I was even more curious to find out just how far Savanna planned on taking this semi-erotic massage! Just when I expected to feel a slippery finger enter either my ass, or pussy, Savanna paused as if purposely taking me right to the edge of sexual excitement and then stopping.

“Go ahead and roll over on your back now,” she softly whispered in my ear.

At this point, from all the intense pleasure and sexual reaction to Savanna’s sensuous touch, I could barely move! Somehow, however, I managed to roll over onto my back … just in time to see Savanna, in the dim lighting, casually step out of the bottom part of her uniform. As she neatly folded her slacks and bent over to place them on a nearby chair, I could not help but notice that, like me, she was not wearing any panties. Her slender, tan ass was as bare and exposed as mine. Then just as innocently as my massage started, Savanna walked over to the end of the table and started to slowly massage my neck as if nothing unusual had just happened. However, for the next few moments the image of this beautiful, young massage therapist casually stripping out of her clothes was all I could think about. Eventually though, as my mind wandered, I drifted off again as I relaxed and simply enjoyed the rest of the exquisite massage of my neck, and then my arms and shoulders.

Then after a brief pause, I felt Savanna lean over me from behind and slowly fold the sheet down to my waist, exposing my bare breasts and semi-erect nipples. While I continued to lie still with my eyes closed, I soon felt Savanna’s warm, soft hands gently begin to massage my naked breasts with her oiled hands and fingers gliding effortlessly over my sensitive, bare skin. Quite involuntarily, I soon felt my sensitive nipples begin to react to Savanna’s gentle touch. Then, perhaps noticing my sexual arousal, she actually began to concentrate on directly stimulating my slippery, erect nipples! As I quickly let out another subdued sigh of pleasure, she responded by
rolling my extremely responsive nipples between her fingers, and even occasionally gently pinching them! Then, as my sighs increased in frequency and intensity, Savanna became even more playful and began to pinch my fully erect nipples even harder. At that point, I was breathing so fast I was almost gasping for breath! Just when I thought I was about to cum from all the sexual excitement, Savanna inexplicably softened her touch over my nipples and then simply continued to slowly massage my heaving breasts until my breathing slowed back to normal. As I momentarily opened my eyes again, I was surprised, but yet curiously delighted, to see that Savanna was now completely naked!

It seems as though Savanna had deftly stripped out of her top before folding the sheet down and beginning her erotic massage of my breasts. She was, to no surprise, stunningly beautiful and incredibly sexy! Her tan, firm breasts were absolutely perfect and her erect nipples hinted at a heightened state of sexual arousal. My eyes then quickly glanced downward towards her exposed pussy. Both her deeply tanned pubic mound, and pussy lips, were completely smooth and hairless! Surprisingly, if the intent of her impromptu striptease was to peak my curiosity and get me even more sexually excited … it worked! Between my body’s unexpected erotic reaction to Savanna’s sensuous touch, and the voyeuristic experience of seeing her strip totally naked, I was getting extremely hot! While I continued to watch Savanna’s every move, she slowly walked to the end of the massage table and grabbed hold of the sheet and slowly pulled it down over my hips (exposing my naked, partially shaved pussy), and then completely off my bare legs.
“Close your eyes Marlene,” she softly whispered in my ear, “I have a special birthday surprise for you.”

My heart was literally pounding with excitement and anticipation of whatever was going to happen next, as I followed her instructions and closed my eyes. At this point I expected to feel more oil being sensuously dripped directly onto my already wet pussy lips, followed by the touch of her soft fingers slowly caressing my pussy. Instead, I felt something soft and warm being slowly and sensuously massaged into my neatly trimmed, dark brown triangle of pubic hair. A moment later, as I felt Savanna very slowly begin to pull the blades of a razor over my pubic mound, I knew exactly what had been so sensuously applied to my pubic hair … heated shaving cream! Now totally aroused and completely submissive, I quickly resolved myself to the fact that in a few minutes my pussy would be as totally smooth and hairless as Savanna’s! So, as per Savanna’s instructions, I kept my eyes closed, relaxed, and simply enjoyed the sensation of having my pussy shaved bald by another woman. And, after seeing Savanna’s completely hairless pussy, I was actually curious to see my pussy totally bald for the first time since before puberty. With each slow, sensuous stroke of the razor, Savanna removed more of my moist pubic hair. A few minutes later, just as I thought she was finished, Savanna slowly massaged more warm shaving foam over my public mound and then lower, over my wet pussy. Next, she very carefully shaved my pubic mound a second time to make sure that it was extra smooth to the touch. Finally, she gently pushed my legs even further apart before wiping off any remaining shaving foam with a soft, warm towel. Oh my God! I thought I was going to pass out from all the excitement and sensual stimulation.

While my mind was still spinning, Savanna gently motioned for me to roll over on my stomach again, and then up onto my knees and forearms, resulting in my ass being conveniently, and totally, accessible. A moment later, I felt her soft hands begin to slowly massage the warm shaving cream over my entire ass. Meanwhile, I was so hot and totally out of control, I simply closed my eyes and submissively spread my legs further apart in anticipation of feeling the razor glide over my slippery ass. As the razor began to remove the fine hairs on the cheeks of my ass, I heard myself sigh out loud again as I involuntarily responded to Savanna’s sensuous touch. Soon I felt more shaving cream being massaged down the crack of my ass and in-between my legs as a prelude to the razor once again gliding over my slippery, sensitive skin. Moments later, my ass was as totally smooth and hairless as my bald pussy … and all I could think about at the moment was how deliciously sexy it all felt!  
As unexpected and sexually exciting as my massage with Savanna had been so far, it was about to elevated to an entirely different level of excitement. Before I could even begin to catch my breath from having my pussy and ass shaved, Savanna repositioned me onto my back and quickly poured massage oil directly over my freshly shaved pubic mound and noticeably swollen pussy lips. Then, with one hand she began to rub the massage oil all over my smooth pussy, while she started to massage my breasts again with the other hand. Sensing my heightened state of arousal, she soon began to probe deeper in-between my enlarged pussy lips with her slippery fingers and once again lightly pinch my nipples with her other hand.

“Harder,” I softly sighed out loud.  “Pinch my nipples harder!”

“Oh my,” Savanna softly exclaimed as she responded to my urgent request.

Strangely enough, I really enjoyed the rough treatment of my sore nipples. It was an inexplicable combination of tolerable pain and intense pleasure, I thought, as I heard myself cry out loud. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more pain, or pleasure, Savanna stopped stimulating my sore nipples and focused all her attention on my slippery, wet pussy with both her hands. With her left hand she slowly began to stimulate my clit, while the fingers of her right hand continued to slide effortlessly up and down the length of my swollen pussy lips. As my breathing and heart rate quickened, so did my loud sighs of pleasure as Savanna intensified her efforts. While her left hand continued to glide back and forth over my sensitive, exposed clit, the fingers of her right hand began to slowly disappear in-between my swollen, wet pussy lips. The next few minutes were simply a blur as Savanna continued to sensuously explore and stimulate my receptive pussy. Meanwhile, my hands were preoccupied with relentlessly pinching my own nipples in an effort to bring myself closer to an extremely intense, exhibitionistic orgasm! A few moments later, my pubic muscles started to violently contract and I began to unexpectedly squirt a stream of cum as I lost all control and screamed out loud! Surprisingly, Savanna quickly positioned herself directly in-between my spread legs as my pussy continued to involuntarily squirt warm cum all over her breasts and bald pussy. Savanna then quickly proceeded to rub my still warm cum all over her tan, naked body, paying particular attention to her breasts and bald pussy! After my muscle spasms finally subsided, and my breathing returned to normal, Savanna took my hand and pulled me off the massage table and into a large adjoining bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, we stepped into a beautifully tiled open shower and quickly turned on the warm jet spray. Slowly and sensuously we began to lather up each other’s naked bodies with our bare hands, as I finally had the opportunity to explore Savanna’s sexy body. Although I had never been intimate with another woman before, I must admit that the sensation of slowly caressing Savanna’s naked body with my soapy hands was absolutely amazing! As I softly caressed her erect nipples and slid my hands in-between her soapy legs, I could hear her soft sighs of pleasure as her heart rate increased. As I continued to softly caress her responsive body, Savanna slowly pulled our naked bod
ies even closer together until our breasts and smooth pussies touched. I thought I was going to cum again as we continued to press our wet bodies together under the spray of warm water.

A moment later, while we were both still covered in soap, Savanna picked up the razor one last time and motioned for me to hold out my arms. As I submissively responded to her curious request, Savanna began to carefully shave the soft, fine brown hairs off my forearms, thus leaving my arms as smooth and hairless as my legs! While I finished rinsing off, Savanna quickly grabbed her cell phone and took a few photos of me in the shower. The one below is definitely the best one. 

MarleneEventually, we finished our intimate shower and reached for a couple of soft, warm towels. After slowly dying off each other’s bodies, we both began to casually get dressed again. As Savanna slowly pulled on the matching pants and top of her uniform, I tossed my silk blouse and stockings into my purse before fastening my skirt and slipping into my matching suit jacket. With absolutely no hair on my body, I quickly discovered that my skin felt particularly sensitive to the slightest touch. My entire body was literally tingling with new erotic sensations.  

“Thank you for the wonderful massage,” I whispered in Savanna’s ear as I slowly approached her standing next to the door.

“You’re welcome,” she responded with a seductive look on her beautiful face as she gently reached out and pulled me closer to her and then softly kissed my receptive lips. “It was my pleasure,” Savanna added, as she placed one of her business cards in my open hand. As I opened my purse to drop her card inside, I noticed that she had written her cell phone number on the back. I wonder … I thought, as I walked slowly down the hall towards the reception desk and Taryn, the petite receptionist. As I walked towards the desk, Taryn looked up at me and smiled as if to acknowledge that she noticed I was no longer wearing either the blouse, or silk stockings, that I had on earlier when I arrived. My response to her rather obvious stare was to playfully unbutton my suit jacket and partially expose my bare breasts, as I turned to smile back at Taryn. I could tell from the big smile on her sweet, young face that she was thoroughly enjoying my subtle exhibitionist display.

The sun was just beginning to set as I walked out the front door towards the parking lot. Impulsively, I reached behind my waist and unfastened the back of my skirt. Oh my God, I thought to myself, am I really going to take my skirt off in a crowded parking lot? The sudden exhibitionist desire to expose my bald pussy was simply overwhelming! As I approached my car, I nervously pulled the zipper down, allowing my skirt to drop lower on my hips as I opened my car door and tossed my purse inside. Next, I slowly pushed my skirt off my slender hips and then completely off my legs. After I stepped out of my skirt and tossed it in the car, I figured why not go all the way. As my heart rate quickened, I stripped off my suit jacket and tossed it into the car as well. A second later I was standing in the parking lot completely naked! Then, as casually as I performed my impromptu public striptease, I got into my car and slowly drove out of the parking lot and onto the main road. At that point, I have no idea whether or not anyone noticed that I was totally naked while driving home at dusk. I was still so sexually excited from my erotic massage, and Savanna sensuously shaving my body, that I was completely out of control!  

Once I got home, I quickly ran into the bathroom and stood in front of my full length mirror. One quick look at my totally bald pussy and I thought … why didn’t I do this sooner? I absolutely loved my new smooth, totally hairless look! And, it felt so exquisitely smooth and sexy as my hands glided slowly over my soft, hairless pubic mound. While I continued to stare at my naked image in the mirror, I slowly shifted my attention to my totally shaved ass. The next thing I knew, I was kneeling down in the tub, pouring baby oil all over my breasts and shaved pussy, and then down the crack of my ass. Soon, I had a finger furiously sliding up and down in-between my slippery pussy lips, while I teased my hard nipples with the fingers of the other hand. As much as I was in an extremely heightened state of sexual arousal, I came almost immediately, just as my legs finally gave out and my exhausted, slippery body collapsed into the contours of my tub. After I regained my strength, and senses, I washed off my oily body and hair and then soaked for awhile longer. Later that night, I hardly got any sleep due to constantly fantasizing about Savanna, my reckless public striptease and my two deliciously wicked orgasms. 

When I woke up the next morning, yesterday’s sexual adventures seemed like just a dream … until I pushed down the sheet to reveal my bald, freshly shaved pussy. As I lightly glided my hands over my smooth pubic mound, I suddenly began to experience flashbacks of my erotic massage and Savanna shaving my body totally hairless. Then just as I closed my eyes and spread my legs a little wider, the alarm went off. As much as I desperately wanted to stay in bed a little longer, I knew it was time to get up and get ready for work. After an extensive search through my closet, I finally decided to wear a short, light pink sweater dress and, as usual, no underwear. I wanted to feel the erotic effect of the soft sweater in contact with my smooth, hairless skin all day long. Once at work, my mind was still intoxicatingly preoccupied with reliving the events of yesterday. Perhaps, I thought, my sexy massage session with Savanna was simply a surprise erotic birthday present from her and Kim. If so, it was definitely the most exciting birthday present that I have ever received! Or, perhaps it was exactly what it appeared to be at the time … one woman seducing another and having a spontaneous, daring, sexual adventure! Either way, I admitted to myself, it was simply one of the wildest and most erotic sexual adventures I have ever experienced. 

The rest of the day, while at work, was simply impossible! All I could think about was Savanna … and my desire to strip her naked and have sex with her. Go figure.

Early that evening, I decided to give Savanna a call on her private number and attempt to satisfy my curiosity, if not my sexual desires.

“Hello,” Savanna softly spoke as she answered her phone.

“Hi, Savanna … this is Marlene,” I responded.

“Marlene, I’m so glad you called. How are you?”

“Fine … (long pause) … except, I’m not quite sure what to say next.”

“Marlene, I think you know exactly what you want to say. So, why don’t you just say it?”

“I can’t stop thinking about yesterday,” I ineptly said.

“Exactly what part,” Savanna casually inquired.

(long pause) … “Specifically, the parts involving you stripping totally naked … and then unexpectedly and sensuously shaving my pussy, and ass, completely bare … and then you massaging my sensitive nipples and oiled pussy until I squirted all over your naked body.”

“And now that you’ve had time to think about it …” 

“I find myself constantly fantasizing about everything that happened, and what might happen the next time we’re together.”

“Marlene, yo
u are such a perfectly naughty girl, with such a vivid and daring imagination. Whatever am I going to do with you?”

“I guess … just about anything you want,” I impulsively responded, as my heart rate quickened in anticipation of Savanna’s next response.

“Marlene, why don’t you come over to my place tomorrow night around 8 o’clock, the address is …”

Oh my God, I thought to myself as I hung up a moment later, what have you done? You just told another woman that you couldn’t stop fantasizing about her and that you would do anything she wants. Then, after I collected my composure, I quickly reminded myself of two rather obvious, important facts. Involuntarily at first, and then quite consciously at some point, I actually encouraged Savanna to seduce me … and I absolutely loved every second of it! Second, and even more mysteriously,   I found myself extremely sexually attracted to Savanna! She was such an exquisitely beautiful and erotic young woman! Strangely enough, somewhere between feeling her sensual touch during my massage, and seeing her strip out of her clothes to reveal her tan, bald pussy, I lost all self-control and simply gave in to my insatiable sexual desires. Wow, who knew! 

The next day at work, I received a small gift wrapped package early in the afternoon. I couldn’t wait till after work to open it, the suspense was killing me! Once I quickly unwrapped the box and opened it, I found a card that simply read, “Savanna.” Inside the tissue paper I found an elegant, thin leather chocker with a small metal ring attached and a matching pair of equally delicate leather wrist and ankle restraints. Oh my God, it appeared that Savanna and I had a rather daring mutual fantasy to explore! I was so looking forward to seeing Savanna again.                    
Early that evening I took a quick shower to freshen up and shave my pussy, and ass, extra smooth before getting dressed. First, I chose an indecently short black mini skirt and a black silk chemise to compliment the gifts from Savanna. Then I slipped into a pair of matching black high heels and grabbed my car keys. About fifteen minutes later, I arrived at Savanna’s house (located in a very quiet, beautiful wooded area next to a small lake) and parked my car.

Savanna greeted me at the door wearing a short white cotton dress that really showed off her beautiful, dark tan. With a warm smile on her face, she quickly said hi and then gave me a friendly embrace before complimenting my sexy choice of clothes for the evening. With that, we got into Savanna’s black convertible sports coupe as she suggested we go out for a few drinks. After a brief drive, we ended up at classy club near the university. As we expected, the popular bar was extremely crowded with students and young, trendy business people. As we entered the bar and searched for a small table, I noticed that we were getting quite a few looks from both male and female customers because of our sexy attire. And, I was already feeling particularly daring and exhibitionistic while wearing Savanna’s leather gifts! Eventually we found a small table, got our drinks and started a lengthy conversation. We talked about the usual stuff … men, clothes, work, etc. Then at some point I mentioned that I was thinking of changing my usual look and trying a shorter hair style. For the next few minutes we both tried to pick out girls with short hair styles that might look sexy on me. Savanna seemed to really enjoy helping me search for the perfect new hair style as we continued to talk, and even offered to trim my hair once I decided on a style. After a few more drinks, and as the conversation eventually turned more intimate, we each confessed a few of our most secret sexual fantasies, including the obvious … our mutual interest in playful bondage. Eventually we finished our drinks and decided to head back to Savanna’s place for a quieter environment and the opportunity to continue our intimate conversation.

The inside of her house was, as expected, decorated with a woman’s sense of style and soft textures. And the combination of subtle colors and subdued lighting added noticeable warmth to the entire house. While I was admiring some of the colorful artwork in the living room, Savanna approached me with a couple of drinks in her hands and suggested we sit out on her patio for awhile. On the way outside, she dimmed the patio lights and picked up some matches to light a few strategically placed candles. 

“Savanna, are you trying to seduce me?” I teased, as I took another sip of my drink.

“Whatever gave you that idea?” she softly whispered in my ear, as she set her drink down on the ledge of the balcony and placed her arms around my waist.
As I set my drink down beside hers, I felt her begin to lift my silk chemise up over my bare breasts. Instinctively, I lifted my arms up over my head to allow her to pull it up over my head and toss it aside. Then, just as quickly, Savanna seductively pushed my short skirt slowly off my slender hips, eventually exposing my freshly shaved, bald pussy. One more push and my skirt drift silently down my bare legs and onto the deck, leaving me totally naked (other than my high heels, leather choker and wrist and ankle restraints). Without either of us saying another word, I reached out and slowly unbuttoned the few buttons at the top of Savanna’s delicate white summer dress. Then, I placed my nervous fingers inside the thin shoulder straps of her dress and slowly pushed them off her tan shoulders. Seconds later, we were both standing totally naked on her outside patio with a warm summer breeze softly caressing our sensitive skin. Next, Savanna moved closer and pressed her slender, naked body against mine as we embraced. After a brief passionate kiss, Savanna turned me around and told me to close my eyes for a moment. A few seconds later I felt a soft, padded blindfold being placed over my eyes before Savanna tightly secured it behind my head! 

“Oh my,” I softly sighed out loud, this girl was full of daring surprises, and literally (and figuratively) had captured my full attention. Next, she helped me sit down on the top of the stairs leading down into her backyard facing the lake. Then, Savanna spread my legs wide open and secured my ankle restraints to the sides of the lower stairs. Finally, she stretched my arms out to the left and right before securing them to the upper rails and then positioning herself directly behind me. Up to that moment, I had often fantasized about playing bondage games with an extremely sexy and adventurous lover … I just had never imagined that it would be with another woman! Now, I was tightly secured and spread eagled while my mind was spinning and my heart was racing in anticipation of what might happen next.  

Then, quite unexpectedly, I heard scissors open and close at the back of my neck and then felt a strand of hair tickle my back as it floated silently down onto the wood deck. Oh my God, I thought to myself, it seems as though I was going to get an impromptu hair cut from Savanna! With each opening and closing of the scissors I could feel more hair being cut off and then slowly drifting down over my bare shoulders and back. Soon, I heard the scissors next to my right ear, and then the left as Savanna trimmed the sides to match the new shorter length of the back. Just when I thought she might be finished evening up the sides, she repositioned the scissors to the back of my head again and began to cut even higher this time, well above my shoulders. I held my breath as I felt even more of my once long, dark brown hair fall to the deck floor. Then s
he quickly repeated the process of trimming the sides to match the new, shorter length of the back.

A moment later, a heard a faint click and then a buzzing sound getting closer. Then I felt the coolness of metal and the vibration of clipper blades at the base of my exposed neck. As I held my breath again, I felt the blades slowly move up the back of my neck as Savanna trimmed the back and sides my neck, just barely undercutting the longer top hair. The feeling of the vibrating clippers was definitely a new, and oddly exciting, experience! I was almost disappointed a few moments later when the buzzing stopped and I heard Savanna set the clippers down. Next, Savanna paused briefly and then unfastened the soft blindfold. 
Once my blindfold was removed, I was quickly reminded by Savanna to keep my head perfectly still so she could finish. Even though my blindfold had just been removed … in the dark of the night all I could see directly in front of me were my bare legs secured to the sides of the lower steps and the outline of trees between her condo and the lake. So, just like during my erotic massage, I simply closed my eyes again, relaxed, and enjoyed all the incredible new sensations of the moment.  

Almost immediately, I once again heard the sound of the scissors as Savanna began to shape my new shorter hair style by giving it a layered look. The sound of the scissors beginning to cut off even more of my already short style was only interrupted by the faint sound of the wind blowing through the trees nearby and the beating of my heart as I felt more hair silently fall to the deck. Again, just when I thought Savanna was finished with my short haircut, I heard a familiar click and then the buzzing sound of the hair clippers grow nearer to my head. 

“I’m just going to undercut the back a little higher,” Savanna said as I felt the vibration of the blades against the back of my neck. Then, just like earlier, Savanna slowly pushed the clippers up the back of my neck, this time, however, a little higher than before. By now I was familiar with the sound and feel of the clippers and my unexpected erotic reaction to the sensation. Perhaps sensing my sexual arousal, Savanna reacted by gently tilting my head forward and then slowly pushing the clippers even higher up the back of my head.
“Oh my,” I heard Savanna softly sigh as she repositioned the clippers again.

Apparently, during some stage of the entire haircutting process, Savanna began to experience erotic sensations similar to those that I was feeling. Hearing her muffled sighs of pleasure, as she slowly pushed the clippers through more of my hair, actually turned me on even more as I felt my nipples get harder and my swollen pussy lips get even wetter. A moment later, Savanna switched off the clippers and then bent over to caress my buzzed neck with her soft lips. Then, after a few more soft caresses, Savanna unfastened both my wrist and ankle restraints, before turning on the clippers one last time that night. 

“Hold still, Marlene,” Savanna requested, as she lifted my hair above my neck. “I just have to even up one side a little, and then it’ll be perfect”

What happened next simply defies any attempt for rational explanation. As Savanna carefully positioned the clippers for one last touch-up, I impulsively reached up behind my head and gently pushed the clippers in her hand up higher. I heard Savanna softly sigh again as she allowed the clippers to be pushed higher and higher up the back of my head as more of my dark brown hair quickly disappeared. Realizing the consequences of my impulsive action, I could feel my heart beat quicken. However, at that precise moment, all I cared about was prolonging the erotic sensation of the clippers slowly vibrating against my head. After I let go of Savanna’s hand, the clippers continued to move higher, eventually over the crown of my head and then forward towards the front. At that point we were both deliciously, and totally, out of control! While Savanna continued to push the clippers ever so slowly through the rest of my dark brown hair, I placed my right hand in-between my spread legs, while my left hand focused on stimulating my erect nipples. The next few moments were simply a blur, with hair flying everywhere as my head continued to feel lighter and lighter. Meanwhile, I was so focused on sliding my fingers up and down my wet pussy lips, and pinching my erect nipples, I wasn’t even aware that Savanna had finally switched off the clippers and was now standing in front of me while watching me masturbate.  

“Oh my God, Marlene,” Savanna exclaimed, “You look so incredibly beautiful, and outrageously sexy with no hair!”

As I stood still in front of her, Savanna reached out for my head with both hands as we embraced. While we continued to explore each other’s sensuous lips, Savanna’s hands slowly caressed my practically bald head. The sensation of having no hair on my head was so uniquely different from anything else I had ever experienced. And, oddly enough, I found the sensation intoxicatingly erotic! And from the genuinely excited, almost envious, look on Savanna’s face … she was having a similar erotic reaction. So much so, in fact, that she quickly suggested that we go back into the house and properly finish our haircutting adventure. 

Once we were in her spacious bathroom, Savanna began to run a warm bath, while I more closely inspected my new semi-hairless look in the bathroom mirrors. Beside the obvious fact that I had virtually no hair on my head, I noticed two other dramatic differences. First, without the pleasant distraction of my long hair, the visual impact was that now my eyes were now focused exclusively on my face, not my hair. And second, my green eyes stood out like they never had before! Oh my.

Soon our bath was ready, and after Savanna quickly removed my choker and restraints, we slowly lowered our naked bodies down into the bubbly, warm water. As I leaned back under the warm water, I immediately felt the relaxing pressure of water jets against my back. Next, I watched intently as Savanna reached for a container of shaving foam and squirted some into the palm of her hand. Then she reached up towards my head and began to sensuously massage the warm shaving foam over my entire head. Once she was finished, I surprised Savanna by seductively placing the nearby razor in her hand as I smiled mischievously.

“Hold still,” Savanna warned, as she took the razor out of my hand, “I’ve never shaved anyone’s head before … and I don’t want to make a mistake and nick you.”
Then very slowly, as I held perfectly still, Savanna began to very carefully shave away the 1/8” of dark brown hair that the blades of the clippers left behind on my head. Up until that moment, I thought that having my pussy shaved bald and then stimulated by another woman until I actually squirted were the two most erotic sensations that I had ever experienced in my life. That was until I felt Savanna begin to sensuously glide a razor over my head covered in warm shaving foam! It was such an inexplicable combination of sensuous tactile pleasure and insatiable erotic desire. With each stroke of the razor, more and more of my bare scalp was being slowly revealed as my breathing quickened with anticipation. A few moments later, I was truly, and completely, bald!  Next, and much to my delight, Savanna quickly applied another thick layer of shaving foam and then slowly repeated the entire process. After she was finished with the razor, Savanna wet a soft wash cloth and then proceeded to gently rinse any excess shaving foam off my bald head. After we stepped out of the bath and dried each other off, we
took turns massaging lightly scented body oil all over each other’s bodies … including my freshly shaved head! Even in the dimmed lighting in the bathroom, our naked bodies glistened from the effect of the oil. 

A moment later, Savanna briefly disappeared into the kitchen to fix us another drink as I walked back out onto the deck to cool off in the refreshing late evening breeze. As I braced myself against the deck railing, the soft breeze gently caressed my smooth head while I enjoyed all the new, exciting sensations. I didn’t even notice Savanna silently walk up behind me, until she slipped another drink in my hand and parted my lips with a passionate kiss. As I slowly turned towards her, Savanna quickly lowered her soft, moist lips to one of my erect nipples.

“Savanna,” I softly whispered in her ear, “Whatever am I going to do with you?”

“I guess … just about anything you want,” she softly whispered back, as she turned and slowly walked back inside. 
After taking another quick drink, I followed Savanna through her living room and into her candle lit bedroom. As I walked through the doorway, I was greeted by the sight of Savanna seductively lying naked in the middle of her four poster bed.

The next morning I took these two absolutely perfect pictures of Savanna while she was still in bed. 

Savanna   Savanna

She was a very cooperative model … even though she constantly complained that her hair was a mess.    

To be continued … (Birthday Party later that night)

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