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(This is a Fiction story imagined to be happening at Chennai, India. Some Tamil language translations has been added)

Sindhu is 27 years old, who possess richest assets to envy ladies of that age.Yes she had a thick and beautiful hair up to her butt. She always put braid and more over buns it tightly to hide her beauty when she is at work or at hostel. Since hostel 
is full of ladies posing different types of hair. She could be envied about her hair and its growth. Even her Roomate Vani would ve not seen her with loose hair very often.

She usually dont dry her hair or comb it public and she used to leave to office early and come back lately. At weekends she would never stay at her room, if at all
she will lodge herself inside. Sindhu dont have any boy friends even at this age she could get many for her complexion and body shape. 
But her interest is dumb and does not have and guys at her mind. Her only pass time is that going to beauty parlour at weekends
Where she would meet her beautician Rani. Only her dear friend is Rani and she knows her secret if any. Rani runs a beauty parlour 5 km away from Sindhu's hostel. 
They would chat and she does give her some petty works attending customers at weekend where she would be paid for it too.

It is a vacation time and Vani was planning to leave for her native.It was an unusual long weekend but Sindhu did never visited her home where she does not have any parents to. Only her 
widow step aunt is her relation but eventhough and she would not entertain her visiting often.
Vani packaged her things for the vacation, While Sindhu and Vani were chatting, Vani told the purpose of her visit. Vani was getting proposals for wedding and Sindhu 
knows about it. But Vani's proposal broke thrice for unusual reasons. Her mother consulted an astrologer and he told that her horoscope indicating there are some unfulfilled vows 
of her was pending and she has to fulfil it immedietely. Her mom recognized that she had forgot about a vow and told that once Vani and her brother were badly ill and her mom vowed a family 
head tonsure if she is recovered Since her grand father passed away at those time it was forgot forever. Hearing this Vani was shocked. So did our Sindhu.
"So what have you decided finally Vani"
"What else that going for it?" replied Vani
Sindhu felt like something churning her belly
Vani told"Yes Sindhu, I made up my mind for a head shave"
WOW no! how much length of Mane you have? Why dont you cut strands and offer it Vani?
"Hey! It's a vow dear there should be no mischeif with it"
I am doing it for my mom Sindhu! She will be relieved "
Sindhu! Have you ever shaved your head?
NO! No! I can't even thik about it. Sindhu immediately refuted.
So Vani started and they bid a bye"Ok bye Vani! Next time I will call you Egg head"
Both laughed happily and Vani left for her native.

That night Sindhu was left alone the question buzzed head ears continously which sleep properly. She has never crossed the term before. 
Shaving Vani's head was running in her imagination and driving her mad. Vani is not lower rank when compared to Sindhu's hair. She can have extra credit may be. 
How she could dare to lose her vanity. Sindhu turned the lights on and went before the mirror. She stared at her face and looked at her hair. She removed her bun and let it loose free. 
She had combed Vani's hair before even trimmed it. Sindhu took her comb and started to brush her hair. 
She was well trained to remove tangles and maintained her mane well enough to seduce any one who see them. Sindhu took a pale color towel and wrapped her 
hair nicely so that no hair is visible. Wow unbelievable she looked awesome. It looked different yet it was still beautiful. She slept that night with dreams which turned her on. 

Next morning she called her friend Rani to meet her since it was holiday on acount of vacation. Rani said she is always welcome since there are lot of customers to attend
also her assistance is needed. Sindhu happily accepted and went to her place.

Rani wat put into bad situation since accepting lot of appointments that week with her local customers since it is a vacation and long weekends with lot of manicure, 
facial and trims and hair cuts. Since she did not deploy assistants for her shop it was difficult to manage. Hearing Sindhu would come this week for help she was relieved from tension.
That Thrusday was a holiday Sindhu arrived pretty early to Rani's parolur and customers are queued up since she never expected. 
Rani got many customers recently since a Gated community was constructed and there were a lot of regular customers added to her list these days.

Sindhu was immediately deployed to assist. That was a busy day for them. At lunch break Rani asked Sindhu about the current affairs. Sinchu was a bit hesitant but 
slowly opened her heart. Rani was confused but she told we can talk about it later.

Late evening Rani asked Sindhu to stay with her since her elder sister and mom who were living with her left for their native and she will be best to accompany.
Sindhu told its not a problem she also had a same feeling. Rani had a scooty and Sindhu told she wil drive today. Both of them drove to a nearby hotel and 
ordered some dinner for the night. Rani slowly started the chat and asked what was the experience about the one were talking in the afternoon.. Sindhu started hesitantly but told the story of Vani. 
and explained the howld story.Rani was surprised, but she did not greatly reacted to the matter. Rani told that its obvious that a girl like Vani with a beautiful hair 
would be a difficult situation. She appreciated her guts and her affection towards her family. They finished their dinner and went home.

While at night both of them laid down to sleep Rani had a thought about the topic, why Sindhu was very peculiar about the topic and she could notice she was hesitant, 
shytowards discussing this topic. Of course Rani did not react though she was also turned on a bit hearing head shaving. Rani seldom got some customers but
aged ladies or kids she feeble remembered came for a head shave. She has done few little girls who had lice problems, but never got a real chance to headshave.
They slept due to exhausted work.
It was Friday, and the customer in India would be assuming never come for the beauty parlour since they feel auspicious to cut hairs or do beautification.
But it was totally a myth busted and it was flooded with customers. Seeing this Both Rani and Sindhu were happy and it was a big loot to them. 
Sindhu planned to buy some equipmentssince it will be handy in help to Rani.
Rani immediately accepted the idea and went to the supermarket to purchase the materials. Sindhu accompanied her and they browsed through the entire mall to purchase which ever
needed. Sindhu crossed to see a new set of clippers set. It was medium size with attractive pink in color. Rani was also pleased to see but it was pretty costly.
Sindhu told never mind to go ahead and buy it. She told she dont want the share and it is better to invest.

The time they returned to parlour, a lady and her daughter came to their parlour. She was pretty chubby and the girl was in early teens. Her mom told that they both need haircut.
Rani was happy and told they are at her service. 
Tell me madam, how could I help you?
Her mom immedetely told Rani that they want short mushro
om cuts.
Rani examined her and told "Madam you will not look good with mushroom cut, you can get a bob, but your daughter is a perfect match to it.
"OK then give her the shortest cut!"
The girl opened her mouth to say something but her mom snapped it out sharply. Even Rani and Sindhu were bit afraid of her mom's behaviour.
She turned to Rani and asked her to trim her hair. Rani asked to take over the chair and she caped her. She combed her mid length hair and sparyed water
She took her scissors and started cutting her split ends. She gave her nice u line and cut bangs. Within ten minutes her mom looked better with trimmed cut.
Next Rani asked her daughter to sit. Her mom asked how much for their cuts. She charged her nominally. Her mom paid her and told "Priya, be obidient and get your mop
cleaned up and I will go to mall for shopping and you can come straight to home. Take care dear" BE OBIDIENT". Her mom went away.

Once she left Rani started to ready her. She asked the girl's name. She replied Priya.
Ok Priya please make yourself comfortable. Your mom told it should be as much as boy cut. I am not sure why, but are you ok for it?
Priya started to cry and told she is not willing but she has no other go. Rani was surprised but she could not help it out. She turned to Sindhu and she came for help.
Sindhu consoled her and asked about the background. Priya was going for higher studies and she has to prepare for exams. Since her mom is a college professor 
she was keenly monitoring about her academics. Priya has failed for +2 High school since she concentrated in a cultural activities at the time of exams.
This made her parents irritated and they considered academics is more important that other activities. They strongly believed that beautification is the strong reason of Priya getting failed.
since she is concentrating much on maintaing hair and wasting her study time.
In spite of several arguments, Priya lost her battle. Her mom has decided to cut Priya's hair that evening and now she is in the barber chair.

Sindhu undid her bun and awe struck. Huge mane of jet black hair with super condition. No wonder why her mom asked her to cut it she thought herself.
Rani got her things set up. She caped her and combed her nicely. She asked Sindhu would cut her hair. Sindhu was happy for some reasons  she told no. Since she don't know how to short cut.
When Rani was about to start she got a call from her landlord. She asked Sindhu to comb and prepare her for the cut and went to attend the call.

Sindhu meanwhile aske about her whereabouts and tried to be very friendly which worked out nicely. Priya immediately started liking her and felt relaxed.
Rani beckoned her out. When she came out of her room, Sindhu told that her landlord's wife called her immedetely for her friend's bridal make up since 
whoever engaged for it was not coming.Rani could not reject her call and should go. She asked Sindhu to cut Priya. 
Sindhu was perplexed and told how could I cut? since I don't know how to do short haircut.
Rani explained how to cut and told use the clippers with guards. With that she can cut her hair decently. 
No matter how short it is since her mom asked to cut Priya's hair as much short as possible. Once Rani left Sindhu came back and told Priya that she is going to cut her hair.
Priya was very happy that she was bit afraid of Rani. Now Sindhu got a plan. She told Priya that massaging her head will make her comfortable and it will remove 
the tangles neatly.Priya agreed happily. She took some water and started to sprinkle her head and started to massage. Priya felt the much relaxed and asked 
her to do it more.Sindhu slowly asked her a Question 
"Priya can I ask you something?"
tell me Sindhu. 
Are you okay for any type of cut?
I can't get you akka(elder sister)?
Since you should get a short cut, how far you expect it would be?
To any extent. I know I am going to be sheared.
Do you want to try goin beyond it?
unakku mottai poatta nalla irukkum. Nee Mottai adichikiriya? (I mean your face will be perfect with bald head, do you want to try it?)

What? She cocked her head. No why?
How about trying it now?

Enakku mottai poda poringala? (Do you want to me to shave my head?)

Sindhu carefully played. It's your wish, but for the cut your mom advised will be no different to shave it totally.
Priya dint speak for some time.
Sindhu became concerned, she thought if it is not a good question to ask. Her hands continued to massage.
Suddenly Priya asked her. Will I look nice with bald head? she asked Sindhu with her wide eyes opened even more wider.
I am damn sure that you will.

Priya smiled and said "Nan ready mottai adinga akka (Ok I am ready sister. Shave my head neat and bald)

Sindhu was so happy inside than ever. She found something lighter and happier feeling inside. So this is what she was expecting. She is fetish towards bald.
Sindhu did nto waste time anymore. She took the new set of clippers. But suddenly she realized she wetted Priya's hair with lots of water.
She changed the plan now and smiled at Priya. 
Priya I have planned to shave you with Clippers, but now you are wet and the new clipper could not do it..
Priya got nervous."So what is your plan?" she asked nervously.
She rummaged the bag they purchased the items that morning. She found the new pack with a pink color straight razor and set of blades.
She opened the pack and checked the straight razor condition. She took a blade and broke it in to half and loaded it into the razor.
She gave the razor to priya to examine it. "Have a look at your new styling tool" Sindhu wincked her eye.
Priya touched it with a shivering hands. She started to cry. Sindhu became concerned fi she will change her mind. But luckily she did not.
Sindhu now positioned Priya's head and bend her head towards her chest. She took a comb and parted her hair to two sections leaving a middle hair line.
She gathered her loose hair and tied them both sided with an band and made a loose pony tails.
Now she positioned her razor on the crown and slowly moved the razor down. A bald patch got revealed and Sindhu was in extacy. She could not imagine how
is she feeling at that point. Priya was shivering due to the A/C, so do Sindhu's hands trembled since its a first time shaving a client.
Sindhu progressed side ways and she shaved the hair linf towards left side removed the nape, bangs and side burns to mere stubble. She slowly shaved the forehead 
and top portion of the head and the patch developed wider with stubble. Her pony tails rested in Priya's lap and Sindhi shaved her nead to get her locks removed carefully.
She took her hair and waved in front of Priya. Priya giggled and she placed the plait at the table.
She completed the left portion shaved and asked Priya to have a loook. Priya was astonished and her mouth wide opened with smile. 
You look like some model Sindhu gagged her and proceeded to the right portion.Within ten minutes Priya was completely bald.
Priya rubbed her hands and started to giggle. She was she would look ugly but she turned out to be more sexier than before. Priya I bet you will get a lot of boyfriend requests you see! mocked Sindhu. 
Akka please stop blabbering shyly replied Priya. Sindhu examined her head by rubbing it nicely. Just one more step for a cute cue ball she told.
Sindhu took a towel and prepared hot water. She soaked and squeezed the hot towel and wrappe
d it over Priya's bald head for a couple of minutes.
What is it for akka (elder sister) she gasped due to heat. Sindhu told it is to make the scalp softer to support another round of clean shave.
Sindhu removed the towel and applied shaving cream and brushed her head throughly to develop lather. She took the razor and started to shave reverse side
from the forehead removing the rich lather smoothly. She removed the hair stubble and bend her earlobes to remove the stray hairs which ever visible other than stubble.
She continued it over the nape down to neck and sideburns,crown. She switched the chair tilted her back to the wash basin and washed her bald head with warm water.
Sindhu made Priya to sit normally and dried her head.
Sindhu now asked Priya did she removed her airmpits hair. Priya removed her sirte and raised her arms.
Sindhu applied lather and removed them neatly. Now its a perfectly matching your head. She said.
She applied some oil and massaged her head. "Tada! now look at you Bald Priya!' exclaimed Sindhu.
Priya turned and examined her head with a glea and she was happy than before. She felt lighter than before. 
Her ears are visible from her hair and her earrings were looking gorgeous than before. 
Suddenly Priya turned to Sindhu and hugged her tightly. "Akka ipo enakku romba santhosama irukku theriyuma?."(Sister I am feeling happier now you know?)
Mottai Priya. Po enjoy pannu(Go and enjoy bald head ) She wished her. Also if you want to maintain you should come thrice in a month atleast.
Priya happily left out. Sindhu cleaned the place and she saw the lock at the desk. She preserved it in a ziplock bag and wrote "Priya goat-no.1" with a marker.

Later that evening there were no clients at all and Sindhu locked the shop and went to Rani's home. She know Rani will be surprised what she is going to show.

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