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(NB. The idea for the story in Part 1 was partly inspired by a video clip I saw online called “Highly Shaved Nape”, a short version is on YouTube if you want to watch it)

Natasha removed both of the capes covering Karen and hung them again on the hooks lining the back wall of the salon. Released from the satin prison of the capes Karen remained seated in the chair, her gaze fixed on her reflection in the mirror still trying to take in her new image and the radical change which had just been forced upon her. She slowly raised one hand and moved to feel for herself the devastation that had been inflicted on her hair. Starting at the base of her neck she slowly raised her fingers desperately hoping to feel hair. But as her fingers climbed higher up the back of her head all she could feel was freshly shaved skin. Only as her fingers reached level with the very tops of her eyes did they meet any hair.

“And I will be re-shaving the back of your head every morning” a stern voice instructed, “Now get up and start sweeping up all of this hair. When you’ve done that I want you to polish everywhere in the salon“.

Standing nervously from the barber’s chair Karen started to walk over to where her clothes had been placed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Natasha barked at her.

Karen was confused, “I was just going to….” She pleaded.

“Stay in just your bra and panties while you clean up”.

Self-conscious of her near nakedness Karen started to slowly clear the hair – her hair – from the floor of the salon. Seeing just so much of her hair had been cut off somehow made the impact of the radical re-style even harder for Karen to bear. She worked quickly as she was aware that her new found – was mistress the right word? – was watching her closely to make sure that she did the job properly. Once all the hair had been cleared away, she took the polish and cloth that Natasha had indicated with a sweep of her hand, and began to vigorously polish every surface in the salon.

After about forty minutes Karen was sure that every part of the salon now shone in the bright lights. She turned to look at Natasha for some sign of approval and an indication that her work was finished. Natasha ran her eyes around the room and then pointed to a small door in the corner of the salon that Karen hadn’t noticed before.

“In there – now!”

Karen shuffled towards the door, unsure of what lay behind it and what was to happen next. Opening the door cautiously she found a surprisingly large room. In one corner the décor clearly indicated it was used as a sort of bathroom. White tiles ran from floor to ceiling and a shower was fixed to one wall. In the middle of the room was a single bed and next to it a small chest of drawers. Against the wall opposite was a large wardrobe.

Karen heard the door closed behind her.


Karen slowly removed her plain white bra and panties and let them drop to the floor.

“Step into the shower my pet” Natasha instructed.

Karen walked into the shower cubicle and stood there trying to cover her now naked body as best as she could.

“Hands behind your head”

She folded her hands behind her head as Natasha walked over to her and began to inspect every blushing inch of her body. Natasha walked over to the chest of drawers and removed a number of items from it. She walked back over to her very self-conscious captive and handed her three disposable razors and a canister of shaving gel.

“Shave every part of your body below your neck and make sure that you make a good job of it. If I find a single hair there will be a high price to pay” she threatened.

Taking the razor and the gel Karen began to do as instructed. Although she usually shaved her legs regularly, to apply a razor to other more intimate parts of her body was a completely new experience for her. The process was made even more embarrassing as Natasha had taken a seat on the small bed and was watching her closely. After twenty minutes of careful work with the razor Karen felt a new level of nakedness.

Natasha now walked over to her and began to run her fingers across the newly shaved skin checking for any hairs missed by the razor. Karen tried hard not to react to her touch but she could do nothing to stop the tingles running up and down her spine as her body was subjected to this very personal examination.

Karen straightened, “Mmmm, not a bad job I’ll let it pass this time, now wash – thoroughly”.

Natasha walked back over to the bed to resume her prime position for this personal display by her new pet. Karen turned on the shower and began to wash her body, surprised at how it felt so different now that her skin had been closely shaved. As she soaped her body she couldn’t help repeatedly glancing over to where Natasha sat engrossed in watching her wash her body. Having washed thoroughly all over Karen went to begin washing her hair.

“Stop! Anything to do with your hair I will take care of. Now turn off the shower, dry yourself and then use the body spray on top of the chest of drawers”.

Karen stepped out of the shower and rubbed her body briskly with the towel that had been laid out. Once dry she walked to the drawers and then liberally sprayed her body with the feminine floral scent that she found on top of the drawers. Natasha pointed to a spot in the middle of the room and indicated that Karen should stand there.

“Now” she said, “From this point forward I will be in charge of not only your hair but also how you dress. As my new pet you need to look the part and I have some clothes but we will be expanding your wardrobe – at your expense of course”.

Natasha opened the middle drawer and took out a pink lace bra, a matching thong and a suspender belt. Next to these items she placed a pair of black silk stockings.

“Put it on” she said.

Karen picked up the thong and reluctantly slid the garment up her legs. She was much more used to wearing fuller-fitting panties and she was uncomfortable at how exposed the thong left her feeling.  She slipped into the matching bra and then secured the suspender belt around her waist. She sat down on the edge of the bed to put on the stockings. After smoothing the stockings up her legs she stood up and struggled to attach the garters of the suspender belt. It took several attempts before the garters were securely attached. Having put on the outfit which had been laid out for her she stood and faced Natasha.

“Much better” Natasha informed her, “From now on you will always wear stockings and suspenders as your standard clothes my pet”.


Natasha walked over to the large wardrobe and retrieved a pink silk short-sleeved blouse and handed it to Karen. She quickly dressed in the sheer garment and was shocked at how the fabric clung to her body and how low the neckline dipped displaying the upper slope of her still firm breasts.

“Now put this skirt on” Natasha instructed.

Karen looked with some trepidation at the abbreviated garment that was being held out for her. It was made of shiny black leather but it looked so short. Karen stepped into the skirt and closed the zip. It was cut so short that the hem of the skirt only just about covered her new thong. It was designed with pleats so that just the slight
est movement and it swirled around her thighs. She quickly dropped her arms to the sides of her body in a vain attempt to hold the skirt down and make it stay in place and cover her body.

“Turn around” Natasha barked.

Reluctantly Karen did as she was told and began to pirouette slowly, her cheeks reddening as she felt the skirt beginning to lift.

Natasha smiled, “Perfect. From now on you will only skirts or dresses. All of these will be mini-length at most and most of them shorter. Now – time for your shoes”

She walked back to the wardrobe and reached down to a rack of shoes along the floor of the wardrobe. After some thought she selected a pair of black patent leather shoes with a 4 inch heel and handed them to Karen. Knowing what she was supposed to do Karen sat on the edge of the bed and slipped her feet into the unfamiliar footwear. She stood up somewhat shakily as she tried to get used to the higher heels and the effect that the increase in heel height had upon her whole posture. She slowly started to walk up and down the room under the watchful eye of Natasha.

“I think you have some practice to do in your new heels my pet, but for now go back into the salon”

Nervously Karen walked back into the salon and headed towards the barber’s chair again.

“No need to look so nervous, it’s time for your make-up”.

Over the next forty minutes Natasha demonstrated her skill in the application of cosmetics. Karen sat in silence watching how her normal plain face was transformed. It wasn’t so much that the amount of make-up was heavy, but that it was so thoughtfully applied to accent all of her best features and minimise any slight imperfections. Natasha paused and stepped back to look at the results of her work.

“That’s better. Now, you have a decision to make, to choose either option 1 or option 2. Option 1 is you go back to your old boring and dull life and spend the rest of your life wondering what if. Option 2 is that this is your new life as my pet. You resign from your job at the bank tomorrow, terminate the lease on your house, move into the other room and work full-time in my salon. You hand over your life – totally – to me. I control everything that you do, everything that you wear, and I have absolute control over your hair. You have 2 minutes to decide – oh, and no questions”.

Natasha walked back into the other room to let Karen mull over the proposition that had just been to her. She was still partly in shock at the changes made to her hair and indeed her whole image. Every part of her was saying run away as fast as you can. But a part of her wanted this – the loss of control, giving up any say in her life, handing over her life to another. She also could not hide the feelings of – what was it – love, that she felt for this young dominant woman. Her thoughts were interrupted by the return of Natasha.

“Well”, Natasha demanded, “Is it yes or no?”

In a quiet voice Karen murmured just one word, “Yes”

Natasha smiled, “Good. Tomorrow you will resign from your job at the bank and put your house up for sale. You will also take all of your old clothes to a second-hand clothes store. You will then return here for 10am at the latest so that I can re-shave the back of your head and to start your new job”.

Karen simply nodded realising that there no point in attempting to argue now that she had handed over her life into the hands of Natasha. She stood up from the barber’s chair and came face to face with her owner. Natasha took her face in both of her hands and kissed her new pet softly on her newly painted lips. Natasha continued to kiss her new property as her hands slowly dropped down began to stroke her soft thighs. Karen tensed as she felt those hands on her legs and they began to slide upwards along the silk stockings. Natasha’s hands moved higher disappearing under the short leather skirt that Karen now wore.

Natasha lifted her face away and looked deeply into Karen’s eyes, “Now go and do exactly what you’ve been told to and then return here”.

Karen nodded and left quietly. She walked quickly to her car and sat for a moment in the driver’s seat. Her mind was a whirl of emotions. She couldn’t stop raising her hand again to the back of her head and again feeling shocked at just how much of her hair had been shaved away. She shifted uneasily in the seat unaccustomed to wearing such a short skirt and to that feeling of almost nakedness underneath the skirt.

With a sigh Karen started the engine and drove back to her house. She tottered through the front door, still somewhat unsteady on the 4 inch heels that she now wore.  Entering her bedroom she began opening the drawers containing most of her clothes and began to empty them onto the floor. Once all the drawers were empty she then moved to her wardrobe and repeated the process. She stood for a moment gazing at the pile of clothes and noticed, perhaps for the first time, just how dull they were. But at the same time they also provided security for her, a protection against any sort of change or anything too drastic or outrageous.

She placed the clothes in several large plastic bags and stored them in the back of her car for transporting to a store tomorrow. She then booted up her laptop and wrote a brief letter to the bank tendering her resignation, and a second letter to her landlord terminating the lease on her house. After printing off the letters she sealed them each in an envelope and attached a stamp to the envelope ready for posting in the morning. Realising how tired she was after the traumatic events of the day Karen decided to turn in early to ready herself for the start of her new life.

The ringing of the alarm clock roused Karen from her dreams and reminded her that today was the beginning of her new way of life. She hurried to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. Again she was surprised at how different the water felt on her body as it rained down on her shaved skin. After washing thoroughly all over she stepped out of the cubicle and dried herself before applying more of the body spray that she had been given yesterday.

With a mixture of pleasure and anxiety she dressed in the set of clothes given to her by Karen. Once more she struggled attaching the garter straps to her stockings. The pink silk underwear was followed by the blouse and the tiny black pleated skirt. The skirt seemed almost to have a life of its own as it swirled around her thighs thanks to its pleated design. She tried to smooth the skirt down desperately trying to increase its length even by a small amount but to little effect. She completed the outfit with the 4 inch heels and stood still somewhat shakily.

Karen looked around her house for the last time and then left. She drove quickly to Natasha’s salon, stopping only to drop off the two letters she had typed the previous evening. Parking her car in the same spot she walked nervously towards the door of the salon. She climbed the narrow staircase once more and tapped on the door of the salon gently. She waiting for an answer but, hearing nothing, she pushed open the door.

“I’m glad to see that you are punctual – now sit in the chair”

With an air of resignation she walked over to the imposing black and chrome chair and sat uneasily in it. Her mini skirt rose even higher as she sat down exposing yet more of her legs. Natasha bent down and gently kissed the back of Karen’s head.

“Mm, looks like someone needs a shave already” Natasha purred, “Do you want me to shav
e the back of your head?”

Karen remained silent, not sure if this was a joke.

“Well, I asked you a question”.

Karen paused and then nervously whispered, “Please shave the back of my head”

“That’s better my pet and yes, of course I will” she laughed.

Natasha retrieved the heavy pink cape and with a flourish covered Karen’s seated form once more. She fastened the metal buckle tightly at the back of her neck to secure the cape. Karen was surprised to see her new mistress walk into the back room and then return carrying the canister of shaving gel. Natasha squirted a small amount of gel into her hand and then began to work the gel into the skin on the back of her Karen’s head and create a smooth lather.

Natasha smiled as she prepared the scalp for shaving. Although shaving with an electric razor was quite effective, she loved the heavy symbolism around shaving the hair on someone’s head with a razor. There was something about the sensation of hard metal scraping across the scalp and stripping away every last possible remains of hair. Natasha also loved the way the way in which a razor left the skin so sensitive. But most of all she enjoyed watching effect that shaving with a razor had on her pets and her customers. The submissive gesture of dropping the head forward, the placing of a firm hand upon their heads forcing their head further head, the rasping sound as the keen blade stripped away the hair – it was almost a case of sensory overload.


Natasha picked up the small box on the shelf in front of the barber’s chair and opened it slowly and took out the old fashioned cut-throat razor. She deliberately held it out in front of Karen so that the woman would be left in no doubt what was to happen next.

“Head down” she instructed.

Karen meekly dipped her head down until her chin was resting upon the silk cape.

“Keep still – I’d hate to cut you”.

The dominant stylist began to scrape the blade of the razor through the white lather. She worked slowly and with concentration. She could feel the tenseness in Karen’s body as her new pet struggled to remain absolutely still. Five minutes of expert razor work later and the inversion of Karen’s bob was returned once more to its proper clean shaven state. Natasha wiped the shaved skin with a tissue and then inspected her handiwork more closely. With a frown on her face she took a step back.

“Head up”

Karen raised her head and she was puzzled to see Natasha walking around her scrutinising her hairstyle.

“I think the invert needs to go higher my pet”

Karen started to protest but a stern glance from Natasha silenced her immediately. Knowing it was part of her new role to accept this, and every other decision made, she obediently bent her head forward again, this time without even being asked. Natasha smiled with approval.

“Good girl” she commented.

She selected a pair of scissors and a comb from one of the trolleys and started to carefully comb down the back of the bob. With concentration all over her face she began to cut a new blunt line. It was time to teach her new pet a harsher lesson she thought to herself. She had originally intended to lift the line only 1 inch higher, but now she felt, no she wanted, to take the line clear up to the crown of Karen’s head. Pressing her scissors firmly against the scalp she carefully snipped then re-cut the new higher line up to the crown of Karen’s head.

Karen felt the tears starting to fill her eyes as she felt the scissors once more doing their work on the back of her head. She dared not to even begin to think about just how much higher the inverted bob was being cut. Small pieces of hair were raining down onto the cape with each audible snip of the scissors.

After several minutes cutting Natasha put down her scissors and stood back again to re-appraise her work. The extra 2 inches made all the difference and helped to heighten the steepness of the line of the bob. She picked up the shaving gel once more and applied a small amount to the new bared skin.

“Nearly done my pet – it looks amazing” she taunted.

After wiping her hands on a small towel Natasha picked up the razor again and began to shave away the small strip of skin now covered in shaving foam. She first shaved with the direction of hair growth and then against the grain. This way the shave was as close as possible. She checked with her fingers that the scalp was completely smooth and then wiped away any remnants of shaving foam.

“Head up. Are you ready to see your new style?” she asked.

Karen nodded, although looking at what new damage had been done to her hair was precisely the exact opposite of what she wanted to do. Natasha picked up the hand-held mirror and now stood behind Karen. She slowly turned the mirror around to show the woman the new higher inverted bob. Karen gasped as she took in the new higher line which had been cut and then shaved into the back of her hair.

Natasha put down the mirror and then untied the cape pink cape which covered her new pet. Having hung it once more at the back of the salon she walked back towards the barber’s chair.

“Stand up – you’re ready for work”. 

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