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1 Day

Our Reader Score [Total: 40   Average: 3/5]When June and I started dating, my hair was quite long. I had grown it out over the winter, and while it served its purpose of keeping my head warm, I started to tire of its weight and the amount of...
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Our Reader Score [Total: 10   Average: 3.4/5]Doug and Gabrielle met at a White Hen Pantry, and from the moment their eyes met, they knew they were meant for each other. Both had their hair cut short, and to the same length, about an inch long. Both were...
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Hard To Curl

Our Reader Score [Total: 7   Average: 3.4/5]My wife was getting ready for a evening out on the town when she complained that her hair was hard to curl, and that she wished she had got it cut. Well I tried to help her out with the curling...
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