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Our Reader Score [Total: 15   Average: 3.4/5]Jack could barely contain his excitement as he held her long blond tresses with his left hand and the shears with his right. He was overwhelmed with conflicting emotions – fear, exhilaration, sexual excitement and insecurity among them. This was a...
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The Innocent Haircut

Our Reader Score [Total: 12   Average: 1.9/5]One night as two friends were going to meet. One of the friends was named Amy and the other was named Marie. Well Marie was going to pickup Amy. Amy was a pretty girl with long butt long hair that was...
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1 Day

Our Reader Score [Total: 40   Average: 3/5]When June and I started dating, my hair was quite long. I had grown it out over the winter, and while it served its purpose of keeping my head warm, I started to tire of its weight and the amount of...
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