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     Jalice woke early on Saturday morning and stared down out of the bedroom window at the people wandering around on the wet sidewalk.  She noticed the procession of umbrellas used as shields against the wind and rain, and she thought about her appointment later in the morning.
     She walked naked to the bathroom and showered.  As she carressed her body with the large fluffy towel to dry, she noticed her long hair dangling down onto her flexed knee and she took a moment to consider what she was about to do.  With her fingers she gathered the ends of a few strands into the palm of her hand and stared intently.  She had always had long, beautiful hair.  She was accustomed to people complimenting her on the deep waves and vibrant color.  She had always found comfort in hiding behind a sea of flowing hair, and all that was about to change.
     Jalice finished grooming and got her things together.  She picked up her small purse and headed out into the street to a waiting taxi.  She rode quietly across town as the crackle of the radio filled the confined space in the backseat, and she was relieved when she opened the car door and got out at her destination.
     The bell above the door announced her arrival at her friend’s salon.  She stared around the shop with the mirrored walls reflecting every square inch of the styling area.  Her friend peeped through the curtained doorway toward the back and called to her.  Rianne was a tall, slender woman with heart-shaped face and big, round eyes.  She had sharp cheekbones and an even sharper wit.  She made her living cutting hair and dispensing wisdom at her own exclusive salon on the other side of town from Jalice’s apartment.  They had become friends when Rianne had moved from London and taken the apartment across the hall.  Their friendship had spanned seven years, three serious boyfriends and two girlfriends between them, the death of Jalice’s pet cat, the opening of Rianne’s salon and move uptown, and various other “life things,” as Rianne aptly referred to the events.
     “Hey you,” Rianne greeted her.  “So you are actually going to go through with it.  I am surprised.  Come on, luv, and have a seat back here in my chair.”  Rianne’s cheery voice filled the area with a light English accent, and she patted on the back of a chair in the far corner.
      “Hey Ri,” Jalice answered as she walked over to take the offered seat.
     “Soooo,” Rianne said as she glanced at the front door.  “Where’s your escort, luv?  He didn’t want to watch?  I thought he kept you on a pretty close leash.”  She grinned as she kidded her friend.  “I luv a good word play in the mornin,'” she said as she pushed her glasses back into place on the bridge of her narrow nose.
     Jalice chuckled and said, “Nah, I’m supposed to meet him later.  After you get finished with me.”
     Jalice set her purse on the station in front of her and looked up at the mirror.  She smiled at her reflection and then at her friend in the glass.
     “So, are ya going for the scissors, the clippers, or the razor, luv?”
     “Well, he says that a sub shouldn’t be hindered by vanity.  He also says that he understands that this is going to be new to me, so I guess a combination of the clippers and scissors,”  Jalice said as she pondered what her Dom would want from her.  “He said a bob or a boy cut.  What do you think?”
     “I’m gettin’ wet just thinking abou’ it Lee.  C’mere and let me fondle your locks, luv.  Don’t be worried.  You’re gonna be the cutest sub in chains,” Rianne said as she winked suggestively.  “Um, did you want to take off that nice blouse or were you wantin’ a cover up?”
     Jalice blushed and giggled as she said, “Since I still don’t have permission to play with you, I should probably just go for the smock.  Thank you very much.”  She settled into the chair and exhaled deeply.  She thought about her Dom and how much she wanted to please him.  She thought about the last seven months.  She had never felt more cared for or prized.  He had been gracious to her and patient with her as she learned what he expected of her.  She had responded well to him and he had taken her as his property as they developed their relationship.
     Rianne got everything she needed from various drawers and cubby holes in the counter and smiled when she handed the smock to Jalice.  Jalice smoothed the plastic over her and waited patiently while Rianne tested the clippers and scissors.  Rianne turned the chair around and gathered Jalice’s hair up into a ponytail in her hand and secured it with a rubberband.
     “Now, you’re sure abou’ this, right?  Once I cut this, it’s gone,” Rianne checked with her obviously anxious friend
 ”Yep, I’m as sure as I’ve ever been about anything,” she answered.  As soon as she responded, she heard the snip of the scissors and felt the weight on her head lighten.  Soft tendrils fell into her eyes as the strands were released from Rianne’s capable fingers.  She marvelled at the ends of her hair dangling in front of her eyes and Rianne joked.
     “Look at this, luv.  You had enough hair on your scalp to make a horse’s tail.  That’s far too much for just a pony,” she said as she waved it around in the air by the rubberband.  “There’s enough hair here for a couple of nice wigs.  Do you mind if I keep it, luv?”
     “As long as you aren’t making voodoo dolls with it, go ahead.”
     “Oh no, luv.  If anything, I’ll put it on a doll and fanatasize while I run my tongue around in it’s mouth.”  Rianne grinned and batted her eyelashes.  “You won’t play along so I have to do something.”
    “Oh my gosh,” Jalice gasped as her cheeks turned bright red.  “Just finish the cut,” she said as she laughed at her friend’s humor.
     Rianne laid the detached hair on the counter and went to work with the scissors.  She shaped and layered until she had left two inch curls on the top and sides of Jalice’s head.  With the clippers, Rianne sheared the back into a makeshit crew cut about halfway up her head.  When she finished trimming and styling, she handed Jalice a mirror.
     “Oh my, luv.  I may have to do you m’self.  I told you that you’d be the cutest sub, and you are.  It’s very submissive looking if there is such a thing,” Rianne commented.
     Jalice held up the mirror and looked.  Her friend was right.  She did look like a submissive.  She was amazed at the transformation.  She final
ly looked like his property.  She was sexy and sheared.  She hoped her Dom would be happy with the results.  She was excited for his opinion on her new look and she hoped her dedication to him was visible.
     “You did a fantastic job.  It looks so good.  I look so different.  I can’t believe it,” Jalice raved.  “You have to let me pay you this time Ri.”
     “You do look good.  I’ll tell ya what.  When you see your Dom, you ask him if you can give me a kiss with those soft lips and we’ll call it even, luv.  I want more than that but I’ll settle for now,” Rianne bargained.
     “Deal,” Jalice exclaimed as she noticed the time and jumped from the chair.  “I have to go or I’ll be late.  Late is not okay.”  
     Jalice hurried out and quickly hailed a taxi.  Rianne swept the floor as her giddy friend rode away, and opened the shop for the day.

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