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My girlfriend and I had been going out for some time; we have been putting off marriage until things are better financially. She had been married before, and was in no hurry to tie the knot.

We were compatible in most ways, but one way that we were not was hair. She loved having Long hair, and loved long hair on men, and I was the opposite, on women, the shorter the better, and on myself, less hair was more for me. I had come home with a shaved head on more than one occasion and she about flipped. There was some resignation after a long time, but she eventually pleaded with me to grow out my hair.

I thought it was unfair that she was allowed to ask me to have long hair, and I wasn’t allowed to ask her to reciprocate by getting her hair cut.

One day in Berkeley that all changed. When we passed by a “Supercuts” franchise, my girlfriend agreed to a trim, that turned into more than a trim. Withing a few minutes I suddenly had a girlfriend with a delicious new cropped do.

We were about to leave the Beauty shop, my mind was still reeling with the suddness of all of this, when my girlfriend suddenly said “Hey, you look as though you could use a haircut yourself.”
My girlfriend had before always balked at my getting the slightest trim. It was if my world was turned upside down.

I stammered..”Really?” and she smiled with a “Cat who at the Canary Grin” and said “Yeah, you know how much I hate your long hair..I wish you would just cut it short..for me please.” okay..now I knew she had either gone crazy or was doing this on purpose, maybe as a sort of present.

“Well..okay..anything for you.”

. The Lady Barberette was very cute with super short punky spiked hair. She was a Latina beauty named Maggie. She said, Sure..let me just close up.

Maggie turned the sign to “closed” and shut the blinds. My girlfriend had a seat, staring at me with a “Shit Eating grin”

Maggie motioned to the seat where my girfriend had just sat. Her co-workers started the “Closing” procedures. I sat in the chair while she swept the ground around me for my girlfriends hairs. I was then quickly caped and the Barberette gave me a once over.

“mmmm..she tisked..it’s been a while since your last haircut,you have been a bad boy havn’t you.”

My girlfriend smiled and said “Yes,He never get’s it cut even though I beg and beg.”

My eyes must have bugged out slightly at this, because both women laughed, I just couldn’t believe my ears, the information my girlfriend was giving was completely the opposite of real life. I started to get red and the barberette smiled and said “aaaw..you’re making him blush, well..what are we going to do with him?”

“Well”..my girlfriend said..”I like the least amount of hair the best, what can you suggest, can we just leave it in your hands?” The Stylist nodded, and smiled, she pulled out some clippers and circled around me like a sleek panther.

“Well” she said, “we could do a short back and sides, or a crewcut, or a businessman’s cut, or a flat-top, or a flattop fade, or a buzzcut.”

“oooh,” my girlfriend said “that’s a hard one. I do know that he could use a good summer time cut, one that would last him a good long time.”

I was starting to squirm. it was as if my wildest dreams were coming true.

“So,you like short hair on me do you?” the barberette Maggie said.

“YES!” my girlfriend lied..”If he went bald tomorrow I would be in seventh heaven. The less hair the better on a man I always say.”

“do you hear that?” said the barberette. “Maybe I should just shave your head bald?!”

I gulped. They laughed.

“Okay,let’s get rid of some hair. I’m gonna make a new man out of you.” I was getting more turned on by the minute, I was starting to enjoy it a little too much, and the cutting hadn’t started yet.
Taking the guard off of the clippers and putting on a new one, the barberette went to town on the back and sides of my head. Hair Rained down from my head and onto my cape. It looked like an immense amount of hair, and I was happy to see it go. If she did shave me bald, I wouldn’t object. The hum of the clippers was so hypnotic,and wonderfull..I didn’t want her to stop.

“How are the sides?” she asked my girlfriend

“A little long” my girlfriend said”

“Okay,we will try and number two..and if that’s not long enough we can go shorter.”

The clippers were switched to a shorter gaurd, and they hummed with life again. The clippers went closer and closer to my scalp, and I felt them shear me and I was washed over with bliss.
Maggie looked to my girlfriend and smiled at my girlfriends look of pleasure as she rubber her own recently short neck.

“How do you like it?” she said to my newly cropped girlfriend.

“I LOVE IT!” she said with a wide beaming smile. ” I just cant wait to show all of our friends and family”

“It really suits you” maggie said. “and for this one, I think we are going to do a flattop after all. how does that grab you?” she said it to my girlfriend, not me. I was just feeling a rush or warm giddyness wash over me in waves. I was in heaven. I think my girlfriend knew it and then she upped the ante.

“I”m just going to step outside and have a smoke.” my girlfriend said. If you knew her you would think this strange. She didn’t smoke, or rarely did. She did it for me, to humor me on occasion. I didn’t even know she had a pack of ciggarettes on her. She produced a pack of Dunhills and a new lighter. She was probably going to use them later when we were drinking to humor my fetish for watching women smoke. Maggie looked at her with a grin and said “No need to go outside honey, all of the other girls are gone and I would love to bum one off of you myself.” My girlfriend smiled and opened the pack, and maggie took one from her. She put the cigarette in her mouth and my girlfriend lit it. She exhaled a cloud of smoke and said “Wow,these are good. I must get some of this brand.” my girlfriend lit a Cigarette and sat down. Maggie had produced an ash tray and went back to the task of cutting my hair with alternating drags on a cigarette. My girlfriend exhaled smileing and rubbed the nape of her shorn head. She looked to be enjoying herself.

The Flat-top comb was produced and Maggie said “Hold still”  The Comb was pressed against the top of my head and the clippers glided across it expertly. When she pulled the comb away I saw how flat and how neat it was. when whe was done I had a section in the middle that was almost bald. She took the gaurdless clippers and started around my ears. before I knew it, my sides and back were high and tight, and the little clippers were being run over most of my bare head. I had a perfect little flat top and in very little time. I was amazed at the expert work that maggie had done. She deserved to have a salon of her own.

My girfriend exhaled a plume of smoke and said “Damn, you do great work. I love it!”

my girlfriend walked over to me and ran a hand over my flat hairdo. “It’s great honey, I especially love the bald sides.”

“Oh,I’m not done.” said maggie. “This is something I’m not allowed to do, and I only do this for friends. My heart lept as she produced a can of shaving cream and a mach III razor. She wet a towl under hot water and ran it for a while. She rubbed the back and sides of my head and lay the towel there for a while. Then she lathered me up, and as she did this, with my shorn girlfriend smoking and getting turned on herself by the barberette and the new cut, I almost came in my pants.

Maggie ran the razor over most of my head,except for the top, and before I knew it I had the perfect summer cut.

She wisked the cape off of me, and then shook out the hairs with one hand,while taking a last drag of her cigarette with the other and tamping it out. She smiled and rubbed my hair on top, “Good work if I do say so myself.”

I was so happy, and I don’t know what I could have do to deserve this. I felt like the luckiest man alive.

My girlfriend
asked me to pay maggie. Was feeling like a drunk man in a haze. I gave maggie double the money she would have charged as a bonus tip.

My girlfriend pulled me to the door and looked over her shoulder at Maggie

“I love his flat-top, do you think that style would look good on me?”

now Maggie was the one who looked bowled over , she stuttered “S-sure, I think it would look great on you.”

My girlfriend grinned at the beautifull barberette “Well..next time we shall see.”

The words echoed in my head “Next time..Next time..Next time”

(To be continued)

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