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The other day my girlfriend and I was at a night club together and noticied several ladies all with really short hair and we discussed this since it was interesting to see so many with so short of hair. You see my girlfriend Lisa’s hair is at her belt on her pants and my name is Shelly and my hair reaches down to mid buttocks. During dinner I asked Lisa what she thought about those young ladies with the really short hair. Lisa said it was ok and cool for them to have such hair styles. She went on to say that as you can see and know, my hair has not been touched with scissors for more than a mere trim of 1 inch at most for over 10 years now. I said I know.

We finished dinner and went into the den to watch tv as usual. I would slowly run my fingers through her long blonde waist length hair and then she would return the favor to me by running her  fingers throught my long brown below waist length hair.It is so relaxing to have someone play with my hair that I was having a hard time thinking about possibly wanting my/our hair cut that short. I asked Lisa what she thought about me cutting my hair that short?? Lisa stopped and looked at me and asked,if I was on drugs or something or did I hit my head today??  I told her no. I said Lisa since we seen those young ladies with such short hair and how great they looked, I have been having alot of thoughts of cutting my hair and getting you to cut yours as well.

Lisa said that there is no way in hell she was going to cut her hair or want me to cut mine.

So we went to bed and as we laid in bed side by side I was trying to think of away to persuade her to say yes. Afew days went by and we went out to the club again. Some of the same ladies with
the really short hair and afew new ones were there also. I walked up to one named Karen who had a clipper cut sides and back with cropped top with bangs. I asked her why she had her hair cut so
short? and if she had long hair before that or not? Karen said that afew of her friends were all starting to get short hair cuts and that she always wanted to have like a crewcut or flattop. So this is on the way to those styles as time passes by. I asked what her lover thought? She said that he loves it this short. Karen asked why I was asking I said that my girlfriend and myself have really long hair as you can see. We both noticed last week when we came here that alot of ladies have really short hair and was very interested with that. I told Karen that I was interested in getting my hair cut short and my girlfriend was against the idea for her and me.

When Lisa and myself left the club to go home I came up with an idea that might just work. I woke up the next morning I looked in the phone book to schedual a hair appointment for the both of us at same time so either one would have to go first. My plans included making a bet with Lisa on something I knew she would loose in. After making the appointments and telling the stylist what I was going to be needing as far as styles go. she said that would be fun and would assist me in anyway she could.

I bet Lisa that when we run daily that I would race her for a time distance and the winner would get to choose the loosers punishment. Lisa said what will it be? I told Lisa she would have to find out if she looses, and she could come up with anything she wanted for me if I loose.

We schedualed the run for satuday morning which is 6 days from now. I figured that I had the best chance to win at this then her. I had a secret motive that she did not know. So Friday evening we
went out to the club and had a great time I insisted that we leave early to go home and have some our time together before fading off to sleep. When the alarm went off I woke Lisa up, she said she was not realy up for this. I told her that a bet was a bet and today was bet day and event day. Lisa got up and we both went downstairs to stretch out before the run. We both agreed to a distance of 3 miles and the looser would find out sometime after that what they had lost besides that race.

I ran side by side with Lisa for most of the way. Lisa kept looking at me and seeing I had a big smile on my face. Lisa asked, what do you have up your sleeve? I said nothing. Lisa asked Shelly, what is it you win if I loose the race? I said promise not to quit or get upset?

Lisa said ok what is it Shelly? I said Lisa you know I have asked you about the short haired ladies at the club several times and that I am interested in the shorter hair styles. Shelly promise me that If you win I dont have to cut my hair, Promise me Shelly. I said I cant, That is what I am asking for. For the both of us to get short hair styles. Now see ya at the finish line.

I started to speed up and I looked at back at Lisa and said that if you want to keep your hair  you need to run faster and longer then me!!! I smiled and took off. Lisa tried to catch up to me. As we turned the block to the finish line I looked back at Lisa, she had this terrified look on her face and she was trying to catch me as was trying her hardest. I crossed the finish line about 20 yards in front of her.

Shelly you want me to cut my hair all off for you now? I said Lisa, Not all off now. As we walked into the house together, I told Lisa that we would shower together and then go to our hair appointment. She said hair appointment? You have this planned out to even having a hair appointment made for this. You had this all set up to happen like this!!!  Shelly I thought you loved yours and mine long hairs? I said I do. but I fell in love with those sexy shorter styles.

I told her that I have it planned and all we have to do is walk into the beautyshop and get our hair cut. I have the styles picked out for the both of us and the hair will be cut on you and me at the same time. Lisa looked at me with very horror in her eyes and tears in them as well. Lisa said a bet is a bet even if you rigged this  bet in your favor. I said you agreed to it Lisa. Lisa said yes I did so I have to pay the lost wages now I guess. As we walked into the beautyshop there were two open chairs with the two ladies waiting on us to arrive. I said my name is Shelly and this is Lisa, I am the one who called to have to hair cuts done at same time same style. the owner of the shop said Hi my name is Betty and we can fix you two ladies up in no time at all. Betty asked if Lisa knew what the hair style was. I said no she doesn’t and I dont want her to know til its done on both of us ok? Betty said ok. have a seat ladies and we will get started. Lisa and myself both sat in the open chairs and then the chairs were faced away from the mirrors. Betty was doing my hair and her sister was doing Lisa’s hair. They brushed our hair out and placed a hairband on out tails very high near the base of our hair line. I could see the fear in Lisa’s eyes as the ladies started to cut out tails off our heads. scrunchhhhhhhhhh scrunchhhhhhn  scrunchhhhhhhh, our tails came off very easily and the ladies placed the tails on the counter and picked up the clippers and flipped them on as Lisa began to cry and the ladies wasted no time in cutting out hair into a 1/2 inch crewcuts with no bangs. when Betty and her sister were done, they turned us towards the mirror. I was amazed how much different we both looked, Lisa was crying and said that since my hair is all cut off to 1/2 inch, to go ahead and shave it all smooth and said yes I am sure that is what I want. I looked at betty and said to do the same for me then also. So Betty and her sister shaved our heads smooth.

We walked home feeling our bald heads and each others. When we got home we went up to our bedroom and madeout with each other and then got ready for the night on the town at the club for
dancing.  At the club we were admirred by all who seen us. several ladies came up to us and asked when we shaved our heads and asked how we liked it. Lisa surprised me when she said I love it and owe it all to Shelly. Its awsome being bald…..

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