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This is the story of an Indian couple in Singapore, Tara(25yrs old) & Jay (26yrs old). They decided to take a long vacation in Thailand. They were planning to spend a few months alone on an isolated island off the coast of Thailand. Before the vacation, Jay wanted Tara to get a new look.

Tara had got elbow length, straight black hair which she had kept long for around 10 years. While Jay loved her hair & the way she looked he wanted her to shave it bald once.
Since they were going on a long vacation, Jay thought this was the best time to ask.

Jay – “Tara, I think you should cut your hair. It will be easier to manage when we are on vacation”

Tara -  “But I love my hair & you know I have kept it long for so many years, why do you want me to cut it”

Jay- ” Honey because you need a change & this length will do you no good when you are on an island where there are no facilities. Its only going to get in the way”

Tara- “Let me think about it”

Jay was convinced that he had a chance. All he needed to do was sell her the idea of the hair being a nuisance on the island.

Soon after that Natalie Portman went bald.
Jay & Tara were watching V for Vendetta & Jay commented “Natalie looks beautiful with a bald head”

Tara- “Really, you think so”

Jay- “Yes, in fact she looks better without hair then with hair. It really brings out her features”

Tara- “Yeah, you are right”

Jay- “Tara, I have an idea. Why don’t you give this a try? You can do it just before we leave for Thailand & you can get a wig so that in public you can wear it & at the island you can be bald. It will be fun. And by the time the vacation ends your hair will grow back to a healthy length & no one will know you were bald”

Tara was really shocked at what she had heard. This was completely unexpected!! But she was inclined to give it a try.

Tara- “Ok, but do you think it will suit me”

Jay- “You will look prettier than Natalie Portman, trust me. I`ll make the arrangements & we can do it just before we leave for Thailand. And I will find a wig also”

Tara- “I will definitely need a wig. So make sure you find one for me before you make me part with my hair”

Jay- “Don’t worry”

The next day Jay started looking. It didn’t take him long to find that Lucky Plaza (one of the large malls in Singapore) had a wig store & some 50 salons & barber shops. It was the right location for Tara’s transformation.

He went into Fortune Wigs store & checked out the wig collection they had. He wanted Tara to wear a short hair wig. There was no point her cutting the hair & wearing a long hair one. Plus it would be heavy & uncomfortable. Jay explained that he was looking for a short haired wig & would come back with his wife.

Then he checked out the salons. He found a small salon on the 3rd floor where a lady was at the counter. Her name was Becky.

Jay explained Becky that his wife wanted to be shaved completely bald.

Becky was surprised & asked Jay why.

Jay told her that they were going on a long vacation & he wanted her to get rid of all her hair before that. Jay told Becky not to discourage Tara from getting it shaved.

Becky agreed & Jay fixed an appointment.

Jay returned home & told Tara about the developments. Now Tara was very nervous at the thought of having to lose all her hair the next day. Jay tried to comfort her.

They went out for dinner. Tara left her long hairs loose for the last time.

Next morning was Sunday & the big day. The appointment was around 12pm but Tara was up early as she couldn’t sleep. She got up & washed her hair for the final time. They planned to reach Lucky Plaza around 11:30 to give themselves some time at the wig store before.

Tara tied her hair in a neat ponytail & they left. At the wig store, Julie (the store attendant) was surprised to see Jay with a long hair girl. Jay explained that Tara was going to be shaved bald & wanted a short hair wig. (Tara had agreed that a short hair wig should be ok for her). Tara checked out the wigs but couldn’t try them on properly because of all the hair on the head. She selected 3 wigs out of which she would chose one depending on how it looks after her head is shaved bald. Jay informed Julie that they were just going for Tara’s head shave & would return after that.

Julie smiled & wished Tara all the best.

After that Jay & Tara went to the salon where Becky was waiting.

Becky sat Tara in the chair & put a cape around her.

Becky said “You have nice hair but I think you will look more beautiful bald”

Tara- ” I hope so. I am very scared”

Becky- “Don’t worry, it wont take long & you will love it”

Jay asked Becky to turn the chair towards him so he could see what was going on. And he wanted Tara to see only the final result.

Becky asked Tara “should I start”

Tara looked at her hair one last time & said “yes please go ahead”

Becky got a pair of scissors.


She chopped off Tara’s long ponytail.

Becky- “how does it feel”

Tara- “I feel lighter”

Tara was smiling.

Becky- “Now i`m going to run the clippers over your head & then shave you smooth with a razor & foam”

Tara- “ok”

Becky started running the clippers on Tara’s head. She started from the front & worked her way back. Then she did the sides. Jay was really enjoying his wife’s transformation.

After Becky was done with the clippers she applied the shaving foam on Tara’s head. Then she used a razor & started shaving her head.

After she finished she wiped her head with a warm towel.

By now Tara was very curious to see what she looked like. Becky asked Jay if he was happy with the result. Jay was thrilled.

Becky turned around the chair & Tara saw herself in the mirror.

She had been transformed from a girl with long dark hair to a bald beauty!!

There was no trace of hair left on Tara’s head. It took Tara a few minutes to get used to her new look.

Jay came & felt her bald head.

Jay- “Tara you look beautiful”

Tara- “Really? It feels a bit strange”

Becky- “Don’t worry you will get used to it soon. It really suits you & you are gonna love it”

Jay paid Becky & they went outside.

Jay couldn’t take his eyes of Tara. And a lot of other people were also staring at Tara.

Jay & Tara went down to Fortune Wigs.

Julie was surprised to see the long haired girl she had met an hour ago completely bald.

She smiled & asked Tara to sit.

Tara was looking in the mirror & Julie got the 3 wigs out. Tara tried them all on one by one.

Jay commented “Tara you look best bald”

Tara “But I cant go everywhere bald, I need a wig”

She selected one of the wigs. It had short cropped hair. It looked good on Tara & fitted her well also. When she tried it earlier it had not fit because she had too much hair. But now there was no such problem.

Jay paid for the wig & they left. Tara decided not to wear her wig then & give the bald look a chance.

Jay & Tara had a great day shopping on Orchard Road. Tara bought a lot of new stuff to go with her bald look. She bought some nice long earrings.

They went back home & needless to say they really enjoyed Tara’s new look.

Now Tara didn’t need to pack shampoo, brushes or hair clips.

She only kept her wig.

Jay & Tara took off for their vacation the next day.

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