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So there stood Naomi, waving bye to her husband Evan as he boarded the airplane for a month-long business trip. Naomi, 26, tallish at 5′ 9″, shoulder length brown hair, pretty face, and a outgoing chipper disposition.  
Evan, a consultant on systems design had significantly improved their lifestyle in the two years since their marriage.   But he would be gone a month, and she had a plan.  
Although he was always affectionate, and responsive.  She could not help but notice his fascination with short blond hair, and multiple earrings on women they encountered.  She herself had triple-pierced lobes, but she was surprised at the reaction to a number of women who had more, and/or had very short hair, often platinum-white and sometimes very short.
When she returned home, she did a thorough cleaning.  Because it was the weekend, she knew she had time, and had a lot of nervous energy.  Evan was poor an inside cleaning.  Oh, he was good about lawn mowing, and such, but was hopeless inadequate about basic tidying inside.
In the middle of straightening a high shelf a strange folder popped out.   It was a folder with pictures of.   her?    It was one of those try a hairstyle out makeovers.    She saw herself with all kinds of very short styles.   The one that caught her eye was one which showed her with a very short pixie hairdo – clippered sides and back, and almost white hair.   Reflexively she reached up and touched her hair.  This website printout had also side and back views.
When she looked closer she found that he had added a line of stud earrings running up both her ears.   Instead of finding herself shocked.  She was amused.  This was her – not some fantasy porn babe of the internet.  It was her.   Somehow she was oddly flattered and realized she liked the look too.
She called her friend Debi at the salon she usually went to, and told her what she found and what she had in mind.   Debi said to come on into the salon, because she liked transformation projects.   However Debi suggested that because of the way hair grows.  The final style should be done on the day he arrives back to be fresh, and that Naomi should go through stages, in order to get her used to the short hair since it was so-so short.
“Lets give you a golden blonde chin bob to start.   And Katya can start on the ears.  It looks like you will need 12 piecing total to have them evenly spaced, and you have 3 now.  So you need 9 more.   Lets do each ear 3 per week, so that we make sure there are no problems.”   Naomi volunteered that she had a stash of cash, and wanted matching small diamond studs.  
“That will please Evan!”  Debi said, and led Naomi into her first change.  After the hair was washed thoroughly, the ugly smelling stuff was put on her hair.  After awhile it was removed, then another bunch of stuff was added.   She looked in the mirror and saw how BLONDE she was!  Debi then went to work and proceeded to precisely scissor cut her.  She also clippered the underside to the occipital bone.    “This is so you can see what the clippered feel is like.”   With a little bit of curling iron, etc.  the bob was done.   Naomi felt the clippered underside, and was somehow aroused.    “How to I maintenance this   until next week?”, she asked.     “I can sell you the clipper with a #1 blade.  Go over it like on Wednesday.   Get practice.   It will help you later on.
Katya came in and surveyed her ears.    Naomi took note of the fact that Katya had her ears all the way around, a strected lobe with what she later learned was a “bling” flesh tunnel (diamonds around the outer face of it).  She also had a diamond nostril stud, and an eyebrow barbell through the left brow.  Her brows were plucked to a thin line with a dark brow pencil to emphasize the thinness.   Her hair was a crimson red pixie long than what she had in mind.
“Did your brow and nose hurt to have done?”, Naomi asked.  
Katya said, “The nose.  No.  but my brow hurt like the devil.  Are you interested in a brow and nose thing?”  Naomi said no to the brow thing, and would have to think about the nose.   She wondered what Evan would think of that.
Her ears were marked to evenly space the first three new holes, and a sterile needle was used to pierce through each.   Naomi wanted diamond studs, and had gotten an odd look but a smile from the jeweler when she plunked down her ATM card to pay for what was then five pairs.  She pulled back her hair to show the three she already had, and said, “I am getting more & want them to match.” she told the jeweler.   Katya inserted three new diamond studs in each ear.
“Oh you have to show those off”, Debi said as she came in.  “Look I have little barrette things to pull the hair back from the ears.”
“I was about to ask if you had something”, Naomi said.
She went to work on Monday and got all kinds of complements, on the hair and the new jewelry.    The week was uneventful, except that she was excited to use, and did on Tuesday, and Thursday, the clipper.   
Saturday rolled round again and it was time for her to see Debi.   Lets do an inverted bob for you.  Curled round the earlobe to near the top of the back of your head.   Besides Katya is doing 3 more holes today.  Looks like the new one are healing fine.   Are you having any pain?  
“Not at all”, Naomi volunteered.   “I went back to the jeweler, and got the other for pairs I need.  He (laughing) asked me out, but I told him I was married.  Poor guy was so disappointed.  He is in his 40s forgoshsake.”  But he gave me a price that was reduced, and wanted me to come in when I was done, because there was a professional photographer that works for the headquarters of that company that wants to take a picture of my ear.
“I’d be careful of that.”   Debi said.
“Well I will go in if it is OK with Evan, and I will go in with him, so if it is legit, I should be paid as a model.
Debi laughed.
Debi said, “Lets do your color as jet black.  That will turn heads.”
Naomi asked about permanency of the color.  Debi said hat it was just a rinse, “I will give you a bottle for the week. To keep it good after your shampoo.
Naomi agreed, and her hair was done.  It was now clippered except for the top, which was parted scissor cut to a inverted bob.
Katya’s turn, and when Katya was through, Naomi has 9 holes on each ear.  
Naomi found herself fingering her ears.   It looked very pretty, but incomplete since it wasn’t all the way to the top.   Evan had only been gone 8 days, and boy what a change so far.  Then she rubbed against the clippered backs and sides.  
At work the got a
lot of more looks.  Then, when the week concluded, one of the fellows who had been very quiet… A computer programmer who rarely spoke asked her what surprise she would have for them on Monday.  She said, “We’ll see.”  Smiled, and winked.
She later overheard the programmer tell one of his workmates.  “I wish my girlfriend was that creative.”
The next Saturday she was back with Debi.   “This week we go crimson on top.”
Naomi asked, “What about the sides and back?”
Debi said, “We shave it!”  Naomi said she wasn’t sure about that but Debi said that it would grow out enough to be ready for you desired white pixie for Evan’s return.
The coloring was done again with a temporary rinse, then clippers then razor was taken to the sides and back.    Debi also applied makeup to the back and sides of the hair, so that the skin tone would match.  The length of the hair on top was cut so that it was at the level of the top of the ears.   Katya came in and put in what was the final of the planned holes, and the diamonds were inserted.
Katya said she had other suggestions; “Tragus, maybe stretch your first hole slightly.” She showed Naomi her bling flesh tunnel.   Not as much as this, but a little bit, so you don’t lose the use of the 2nd hole.
“Let me think about what else I want to do, and I will let you know next week.”
Of course the reaction at work was amazement.   But she kind of expected it would be.   During that week she made sure the color in the top was kept up, and she razored the sides and back of her head on Wednesday.
Saturday came.  Three weeks since Evan’s departure.   Debi said.  OK.  Now is the time for your color.   After rinsing out the last of the crimson, and bleaching out the root growth, the new color was applied.    Then the top was scissored, and lightly permed.   The three days of hair growth on the sides and back – couldn’t do much with that.
Katya was told that “I am thinking about my left nostril, but am not sure. But I don’t want anything else at this point.”   Katya said, “Cool.  Let me know”.
Since this is the 4th change for Naomi, folks at her work were getting used to changes every week.   Less hoopla, but actually some complements.
Finally the day of Evan’s return had arrived.  She saw Debi for the final time before he stepped off the plane.   Her hair had grown out on the sides and back enough.  The color was retouched.  It was almost pure white-platinum.
Katya came in, and Naomi said.  “Do my left nostril.”   Naomi handed Katya a diamond nose stud she had purchased from a shop that caters to Indian clientele.    The  nose was done, and  now Naomi looked at the final result.  It looked just almost like the picture, except for the make-up.    Debi went to work on that.  Her brows were made thinner and more arched.  The full deep red lipstick, etc. etc.  Now she looked like the picture.   
Debi said, “So what are you guys doing tonight?”  Naomi said.  “He’s been gone a month.   What do you think.”   
Naomi had a plan.  She hired a limo.  Went to the airport and waited inside.  The limo driver went to Evan’s gate, and held up a sign “Evan Black”.   When Evan’s plane arrived he saw the limo driver with the sign and figured something was up.   When Evan got in the limo he took one look at Naomi, and smiled.  As the limo driver closed the window to the back seat.  Evan whispered in Naomi’s ear.  “So you found the folder I hoped you would.”

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