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My name is Chrystal, I just graduated medical school and am getting ready to start my career on my own as a Dr. in Cardiology. I was out all night last night with my girlfriends celebrating our accomplishments. I awakened abit hung over and in need of a shower from all the
dancing and drinking last night. As I showered I washed my mid back length black hair that I black back when I was in High school. As I washed my hair I started to think of how much time I spend every day on my hair and getting ready. I wont very much time in the coming months as I do call and rounds as I get started. I have had the same look for the past 10 years now. Mid back straight black hair, which I wore up in a bun or pony tail most of the time. I decided as I rinsed out the shampoo I would go and get a new shorter easier hair style to manage for now and update my looks with my new job.

I got dressed in some jeans and a t shirt and sandles. I went to the mall to a trendy salon that did alot of non conservative cuts and styles. After I walked into the salon, I started to get a funny feeling in my stomach. I was realy looking forwards to getting my hair all cut short.

I just didnt know how short it would end up when it was all said and done. The receptionist had a bleached white flattop with sides and back buzzed to the scalp. She looked very sexy and hot. I asked if I could get an appointment to get my hair cut today. The young lady said yes. It would be a short wait of about 20-30 minutes if you would like to wait. Trish has an opening and she can hook you up with a new shorter style. I said great, I will wait. I looked at afew hairstyle magazines and after about 30 minutes, Trish called me back, Trish was about 30 years old and was wearing a mini skirt with high heels. She had an inverted bob that was very high cut up in the back with the sides to mid cheek and short bangs. As we walked back to her station Trish commented on my long black hair. Trish asked if I had my hair black for long, I said yes, about 10 years now. She said wow! As I sat in her chair, Trish asked what she could do for me and what I was looking for. I Said, I want it cut realy short and it needs to be professional looking since I start I new job as a Dr. on Monday. trish asked what I considered realy short? I said, like above ears with no hair hanging in the back!

Trish smiled as she caped me and said that I came to the right girl to do your hair today. Trish asked if I wanted my hair back that she was about to cut off? I said no. Once its off its gone for good as far as I am concearned. Trish brushed my hair for a moment and then gathered it up in a ponytail with a rubber band. As Trish put my hair in a ponytail I started to get real excited. I watched in the mirror as she reached for her scissors. She asked if I had any guidelines for shortness and if I was sure. I nodded yes I am sure and as long as it looks professional I dont care how short it is. ( I was thinking to myself I hope she cuts it as short as the receptionists hair or close to it.) Trish grabbed my tail and started to cut it loose.

In just a few seconds my tail was in her hand free of my head. I was realy getting wet now. My freshly cut loose fell framing my face. I looked in amazement at how short my hair was. the sides fell to lip length and back was shorter. Trish turned her back to me and I could not see what she was doing. When Trish turned back to me, she had her clippers in her hand and a guide comb that I would soon learn was going to leave my hair 1/2 in long. Trish turned the clippers on and then ran them from my forhead back to the crown before I knew what she was doing. I could see a path in my hair that was only 1/2 in long and the cut hairs slid down onto my shoulders and onto my lap. My eyes wide open and in shock. I was very excited to see her cutting it the way I wanted it done without me asking for it. Trish smiled and asked, is it to short?? I was not able to answer right away. I said no. its actualy what I was hoping for but to scared to ask for. Trish just
smiled and continued to cut all my hair off to 1/2 in long. then she tapered the sides and back realy short. And then she lathered up the nape and shaved it smooth with hot shaving cream and straight razor.

When Trish finished she gave me a hand held mirror to look at my new style. As I looked with amazement how short it was and how good I looked with it. I slowly reached to touch it, Trish asked if it was what I was looking for. I said yes. Trish asked if I wanted her to cut it any shorter. I smiled at her and I wanted to say yes, but I was afraid How my new employeers would react to having a new female Dr. with a bald head. I loved the feel of the razor on my nape as it removed the hot shaving cream. I repositioned myself in the chair and became aware of the fact my jeans where now wet as if I had pee’d on myself from the excitement of the new cut. I told Trish I would have to say this is great and to leave it at its present length for now. I told her that I would be back for more haircuts in the future from her.

After I paid Trish for her work and tipped her for the great job, I went walking in the mall. It did not take me long to realize that I was drawing alot of attention to me with my new hairstyle.

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