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Crystal was just finishing putting on her makeup before going out for a fun night on the town with some of her girlfriends when her phone rang.

“Hello? Hello?”

This was really getting annoying now. For about 2 weeks now her phone would ring at random times any time of day or night and when she answered it nobody would say anything. She was starting to get a little scared now and planed to contact the police if it did not stop by the end of the week.

What Crystal did not know is that on the other end of the phone was Jason. Jason had asked Crystal out on many occasions always getting a “no” reply. Jason had fallen in love with Crystal the moment he had laid eyes on her. She was about 5’8″ with shoulder-length dark brown hair, blue cat-like eyes (when she had her contacts in), and a very well rounded body which Jason longed to be with.

Jason was the nerd in school and was always working on some sort of gadget or another. Crystal always told him that she would not go out with him because of him being “too nerd-like”. Jason was about to have his revenge though as every time he called Crystal his hand had been on the trigger of his new device but he had not had the guts to pull the trigger yet.

The device Jason had built was what he called “The Total Mind Control 3000”. It was designed to emit a low level sound wave which would allow the user to imprint thought patterns directly into the brain of whoever they wished, which would cause the subject to think whatever they were told to think and actually believe that those thought patterns were their own.

Jason had not used the device yet partly because he had not yet had the guts to and partly because he could not think of what he wanted Crystal to do. Later that night after thinking it over he decided that he had always dreamed of seeing Crystal as a blonde. He dialed Crystal’s phone one more time and told himself this time he would pull the trigger and implant his message into Crystal’s brain.

Ring… Ring…


Jason pulled the trigger and then spoke into the phone.

“Crystal, can you hear me?”


“In the morning you are going to call your normal hair salon and make a appointment to get your hair trimmed. You are also going to have your hair colored a light golden blonde. Do you understand?”


“This was a wrong number. Goodbye.”

Crystal hung up the phone and sighed to herself. “I wish people could stop getting my phone number mixed up with whoever they are trying to reach.” Crystal was tired from going out with her friends so she decided to turn in for the night. As she was looking at herself in the mirror while brushing her teeth she thought, “I wonder what I would look like as a blonde.” When Crystal awoke the next morning she ate breakfast and sat to watch TV until 9:00 when her hair salon opened. She dialed the salon at exactly 9:00.

“Hair Express. How may I help you?”

“This is Crystal Barns. I want to know if I could get a appointment for today to get my hair trimmed and dyed blonde?”

“We have an opening at 10:00 if you want to come in then?”

“Yes, that is perfect. I’ll be there.”

Crystal drove to the salon. She could not believe that she had decided to go blonde as she sat in the chair waiting while the stylist mixed the color. In the back of her mind she wondered why she was even doing this but decided that she had always had thoughts of what it might be like to do it. Little did she know that she was under Jason’s spell. Soon her color and trim was done and she paid and left. On the way home she kept looking into her rearview mirror to see her new self. She thought she looked beautiful and wondered why she had never colored her hair before.

Jason was waiting hidden in a bush in front of Crystal’s house for her to get home. He knew his mind control device had worked when he saw Crystal step out of the car with her new blonde hair shining in the midday sun. He had to fight to keep from getting a huge bulge in his pants. As Crystal came closer he stepped out from behind the bush and pulled the trigger on his mind control device and said, “You will love me forever.”

“No I will not, nerd boy, and what is that weird contraption that you’re trying to show me this time? Never mind. I don’t really want to know.”

Jason was stunned that his device had not worked this time. He figured that maybe it had to be aimed directly into the ear to work and that is why it worked on the phone but not from in front of the subject. He decided to go home and call Crystal.

Ringâ?¦ Ringâ?¦


Jason pulled the trigger.

“You will love me forever.”

“Jason, I will not ever love you. Please stop trying to get me to go out with you because you are just not my type. I’m sorry. Goodnight.”

After a lot of tinkering with The Mind Control 3000 and a lot of thought, Jason came up with the answer as to why it was not working. Love was a deep emotion and the device was not capable of controlling emotions. It could only control general thoughts. With sadness of now knowing that Crystal would never love him, Jason sat down to think of something else he could try to get Crystal to do for fun. He had always liked the looks of girls who dared to dress like a punk or gothic. His thoughts turned to what Crystal would look like as a punk and he got a major hard-on. He got out some paper and began writing his thoughts of what the ultimate punk Crystal would look like. Then he dialed Crystal’s number again.


Jason’s mind control device did its magic this time.

“Write this down and you are to think that you wrote this down yourself and that this is what you have always wanted to do.” Jason gave Crystal a list of all kinds of things. “In the morning you are to go to the punk salon called ‘The Punk In You’ and give them this paper and tell them that you want to get this stuff done right away. Do you understand?”


“Good. Sweet dreams.”

Crystal hung up the phone and looked down at the paper in her lap. “Now where was I?” she thought. “Oh yeah I was finishing up deciding on my new look. I think I am done now. Wow, I really will look so sexy when I get all this stuff done.”

The next morning Crystal was waiting at the door of “The Punk In You” when they finally opened up. The lady opening the door complemented Crystal on her looks and asked if she was there to get a belly-button piercing like most young ladies Crystal’s age were doing lately.

“Yes, actually I am here for that plus some other stuff. Can you possibly do what is on this list for me today?” She handed the lady the list.

“Wow, this is a big list. Are you sure you want all this done?”

“Yes, I have dreamed about this for a very long time and I finally got up the courage to do it.”

“Do you realize that most of the stuff on this list is permanent and that if you do it your looks will be dramatically changed forever?”

“Oh yes. Like I said, I have wanted to get all this done for a long time and I have spent many hours thinking about it. I want to do this more than anything I have ever wanted.”

“Then I guess we should get started then. Follow me please. My name is Melissa.”

Crystal followed Melissa into a private room with a big barber chair in the center. She hopped up into the chair and told Melissa to get started on whatever she wanted to do first but not to tell her what was coming next and to make sure everything on the list was done to her. In the back of her mind it was telling her that she must be crazy. Crystal dismissed those thoughts as just being afraid to change herself so drastically.

A few minutes later Crystal heard a humming noise that grew louder and she relaxed at the thought of what was going to happen. Melissa ran the clippers straight up the back of Crystal’s head without a guard on them. Pass after pass left Crystal with nothing but bangs. Melissa then applied some hot shaving cream to Crystal’s head and began shaving her head slowly. Soon
Crystal was completely bald except for her bangs, which hung down to just above her eyebrows. With 2 quick swipes Melissa erased Crystal’s eyebrows with the razor. Next came a strong-smelling solution, which was put onto Crystal’s bald head. It was a permanent hair remover, meaning Crystal would be bald forever. A different solution was applied to her remaining hair. After about an hour Crystal’s bangs were bleached as blonde as they could be. Two containers were brought out and some of one container was applied to half Crystal’s remaining hair and the contents of the other container was put on the other half of he r hair. Now half Crystal’s hair was bright pink and the other half was deep purple.

Next Crystal heard a different type of sound. This was more of a buzz than a hum and she realized that some of her tattoo work must be next. Melissa went to work on Crystal’s face and in about an hour she had tattooed all of Crystal’s makeup on. This included very thin arched purple eyebrows, heavy black eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids, and medium blue eye shadow which turned to pink at the top, deep red lip liner, and bright red lipstick. A tattooed beauty mark was also applied in a spot similar to a popular supermodel.

Next Melissa brought out the stencil papers of the tattoos that she had drawn up and started placing the stencils all over Crystal’s body, including a few on her face and head. Melissa introduced another tattoo artist to Crystal. Her name was Michelle. Melissa and Michelle spent the next 8 hours of almost non-stop work completing all of the tattoos on Crystal’s list. When they were done Crystal sported lightning bolts on each side of her head, a rose on her right face cheek, a butterfly on her left face cheek, a blue star next to the corner of her left eye, a vine pattern that started in the middle of her forehead and circled it’s way all the way down her body ending on her right foot, barbwire armbands on both arms, 100% SLUT on her left butt cheek, and a lot of different flowers which covered about 80% of her body.

Melissa and Michelle then went to work on all the piercings that were on Crystal’s list. They started at her eyebrows and worked their way down. Each eyebrow received 10 rings, the bridge of her nose, both nostrils received 3 hoops, her septum, both lips got 7 rings each, her tongue received 2, each ear was covered top to bottom and in just about everyplace where a ring would go equaling 35 rings in each ear. Melissa and Michelle then moved on down to more piercing. Crystal’s nipples were pierced 2 times each (1 horizontal and 1 vertical piercing for each nipple), her belly button got 8 new rings, and Crystal received a total of 81 new piercings between her legs. For the last thing on the list the 2 artists worked on using soldering gun’s on all of Crystal’s piercing’s which made every single piercing a permanent part of her. The girl’s told Crystal that they had such a wonderful time doing this dramatic of a makeover that she would not have to pay anything at all.

Crystal walked out of the salon the most incredible looking punk you would ever see. Later that night she was trying to think of the right type of guy who would love her new extreme look. Her thoughts trailed off to Jason as she remembered that he always seemed to be attracted to that type of look. Crystal decided that Jason would probably love to see her new look and she would pay him a visit first thing in the morning.

Jason, having been woken up by his doorbell, opened the door to see an extremely beautiful Crystal standing there. His jaw hit the floor and a huge bulge appeared in his boxer shorts. Seeing the bulge and his reaction, Crystal told Jason that she had changed her mind and that she thought they should start dating. Jason felt bad. He knew that Crystal really would have never dated him if he had not made her go through such a drastic and permanent change. He decided to confess that it was his Mind Control 3000 that had made Crystal do all of this to herself.

“Crystal, I have something to tell you about your new look that you do not know. I built a device that allows me to control your thoughts and I made you do all of this to yourself.”

“Silly boy. You did not make me do all this. I decided I would go out with you along time ago. I knew you liked this type of look and wanted to do something but never knew what you would like for me to get done. Your friend Jim told me about your mind control thingie and I knew I could use that idea to get my new look and have my new look just the way you wanted me. Your mind control is a harmless piece of junk because I had Jim remove a tiny screw in it making it useless. I love you Jason and want to spend the rest of my life with you. If there is ever any other thing you want me to change or get done to myself just tell me. I will be your love slave forever.”

Our story ends with lots of screams of pleasure coming from Jason and Crystal’s bedroom. Wait, wait, wait. Did Jason’s “Mind Control 3000” really work and make Crystal think she had thought of all this herself or did Crystal really play Jason and actually did this on her own without being under the spell of the mind control. Only you the reader can decide that for yourself.

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