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Katie Miller was a beautiful young girl of just 16. Katie was the envy of most of the girls at school with her long black hair that fell to her knees. At times her looked blue, if the sun hit it just right. At night her hair appeared like coal in the dark moonlight. She was beautiful and she knew it. Every day Katie would show off her long hair in a braid, ponytail, pigtails, or wearing high on her head like a Samurai Warrior. Each time her hair fell to her waist or a little longer. None of the other girls in school had long hair like Katie Miller had. Katie’s hair was her pride and joy, she flaunted it at all the boys and made most of the girls who had all gone short haired over the past two years envious If it was not for her hair, Katie was just an average middle class family girl, nothing special.

Katie drove around town in a 1985 Corvette convertible that was painted black with a bright Yellow Red and Blue Flame paint job. Katie loved to drag race her corvette at the drag strip just outside of town and as considered the female too beat. What a sight to behold, Katie with the corvette convertible, flying down the strip with all her hair flowing in the wind. One after noon Katie was going down the strip and blew her engine up, so she brought the corvette to me and asked for a price to have it rebuilt. I gave Katie two options:
Rebuild the motor in the car at a cost of about $1,800.00 or
Buy a rebuilt long block and use the parts from the corvette $1,500.00

Katie pondered the options for a week and said to rebuild the stock engine so the resale value would hold since all the vin numbers were original and matched. I agreed and was going to punch the engine out .030 with a light roller 285 degree lift cam. Katie agreed and said I was the best mechanic in town. I started work on the rebuild immediately, Katie gave a $200 deposit and I bought some of the parts to rebuild the engine. I worked on the engine and nothing else for a week. I was done and Katie said she needed a brake job as well so I did the brakes. Katie came by on Friday and said she was going to pay with a credit card. I rang the bill up and the card would not take. Three times I tried and it would not take, so Katie wrote me a check for $1,600.00.

It was about a week later and the check Katie wrote came back NSF (Non Sufficient Funds). I called Katie’s house and no one answered. Finally two days later I heard Katie had got a job in a nearby town. I called information and found a listing for the new address and phone number for Katie. Later that night I called Katie and sh said she was coming back to town in a couple of days. I waited but she did not come back I called Katie and she said she was sick. A whole month went by and I swore out a warrant for a bad check against Katie. About three months went by and Katie came home to see her mom and was caught racing her corvette by the police. The police arrested Katie on the warrant and she could not make the bail so she had to await a hearing date for her case to be heard. Katie appeared a pre arraignment and pled guilty and told the court she did not have the money and would pay me in installments. The judge agreed and Katie wrote a check to the court, which also bounced.

Almost 18 months went by and Katie came to town again and was again arrested. She appeared in front of the same judge, who was not happy to see her plus who was not going to let her go, until she came up with the courts money and the money she owed me about $1,800.00. Katie said she did not have that kind of money all at once. The judge asked what we could do and I said ” Your honor if you would please ask the Defendant Katie Miller to let her hair down” The judge told Katie to do as requested and she undid her beautiful hair which now touched to her calves. “Your Honor” I said before this court we see a woman with ahir that is about 63″ to her calves. If the court would so order, that Katie Miller cut 48″ of her hair and video tape the event, I can sell it on the internet for what she owes me $1,800.00. Katie protested saying ” Your Honor you cannot order me to sell my hair like this it is not right.” The judge asked where I got this information from and I said at an internet site called HAIR BY JEWELZ. This site buys, sells, video tapes etc., any form of or anything related to hair. The judge called a recess, then called me and Katie back to his chambers. The Judge asked me to show him the site. I brought up the site on his office computer.The judge looked at me and looked at Katie and asked Katie what else she had to say. Katie again said “Your Honor you cannot order my hair to be sold it is my hair and not yours, and the hair is not for sale, final your Honor.” The judge resumed his court and said ” In lieu of the evidence presented before me and in lieu of the site seen on the internet of HAIR BY JEWELZ, I so order for Katie Miller who has said under oath she has no money to pay her bail, to forfeit her hair as follows:
48″ to DENNY SMITH the mechanic who is owed money by Katie Miller for his claim against Katie Miller.
Furthermore the court asks for the money owed by Katie Miller. As seen on the internet site a 12″ spire of hair should command a price acceptable to the court to cover Katie Miller’s bad check and court costs.
The court so orders and decrees and finds that Katie Miller shall before release from the county jail, submit to a haircutting of 60″ which will be sold on the internet site of HAIR BY JEWELZ to the highest bidder along with a video to show the court this case can be disposed of.
The court so orders Katie Miller to submit to this order now and directs the court to convene in Martha’s Beauty Salon across the street to carry out said court order.

About ten minutes went by and in came Katie with two female deputies escorting her. Katie kept yelling.”You are all going to pay for this, you cannot do this it is illegal.” The Judge told Katie, “Young lady you wrote a bad check twice and then stayed out of town for 18 months thinking we would forget about it all, well Katie Miller pay up time is here.” The Judge then told Martha to do as the court has ordered that 60″ of Katie Miller’s hair was to be cut off when she was ready. Katie was seated by the two deputies and was caped up with a white cape. Katies hair was pulled through and laid to rest on back of the chair. A piece of tissue like paper was placed around Katie’s neck. The cape was snapped tight and Martha out her scissors. Katie’s hair was measured, 60″ the amount ordered by the court to be cut and a band was placed at this area. Katie started to cry and then broke down in a swell of tears. Martha asked are you ready to have her hair cut now your Honor and the Judge said ” do it now.” Katie was crying uncontrollably as the scissors were brought to Katie’s hair and Martha started to cut through the large amount of hair that was about 4.5 in in diameter. The scissor schinked n schinked, one two, three, four, Katie was hysterical crying, yelling and uncontrollable as the two officers held her in the chair while Martha cut some more five, six and seven. Katie’s hair was finally cut as the Judge had ordered and given to the mechanic DENNY SMITH who was to auction off the 60″ of beautiful hair at HAIR BY JEWELZ.

P.S. Katie grew her hair back to knee length again from the 3 inches she had left from the court ordered cut. Katie’s hair was bought for $ 3,500.00 and the mechanic the court were paid their dues and the rest went to Katie, who bythe way has never written a bad check again.

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