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Carla and Jenny had been good friends since the 2nd Grade, they attended each others birthday parties and went on school trips together. they each had shoulder length hair although occasionally one of them would have a bob cut. when carla entered 9th grade she had a Bob about close to the bottom of the ears. she received compliments on her first day. Jenny on the other hand had shoulder length hair and made a pledge to herself she wouldn’t cut her hair unless it was a for a good reason. Carla let her hair grow out for her freshman year. when carla and Jenny were seniors they were given the opportunity to go on a trip with Carla’s Father on a business trip to london. they didn’t even have to pay for their plane trip. it was during spring vacation. Carla’s dad was paying for their plane ride. when they arrived at the england airport they were sent with a trusted friend of Carla’s Dads to go sight seeing. after this they went on their own to a shopping center. this shopping center had all kinds of shops. they went past this salon who had a woman sitting outside and the woman smiled at them. Jenny noticed this woman had long hair to her shoulders. “Hi Girls” the woman said.

Carla and Jenny said “Hi” Back to her. they went on walking and seen a clothing shop and they had a display window. it had a nice skirt. it was a blue and white. “Boy i’d like to buy that” Carla thought. “I am curious as to the price of this?” Carla said.

“let’s go find out” Jenny said. they both entered the store and asked the clerk and it was very reasonably priced but they thought they would look at the other stores and perhaps buy it later. Carla and Jenny were walking on down past the various shops and Carla smells food. “there must be a resturant close by” Carla said. “yes, there must be, I smell food” Jenny replied.

they kept on walking and carla looks to her left and see’s 3 dogs running from the lot.

“Uh..oh..there’s 3 dogs..hope they’re friendly” Carla said.

the 3 dogs run to the doors someone yells out “Oh….no…the pizza robbers” they stop and they see the dogs tearing off pieces of pizza from the table. they then run out a past Carla and Jenny. the lady who is standing at the counter where the pizzas were, put her head on the table shaking her head. “ah man…thats the 2nd incident during the past 4 months” the clerk said.

“at least they didn’t eat much” Carla said to the clerk.

“true..they came here a few months ago and ate some garlic bread” the clerk said.

“those dogs must like your food,eh?” Carla inquired.

“yep…I think so” the clerk said.

“would you girls like a pizza?” the clerk said.

“sure… whats the price? we’re from the United States” Carla Inquired.

“how about $1.00 a piece?” the clerk said.

“sure” carla said.

the girls both paid for their pizza and went to find a seat.

the clerk came to their table and said. “the guy back there has had the farts off and on since he’s been here so, i’d like you to be aware of it.”

“Ok..Thanks” Jenny said.

the girls ate their pizza and Jenny smelled something rotten.

“do you smell something” Carla inquired.

“yes, i think the guy back there must have farted” Jenny said.

“he must have” carla said.

“he’s walking toward us” Jenny said.

the guy came to their table.

“let me apologize for my unpleasant smells, pardon me okay?” the guy said.

“you’re excused” carla replied.

the guy smiled and exited the resturant.

the girls finished their food and complimented the clerks.

they went to other shops and carla went to the one shop and purchased the skirt she had interest buying.

they went and met carla’s dad’s friend and went to the hotel.

a few days later they flew back to the US And after a few days rest, Carla met with Jenny and carla decided she should cut off some of her hair.

so Jenny went with carla and they arrived at the salon. Carla said “I’d like to donate some of my hair to girls who need it”

“How about you Jenny?” Carla inquired.

“No…Thank you” Jenny said.

carla went to from waist length hair to mid back.

“I like it” Jenny said.

“i do too” the stylist said.

“well…. at least it’s for a good cause” Carla said.

a few days later, Jenny had her hair trimmed.

when carla went back to school her friends were stunned and also gave her lots of compliments about her haircut.

The end.

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