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This is a event that actually happened to me yesterday………..

I’d been getting tired of my mid back length hair for a while now, so after moving house about 4 weeks ago, I looked around for a good looking salon. Last week my looking paid off, for I’d found a salon near our home (mine, mums and dads), it was called `Reflections’, and I made an appointment last Thursday for this Thursday. I then spent all week trying to think of a good hairstyle-I was ready for a change to tell you the truth! Well Thursday 9th November finally came and I now had a good idea of what I wanted-but was slightly nervous still.

The hairstylist, named Paula came to me and got my hair washed and conditioned, then I was led to one of the five salon mirrors (the one nearest the window), then we discussed what I had in mind, and I asked what my face shape was as well, since I’d always wanted to know that. Paula said that my face shape was the same as hers (a heart-shaped face), and because of this, the style I had in mind would suit me. Then it began………

Paula first sectioned off my long hair to make it easier to cut it into what I had in mind (a bob which was about an inch above my shoulders!) then she asked me if I trusted her, I said yes I did trust her, then she began to comb the unsectioned hair down at the back, and before I knew it, Paula had raised the scissors to my long hair and started to cut it off:

`Shrnick Shrnick’. At first I was shocked at how high it was, since I had long hair and all. But she told me not to worry, then she explained that as she cut it, she was going to have to use the thinning shears underneath the hair, since my hair was very thick, I then said it was ok, then I felt a sliding motion in the hair which was underneath, and I felt the shears cutting through it. All I knew was, there was going to be A LOT of hair on the floor once Paula had finished!

After thinning the underneath hair to the thinness that it had to be for the bob to work, she then unsectioned more hair and then began cutting it into the bob style:

`Shrnick Shrnick Shrnick Shrnick!’ I could now tell that there was lots of hair on the floor. I was fine-until Paula went to cut the sides too as I could see EXACTLY how much hair was on the floor! I almost cried, but held myself together.

When all the cutting was finally done (my head felt A LOT lighter now!) She then went to blow-dry it-I was now shocked by how much shorter my hair was! As she blow-dried it, she curled the ends under to create a bob shape. After about 30 mins, it was done! I gave them a good tip then went home.

Well just about everybody loves it so far, I just have to wait until I see my boyfriend and see what he thinks of it, since I’ve had roughly about 10 inches taken off my hair. It now sits to in between my chin and shoulders, I love it, but am not sure if I want to grow my long hair back again or not since it was such a BIG part of me!

The End.

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