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Well the day was finally here! Susan was actually getting married today to Rob, a guy she really ultimately loved! She, her friend and daughters carer Jenny, and Christine (Susan’s daughter), were all going to get their hair done that day.

`Oh Susan! You must be so happy that the day is finally here!’ Jenny exclaimed happily as they got ready to go to the salon.

`Yes! I can’t believe that I’ve wasted all this time on that other man when Rob’s been here right from the very start, I just didn’t know him did I?’ Susan replied.

`No, definitely not-at least you’ll be happier now! Is Christine awake yet?’ Jenny asked. Now Christine was an attractive 20 year old girl (Christine didn’t know this yet though), with beautiful strawberry blonde hair that Jenny loved to plait each day (whenever Christine asked her to, as Jenny was the one who always did Christine’s hair and put it up for her), Jenny ultimately loved Christine’s hair, (which reached to almost her bra strap) and she never wanted to see Christine to have it cut short as Jenny thought it very pretty (something else Christine didn’t know yet).

`No, I don’t think she is, you’ll have to go and wake her up or we’ll be late!’ Susan said, slightly annoyed-Christine ALWAYS slept in and was nearly ALWAYS late!

`Ok, I’ll go and wake her!’ Jenny said

`Angel!’ Jenny said, gently shaking her friends’ pretty daughter. (Christine also NEVER wore makeup!)

`Huh?’ the sleepy Christine said, sleepily.

`Come on sweet, we’ll be late to the salon if you keep on staying asleep and it’s a very big day for both your mother and you too after all!’ Jenny said calmly-she loved Christine so much!

`Yeah, Ok, I’m getting up now’, Christine said, still half asleep.

`Alright, get up and get washed, dressed and have your breakfast, then come to me and I’ll fix your hair for you, Ok?’ Jenny asked, she loved putting Christine’s long hair up for her!

`Ok’, Christine said, getting up from bed.

Part 2 – Jenny does Christine’s hair.

`Jenny? I’ve done everything, so you can brush my hair for me now’ Christine said, half an hour later.

`Ok sweet, go upstairs, get your hairbrush, two hairclips, and your bobbles and I’ll put your hair up for you, Ok?’ Jenny asked. Christine nodded then went upstairs to get everything. When Christine came back, Jenny was getting out the stool to her dressing table. Jenny then sat Christine down so that she faced the mirror, Jenny then took the brush out of Christine’s hand, then she started to brush Christine’s hair, as she did, she said:

`You’re such a pretty girl Christine, do you know that?’ Jenny asked the pretty girl, who she loved and adored since Christine was first born!’

Christine coloured when Jenny said this and she said;

`Thanks Jenny, but I don’t think I am!’ Christine replied honestly.

`Oh you are-you just don’t like to hear it honey!’ Jenny said, smiling at Christine.

`Now, do you want me to put it up in two braids which you like?’ Jenny asked, still gently brushing through Christine’s hair.

`Oh yes please-I love it up like that Jenny!’ Christine exclaimed happily.

`Ok sweet, two braids coming up!’ Jenny said and then, in less than five minutes, she had woven Christine’s hair into two shining, long braids!

`There! You look, very pretty now!’ Jenny replied, smiling, since it was true-Christine’s hair DID look pretty! Christine then looked into the mirror and smiled and said:

`Thanks Jenny!’

`Pleasures all mine sweetheart! Now we’d better get moving or we’ll be late honey!’ Jenny explained, then smiling held out her arm and linked her pretty friend, then they waited for Susan. When Susan was finally ready, off they went to the salon!

Part 3-The salon:

`No, it’s Ok, I’ll wait!’ Christine said.

`Are you sure?’ her mum (Susan) asked.

`Yes mum, you and Jenny get yours done-then I’ll have mine done!’

`Ok then honey, if that’s what you want. Come on Jenny! Christine, you can sit next to Jenny if you want to while her hair’s being done Ok?’ Susan asked, knowing how much Christine liked Jenny.

`Ok mum!’ Christine said, then sat next to Jenny and watched her mum and Jenny have their hair done.

Part 4- Preparing Christine:

`Wow! You two look incredible!’ Christine exclaimed, her pretty blue eyes wide. Susan had had hers washed, blow-dried, and put up into a bun (since that was the way Rob liked it up). Jenny had had the ends of hers trimmed, washed, blow-dried and put up into a chignon.

`Thanks sweetie!’ Susan and Jenny said. Then Susan said to Christine:

`Ok honey, now it’s your turn, Jenny will be sitting next to you to make it easier for you Ok?’ You see, Susan knew how much Christine hated the hairdressers, unless Jenny was there with her too.

`Ok…’ Christine faltered, what was her mum talking about, she’d never said that before to her all the times she’d been to the hairdressers before! Jenny looked mildly surprised too, but she shook her head and said:

`Alright sweet, go on up to the seat!’ Jenny helped Christine onto the seat, as Christine was a little small, then Jenny sat next to her. Then the hairdresser who had done Susan’s and Jenny’s hair, came up, then spun Christine around to face the mirror and said:

`Ok honey, you ready’
`Yes’, Christine replied.

Part 5-Confirming the plan.

`Now lets see’, the hairdresser said, unbraiding Christine’s long hair with Jenny’s help. `You wanted me to take off some length after washing and conditioning it, then you wanted me to straighten it by blow-drying it, then finally you wanted it to be half up and half down in barrels right?’

`Yes that is correct!’ Susan said smiling. Jenny looked mildly shocked. How much was `a bit taken off the length?’ Christine just stared in the mirror, confused and nervous.

“Right, lets get started shall we?” the hairdresser asked as she put a gown over Christine and led her to the wash basin……

Part 6-Christine’s hair is washed and conditioned.

“OK honey, is the heat of the water OK for you?” the hairdresser, Kim asked.

“Yes it’s fine thanks!” Christine replied, then Kim rinsed Christine’s hair through with water.

“So, are you excited, I mean, being the main bridesmaid for your mother and all?” Kim asked, still wetting Christine’s hair with water.

“Yes, I’m glad that my first time being a bridesmaid is for my mother” Christine replied, her eyes closed as the water wet her hair. A few moments later, Kim said:

“Your hair is in lovely condition, it’s so soft!” Christine coloured then replied:

“Thank Jenny for that!”

“Who’s Jenny?” Kim asked. Christine leaned up slightly and looked towards the area where Jenny and her mother were talking.

“See the blonde lady?”

“Oh yes, that’s her is it?” Kim asked. Christine leaned back again and nodded in reply.

“Well considering how stylish she is, I’m not surprised! Was it her who braided your hair?”


“She’s done a great job doing it hasn’t she?” Kim asked, Christine smiled and nodded.

In no time, Christine’s hair was washed and conditioned, then she was led over to her mother and Jenny.

Part 7-Christine’s haircut

“Oh don’t look so worried Christine honey-Kim will make you look beautiful!” Jenny said gently as Kim started to comb through Christine’s long damp hair. Sue had gone to the bank.

“That’s right! I’ll have you prettied up in no time!” Kim said, then went to fetch the scissors, comb and other equipment she would need to do Christine’s hair with. Christine turned to Jenny:

“I’m so nervous Jenny! What if this doesn’t look good?” Christine nervously asked her.

“You’ll look stunning once Kim’s finished with you, so don’t worry!” Jenny said, then Kim came back with all the required equipment. Then she began combing through Christine’s long hair again. Kim then said to Jenny (while
Christine stared in the mirror terrified):

“Jenny can I just say that you have kept this pretty ones hair in fab condition!” Kim said.

“Thanks Kim, it’s such a lovely colour!” Jenny replied back, smiling at Christine’s pretty face in the mirror.

“I agree totally! Now Christine honey, I need you to put your head down for me so that I can cut it OK?” Kim asked, picking up the scissors. Christine reluctantly did this after looking at Jenny (at which Jenny had smiled)

“You’ll be fine sweetheart, Jenny said encouragingly, then after looking one last time at her long hair flowing over her shoulders, Christine leaned her head down. Jenny gently linked Christine’s arm, knowing this was going to be very difficult for her.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’m here OK?” Jenny said

“Ok” Christine stammered, leaning her head down to her chest.

“Ok just keep very still OK?” Kim asked, then with that, she sectioned off Christine’s hair, making sure to leave a section down so that it was free for cutting. After this she picked up the scissors and clicked them in then air a few times.

“Click, Click, Click!” Christine almost leapt a foot in her seat as Kim did this, Jenny then said:

“Christine, don’t panic OK? Kim was only seeing if they worked or not!”

“Sorry, I’m just so nervous, I don’t know how this is going to look after all this, remember!” Christine said.

“No but I do since your mum told me when you were having your hair washed, you’ll look great OK?”

“OK” Christine said, terrified

“Can I start now?” Kim asked

“Sorry, yes” Christine said, her tension increasing.

With that, Kim picked up the comb and scissors. Kim combed down Christine’s free section of hair, Christine closed her eyes tight. Jenny linked her arm, then Kim stopped the comb about 3 inches from the ends of Christine’s hair, then closed the scissors on it.

“Snip, Snip, Snip” the blades went, Christine opened her eyes, but because Kim had started at the back, she couldn’t tell how short her hair was, so she asked Jenny as Kim went to answer the telephone.

“Jenny, how much shorter is it? Please be honest with me!” Christine exclaimed nervously

“Oh it’s about 3 inches that’s coming off it”

“WHAT??!!” Christine exclaimed

“Relax Christine, it’s still long past your shoulders, so its still long you know!” Jenny reassured her

“But 3 inches shorter? Why so much?” Christine asked

“Well you haven’t had your hair cut for about 7 months now, so your mother wanted all of the split ends taken off it” Jenny explained.

Kim then came back and said:

“Sorry about that, so how are we doing?”

“Oh Christine’s worried that her hair will wind up short now!” Jenny said

“Oh Christine, it’s not going to be short at all, its only about 3 inches that I’m taking off it you know”

“Yes but 3 inches shorter is short to ME!”

“Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine. Can I continue now?” Kim asked. Jenny nodded in reply. Then Kim unsectioned another section of hair and combed it down so that it hung near her bra strap, then raised the scissors again:

“Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip” the scissors went and another 3 inches of Christine’s hair were on the floor. Kim then repeated this process:

“Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip” then Kim started on the sides

“Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip” Christine gasped, since she could now see what Kim was doing as she was working on the sides, she could now get a full view of how much shorter her hair was!

“Oh it’s so SHORT!” Christine sobbed. Jenny hugged her and said:

“Please don’t cry, it really suits you this length!” Jenny said gently.

“But I’m going to look like dead ugly!” Christine sobbed

“No you won’t, you’re a lot prettier than you think, and you just don’t like to hear it!” Jenny replied, wiping her pretty friends tears with a clean tissue.

“Well it’s hard to tell at the minute isn’t it Jenny?!” Christine replied laughing

“No, you already look better and you’ll see how pretty you really are at the end!” Jenny said, hugging her.

“Can I continue?” Kim asked gently, understanding why Christine was so shaken up.

“Yes Ok!” Christine said, more confident now. Kim nodded then unsectioned another section and gently snipped the required 3 inches off that section too:

“Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip”

After about 10 more minutes of cutting, Kim then said:

“I’m going to do your fringe now OK?”

Christine nodded, and then scowled as her long fringe fell into her eyes (as it was unsectioned now). Both Kim and Jenny smiled

“Don’t worry, Kim’ll sort out that fringe now!” Jenny said smiling and trying not to laugh at Christine’s expression on her face. Kim smiled too, then asked:

“Where does she normally have her fringe trimmed to Jenny?” She asked

“It’s normally just slightly above her eyebrows” Jenny explained to her.

“OK, close your eyes honey while I do this OK?”

Christine nodded, then picking up her scissors again, Kim gently snipped Christine’s fringe to slightly above her eyebrows as requested:

“Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip” the scissors went

“You’re looking so good now Christine!” Jenny exclaimed

“Thanks, you look really pretty too Jenny!” Christine answered back, smiling. After about two more minutes of cutting, it was completed!

“Well, I haven’t dried it yet, but how do you like the cut?” Kim asked Christine. Christine looked and said:

“It looks fab Kim, thanks!” then nervously, Christine turned to Jenny and asked:

“What do YOU think Jenny? Does it suit me?” Christine nervously asked

“You look very radiant honey, and you’ll look even lovelier when Kim has it dried and done up dead nice for you!” Jenny said.

“Right, I’m going to blow-dry it now OK honey?” Kim asked

“Yes OK”

Part 8-The hairdrying

Kim then plugged in the hairdryer to the wall then gently started drying Christine’s (significantly shorter) hair straight. After about 10 minutes of blow-drying, Jenny suddenly said:

“Christine, you look gorgeous!!”

“Thanks, you look gorgeous too Jenny!” Christine replied

“Oh thanks darling!” Jenny said happily. At this point, Sue came back and said :

“Christine your hair looks lovely sweetheart!” Sue exclaimed

“Thanks Mum”

“How has she been Jenny love?” her Mum asked Jenny

“Oh just great, she freaked out a bit when she saw how much was being cut off at first, but then you were fine weren’t you honey?” Christine smiled then said:

“Yeah, I’ve gotten used to it at this length now!”

“Well I’m glad you like it love, Kim you’re doing a wonderful job on my daughter”

“Glad you like it!” Kim replied smiling, about 30 minutes later the blow-drying was done!

Part 9-Christine’s style.

“Ok now I just have to put the barrels in her hair then Christine’s finished!” Kim said

“Will you be OK doing this then Kim?” Sue asked

“Oh yes, I’ve done barrel styles before, it’ll just take longer with Christine’s hair since it’s so thick!” Kim explained.

First she put Christine’s hair half up half down by using clips to secure it in place, then working at a section at a time, Kim twirled each section of hair around her finger, then she secured the twirls in place with fine grips, after about half an hour of doing this, she secured the last barrel in place, then applied a light covering of hairspray to Christine’s (by now shining) hair. Then finally Kim spun Christine around to face the mirror, Christine gasped-was this really her?

“Oh beautiful, Christine! Good work Kim!” Susan said

“Thanks!” Kim said

“Christine? I don’t believe that I have EVER seen you look prettier than you do now!” Jenny said, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Thanks!” Christine said, still shocked!

“I’m glad you like it guys-and as it’s a wedding and since you’re all great customers, I won’t charge you for this OK?” Kim asked generously

“Thank You Kim, this means A LOT to me!” Susan s

“Yes well it’s like my wedding present to you OK?” Kim asked

“Yes and thanks again Kim!” Sue said

“No problem dearie” and with that, Kim whisked off the cape from Christine, and then dusted all the loose hairs from her lap. Jenny STILL couldn’t believe how different Christine looked! As Sue went to hail a cab. Christine said:

“Jenny do you think that YOU could do this style for me for other special occasions?”

“Well I have SOME idea of how you do it, so I’ll definitely try!” Jenny replied, then smiling she said “You look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Do you know that?”

“Well, you’ve said it enough times so I must be!” Christine said laughing and then hugged her friend and carer, Jenny hugged Christine back.

Part 10-Conclusion

The wedding was a day that Susan would never forget or Christine or Jenny would either! Christine was REALLY nervous walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid the very first time with 3 other bridesmaids, however she did it, wearing the most beautiful lilac dress ever! Jenny was watching both Susan but particularly (since Susan had told her to) Christine. Jenny was practically crying as both Susan and Christine read out their speeches-she was sooooo happy for them both, and Jenny wished them all the luck for the future! She looked forward to always looking after Christine too!


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