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9 months and 11 days ago my three best friends and I had risked our amazing long manes for the chance to fall in love with our hair all over again. The gamble had been worth it, but one by one my dearest friends were forced to part with their beautiful, long hair. Last night Mary, the only other person in the group who had held onto her hair, had given it up happily and without thought when her luck ran out, and now I am the last one of our group who has managed to keep my beautiful, silky, thigh length platinum blond locks. The night Mary had gone bald I had cried a river of tears at my resolve to lose my locks with the rest of my friends, but the morning after I felt a hundred times better and more resolved to do the unthinkable to my hair when that time finally came.

The next morning I woke up to the sun being filtered through a curtain of soft, blonde silk since I had fallen asleep with my hair loose and draped over my shoulders like a blanket of warm satin. I hadn’t done this since I was a little girl as it tended to tickle my face while I slept, but last night I had decided to give it a shot out of love for my hair and I had fallen asleep without incident. I got up groggily and scooped my thick mane behind my shoulders, then made my way to the shower and got ready for the day. I deep conditioned my precious mane, taking a full half hour to keep it as healthy as possible, and as I hopped out of the shower I wrung it out to let as much water drip out as possible. I grabbed two towels, then used one of them solely to towel dry my hair as much as I could since today I was going to let it air dry.

I did some work on my laptop for about two hours as my soft hair dried in the warm, dry summer air while I did so, and after it had dried completely I tried to think how I wanted to wear it today. I didn’t feel like wearing it long… or in a ponytail… or a bun… or in a braid… but twin braids? I certainly hadn’t done that in a while. I stood in front of the mirror while I worked my long silken hair carefully into a braid on my right side, and then my left, each braid taking nearly five minutes to fasten. Finally I took a good long look at myself in the mirror, my lustrous silvery blonde mane tied into two beautiful shining pieces of shining rope that were each nearly as thick as a baseball bat and dangled nearly to my knees. I pulled my thick braids over my shoulders and let them rest there, taking in how great they looked on me.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life with this hair I thought to myself. I mean, sure I had come to grips with losing it, but why couldn’t it be? I had dodged losing my locks for this long, who knows? Maybe I could keep on doing it forever!

Sadly, there were some facts I couldn’t avoid, such as the fact that three out of the four of us had already succumbed to baldness, and I was only holding onto my hair by a thread. Mary had pointed out, on more than one occasion, that I had already come dangerously close to losing my hair many, many times, and even though this may have been a scare tactic to keep me on my toes, Mary hadn’t been one to make idle threats. “Two months, three tops…” she had told me, and in fact, today may very well be a very LARGE portion of the rest of my life with this hair. If bad luck were to befall me today I may be forced to lose my locks by midnight tonight.

Even worse, as I had finished braiding my hair I had been overcome with a horrible, horrible feeling that I would be losing my hair very soon, in fact it felt like this may indeed be my last day to enjoy my beautiful, shining locks. As this gut-wrenching feeling of loss hit me I reached up with my right hand and began stroking one of the long, thick, silky ropes lovingly, trying to get a feel for it in case this was indeed the end.

Still though, I felt better and more at peace about the prospect than I ever had in my life, and as I turned to walk out the door and enjoy this beautiful sunny, summer day (my twin braids flying out behind me with the movement), I promised myself that I would treat today like it was the last day with my hair.


As it turned out, that day had not been the day of reckoning for my platinum blonde tresses of shining silk. In fact, as the feeling of impending doom for my hair passed me by, so did the days, and then the weeks, and then even months. As time passed by and my friends grew out their bald heads to more common styles I continued to do the same, striving to keep myself on track and grow my hair to my knees before its’ inevitable end. As the three month mark of Marys’ shave approached I began to grow anxious, not about losing my hair, but about the idea that Mary had told me I would have three months left with it at the most and I was now soooooo very close to it reaching my knees. My anxiousness turned out to be misplaced however, and the three month mark passed me by as my hair finally passed my knees. True to my word I trimmed it back once it got to that length, and from then on it never dangled higher than the tops of my knees.

I truly loved that summer I had with my hair, and even though its’ thick, heavy, and soft texture was somewhat uncomfortable in the warm sun I still let my hair hang loose and beautiful almost every day of it. I loved going to the beach and feeling it swirl around me as I swam in the ocean. I loved going for runs and feeling the bounce of my ponytail against my back, and I loved the feel of my two summer flings running their hands through it at every opportunity they could. I reveled in every moment I had with my beautiful mane of silvery blonde silk, but one day my luck finally ran out.


One year, one month, and seven days after the four of us had made our pact (three months and twenty-six days after Mary lost her hair) I walked briskly up to Nicoles’ apartment, grumbling under my breath about a speeding ticket I had just gotten in the rush to get here. I was wearing my hair loose and free and I could actually feel it shining beautifully in the glow of the setting sun, the silken strands swinging softly across my back as I made my way to her door. It was a warm day early in October, the summer was finally moving on but it was just warm enough for me to wear my favorite silk summer dress and sandals. It was a bright yellow color with spaghetti straps and ruffled skirt, complete with a sash tie around the waist. I loved this dress because it was cool in the summer, very pretty, and (most importantly) its’ hemline ended just above my hairline, letting me feel the silky tickle of my hair while I walked.

I rang the doorbell as I tucked a loose strand of my long hair behind my ear, then smiled a toothy hello as Nicole opened the door to her apartment. I gave her a quick hug, my fingertips touching the adorable chin length bob that her and Jenny were now both sporting. The more they wore their hair in identical styles, the more giddy they became at the idea, as they had always had a sister-like connection with one another. I walked in to see Jenny and Mary playing something on the Wii, Marys’ hair was still growing out and resting in a ragged cut just above her chin, but her thick bangs already cut back into her shining red hair.

“Hey Tracie, where were you? We thought you weren’t going to make it.” Mary asked, not even taking her eyes off of the TV.

“Sorry, I know, I got a speeding ticket for trying to get here faster.” I replied, but as soon as I felt the words come out of my mouth I somehow knew in that instant what I had just done.

Mary and Jenny were absolute pros at subtlety, but I saw Mary f
alter for a second and in that brief instant I felt my heart stop. I had always been chastised by the girls for my habit to speed, but never in my life had I ever gotten a ticket… until today. In fact, you could say it was only a matter of time before I got a ticket, and that time was now. “You have no idea how close you have come to losing your mane already” Mary’s words from that night echoed in my head. How many times had she been in the car when I had been pulled over for speeding, only to watch me sweet talk my way out of a ticket? How many times had she cursed under her breath, knowing that I had just narrowly avoided losing my hair?

 For second I debated on whether or not I should tell them that I was just kidding. They had no idea that I knew, and if I took care of this ticket in private I could go on keeping my hair for the rest of my life without them ever knowing better. In fact, if this had happened before Mary had lost her hair and told me her words of wisdom I probably would have done exactly that, but the fact was that I was finally ready. Even though it was going to break my heart to see my hair dissolve away to nothing I knew it was finally time to say goodbye.

All of this went through my head in a split second while Mary and Jenny continued to play, and even though it felt like an eternity to pass it was only a second until Mary simply replied “Oh, well that really sucks T.”

“Yeah,” I replied, then felt something welling up in my chest, some bundle of deep emotions I couldn’t contain, I thought I was going to burst into tears right then and there, “I have to use the little girls room.” I said quickly as I nearly ran out of the room, my dress and my hair fluttering with the brisk walk. As I left the room though I looked at my best friends out of the corner of my eye and saw them all smile knowingly at each other.

I got to the bathroom quickly, sure that I was going to begin weeping before I even shut the door. But as I stood there looking in the mirror, the first hysterical shudders coursing through my chest, I didn’t feel tears coming to my eyes at all. I wondered what was going on, but then I realized that those shudders building up in my body weren’t sobs at all, and as my laughter finally burst out of my chest I had to cover my mouth to keep in the hysterical fits of laughter. Finally after almost a minute of genuine, feel good laughter I felt free and relieved, it was OVER! This entire bet, and my borrowed time with my hair, was finally coming to an end, and Mary was right, I couldn’t help but love this feeling of freedom.

Finally I settled down and looked at myself in the mirror, a beautiful grinning girl with an amazing fall of silken blonde hair that any girl would kill for, and here I was getting ready to destroy it. I tried to remember this image of myself, as in a few hours it would be long gone, but all I could stare at was the glorious fall of silvery hair that tumbled down my back and framed my face beautifully. After almost a minute of staring at my hair I reached back and grabbed a fistful of my long, beautiful hair, bringing my massive mane up to my face and kissing it. That’s right, I actually kissed my hair goodbye, and as I felt the warm, soft, luxurious tresses pressed against my face I knew that everything was going to be alright. “Thank you.” I whispered into my silky soft locks as I smelled the sweet strawberry shampoo I used that morning, and then I let go of my mass of living silk and felt its’ reassuring swing of weight against my back.

I left the bathroom and made my way back to the living room where my friends were gathered, and as I watched them for a second in silence as they continued to play their game I was overcome with a deep love for each and every one of them.

“Feel better Rapunzel?” Mary asked, and I slowly nodded.

“You know what?” I replied with a smile “I really do.”


A few hours passed, every few minutes one of my friends would begin to play with my hair, and I took in the feeling because I didn’t know how long it would be before I felt it again. For chastising me about being subtle however, they wouldn’t know subtlety if it hit them in the face. We all made dinner together, arugula salad and beef stew, and as we sat talking afterwards, I saw Jenny nod to Nicole out of the corner of my eye. I saw Nicole begin walking towards the pile of purses in the corner of the room, but stopped her with a sentence.

“It’s OK, I know it was a speeding ticket.” I said, then laughed to myself when I saw all three of their jaws drop.

“Oh my God! You knew? You’re taking this really well Tracie!” Mary said, slightly flabbergasted.

“Well,” I replied, pulling my mane over my right shoulder and dropping it into my lap, “you can’t live on luck forever, and hey, it’s just hair” I said. As I looked down at my lap and played with my hair though I knew that the silken pool of living satin in my lap was anything but JUST hair.

“So you’re ready for this huh?” Jenny asked.

“When do you wanna go through with it? It’s only 8:50.” Nicole chimed in. I thought about it for a second. I could play with my hair for another three hours or so, but after almost six years growing it out to this length, what was the point?

“What was it you said to me that one time Nicole?” I asked my brunette friend. She looked a little confused for a second, then smiled.

“No time like the present?” she half said, half asked.

I smiled and pulled my mane back over my shoulder, letting it spill down my back. “Bingo.” I replied.


We slowly made our way into Nicoles’ master bathroom, slowly because my three friends each took incredibly long turns playing with my hair one last time. About half an hour later though we had all finally migrated in front of the large mirror, Jenny now brushing out my hair as Mary and Nicole made the preparations to transform my wonderful, thick mane of shining satin into nothing more than free floating particles. As I requested, they had set up a video camera to tape the “disappearing process”, as I knew I would want to watch it again later once I built up the nerve. As Mary poured several bottles of her hair eating tonic into a large bowl Jenny leaned in close to whisper encouragement into my ear.

“It’ll be OK Tracie, it’s not so bad once it’s over.” But I just laughed.

“Jenny, it’s OK, I’m over this. To be honest, you guys are taking it way harder than I thought I would.” I watched in the mirror as my hair flew out behind me with each stroke of the brush. It was sooooo amazingly beautiful and long, but soon it would all be gone.

“I know, it’s just… you’re the last of us you know, you’re the only proof that once upon a time we all had amazing manes of princess hair. Once your hair is gone, that’s it, it’ll be over and we won’t ever be the same.” I heard a hint of real sadness in Jenny’s voice, enough that I was a little worried at how the others were taking this.

“Jenny, what are you talking about? If everyone wanted to then they can just grow their hair out like it was before.” I looked at her worried eyes as Mary poured another bottle of the stuff into the bowl.

“Yeah, but we all won’t. I know for a fact that Mary isn’t planning on going that long again, and without all four of us in on it I don’t really know if I will either. It’s just a little sad is all.” I hadn’t really thought about it like
this, my baldness would really be the final nail in the coffin of our long hair agreement. It was sad of course, but I hadn’t come this far to turn back now, so I gave Jenny a tight hug as I felt her run both hands through my silken mane. I let go and she immediately went back to brushing it. Before long though Mary came over to us holding a large green bowl very carefully, then placed it on the bathroom counter in front of me.

“OK, it’s ready.” Nicole said, then the bathroom fell quiet for a second. After a few moments of me breathing deep I felt everyone’s hands on my hair once again, this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

“So what now?” I asked after what felt like an eternity of waiting.

“Now, when you’re ready, you walk over to that bowl and dip the ends of your hair into it like a paintbrush, and then watch it work its’ magic.” Mary said with a weak smile. Work its’ magic? That was a weird was to describe losing my hair. I took a deep breath and started to stand up, but then I felt hands on my shoulders push me back down. “Oh I almost forgot” Mary added as she picked up a pair of very hungry looking scissors. “We don’t want to build this into a big moment just to see a few strands left on your head because they weren’t even with the rest of your mane, so do you mind if I even it out a bit?”

“No, not at all, in fact… that’s a really good idea Mary.” I replied.

“OK.” she brushed out my hair and gathered it into a loose ponytail which she tied with about three inches from the tips of my hair. She reached for the scissors and after doing some quick measuring she placed the scissors about an inch above the tips of my hair and started cutting. I heard the scissors make a horrifying SHNICK noise as they sliced off a tiny portion of my mane, and it made me shiver. I was suddenly very glad that I had decided not to lose my mane to those barbaric tools.

“Sorry T, this is just the start.” Mary said as she held up an inch of my precious, beautiful mane, a mane that was moments away from its’ end. I looked at my mane in the mirror and could actually see the damage that tiny portion had done. I usually flipped out the ends of my hair, but without that little flip my hair looked a little flatter and more lifeless against my back. If this was how it felt to lose an inch of hair…

But my thoughts were interrupted as Mary dropped that tiny inch of hair into the bowl. I watched it float on top of the liquid for a second, and then with a tiny fizzle and a puff of smoke it was gone. “Wow, that was… wow.” was all I could squeeze out. This was it, this was the end of the line for my hair.

“OK Tracie, it’s all you. All you have to do is dip the ends of your hair into that bowl, and this stuff will do the rest.” Mary said with a smile.

“OK…” I took a deep breath, “here goes nothing.” I stood up and slowly walked over to the bowl, Mary hugged me first on my hairs’ death row walk, and I could feel her stroke my hair softly. Nicole was next, and just like Mary she ran her palm over my beautiful silken locks. Finally came Jennifer, and as she squeezed me tight I felt her hands fiddling with my amazing mane of thick, shining silk. It was the last time anyone else ever touched my hair.

I walked over to the bowl and looked into it, thinking that for what this stuff was about to do, it sure looked unimpressive. It was a dull reddish brown color, but clear, almost like soda. There was a smell wafting off it though, not unpleasant, and Mary had been right, it did smell like Dr. Pepper. I reached back with my right hand and gently grabbed the ends of my hair. They were still tied together at the bottom like a strange little paint brush, and as I wrapped my fingers around the hair band holding it in place I mouthed “Goodbye” to my locks under my breath. I took another deep breath, and then another, and right as I was about to dip the ends of my hair into the bowl I suddenly heard “TRACIE WAIT!”

I almost had a heart attack, and my locks missed the bowl by about half an inch. “Oh my God, WHAT?!?” I replied, a little peeved, but I reached up and happily felt the reassurance of my silky locks again. Mary looked happily at the other girls, and then at me.

“Listen, the girls and I were talking, and we just wanted to see if you were really going to go through with this, which you were. We know that your hair has always been so special to you, and it’s become special to us too. Plus it has been over a year since out little wager, and that wager was only supposed to be for things likely to happen within a year.” Mary said, but then Nicole interrupted.

“What Mary’s trying to say is, as long as you were willing to go through with this, then that means everything to us. So if you want to, we’re willing to let you keep your hair.” Nicole beamed, and Mary and Jennifer beamed right along with her.

I was speechless, I could keep my hair… I COULD KEEP MY HAIR! I could already imagine the days I would spend lovingly brushing it, the styles I would wear, I probably wouldn’t keep it at this length, probably cut it back to my thighs or something, but it was mine! My three friends had seen how much I loved my hair, and were willing to let their sacrifice become something more powerful than just a bet. I looked at all three of them, smiling warmly at them.

“I love you guys.” I said.

“I know, we love you too.” Jennifer replied. But I couldn’t let them do this for me.

“Which is why I have to do this.” And with a grim determination and a wild smile on my face, I plunged the bottom two inches my hair into the bowl, dunking the ends of my hair into the strange concoction up to the hair band. I heard a sizzling sound from the bowl, not a quiet sizzle like when Mary had dropped my stubble into the bowl, but an angry, hornets nest-like scream of a sizzle. Tiny bubbles began to form on my hair under the surface of the concoction, and then came to the surface like water beginning to boil.

“Tracie NO!” I heard Mary scream, but it was already too late. I turned to face my friends, Mary covering her surprised mouth, and Jenny and Nicole were beaming widely, but all three of their eyes showed nothing but pride at what I had just done. I smiled back at them, but a second later I felt the hair band slip out from under my fingers and fall to the bottom of the bowl. I turned my head quickly, curious at what had just happened, and my recently unbound, silvery blond mane of silky soft locks flew wildly around my head with the movement in a beautiful storm of shining satin, shimmering defiantly against the horrible fate that was already eating away at them and coming to a natural rest behind my back. That was when it hit me, the band had fallen off of my mane because there was no longer any hair underneath it, the tiny tuft below the band was already gone. As I looked at my magnificent shining mane in the mirror I could see that the damage had already started, my hair had already receded several inches up my leg. Even worse, with my short summer dress I could actually feel my hair creeping back up my leg, first up the back of my knee, then move up the base of my thigh.

In that moment my entire world slowed down, and a second became an eternity as my hair quickly began to literally disappear from the tips upward. I could feel the tips of my hair recede rapidly up my thigh. It tickled my legs gently as my beautiful, shimmering locks of silk faded away past the bottom of my thigh, and then the tickling stopped as my hair ended at the hemline of my dress, but not for long. As I watched in horror and fascination I saw the bottom of my h
air eaten away inch by inch until the base of my hair fell to the middle of my thighs, and then the top of my thighs, and before long the tips of my silken treasure of hair dangled to just below the bottom of my bum.

Less than ten seconds after I dunked my hair into that concoction my mane now fell to the bottom of my butt, and as the chemical reaction continued to move up my mane and erase my amazing hair off of my head my lovely tresses vanished to the point where they fell to the middle of my bum, the shortest I had worn it since we made our pact over a year ago. Over a years worth of hard work, love, and care had been completely undone in just over ten seconds, but this concoction was just getting started as it continued up into the heart of my glorious satin locks.

Fifteen seconds into my horrible experience my locks fell to my belly button, but the horrible, never-ending consumption which was steadily eradicating every trace of my magnificent tresses continued to steal my locks away from me at a stupendous rate. I could now see the progress of my vanishing mane, my hair now ended at the top of my waist where it had once been the fullest and thickest, and looking at this horrible destruction of my hair I couldn’t help but notice with a nervous smile that it looked a lot like my hair was actually receding back into my head. I could hear my friends behind me chatting loudly and saying something as my hair continued to vanish, but they sounded a million miles away as the consumption moved upwards past my waist, and then my bra strap, and then made its’ way up towards my shoulder blades.

Twenty five seconds later my hair had receded to my shoulder blades, the starting point it had been at when I first proposed to my friends that we take this crazy adventure into long hair together, and a second later it was now shorter than that last sanctuary of length. As my hair disappeared past my shoulder blades I could once again feel the tickle of it against my bare skin, but it now felt awful and alien as my beautiful long hair was cruelly stolen from me by an invisible phantom. I felt myself breathing heavily as my hair continued to move up past my shoulder blades, and then past my shoulders, and for the first time since as long as I could remember I felt the horrible cold sensation of air against my naked skin without the protection of a blanket of warm, soft hair.

Thirty-five seconds had elapsed, and as I saw my hair growing shorter in the mirror as it moved up to my chin I felt like I was hyperventilating. As it reached below my chin and continued to move upward I let out a low groan, and then reached up with both of my hands and plunged them into the rapidly vanishing remains of my formerly glorious mane. My hair still felt warm and soft at the top of my head where I grabbed two fistfuls of my hair, but without the weight and mass of my amazing mane beneath it the weight of my hair felt light and sick. Just forty seconds ago I had possessed the most beautiful hair of anyone I had ever seen, and now all that was left was barely ear length. I tried to hold on to the hair in my hands, I tightened my fingers around it until I felt like I was going to yank it out of my head, but mere seconds later I felt the hair between my fingers melt away like a puddle in the hot sun.

I looked in the mirror just in time to see a short, somewhat cute pixie like style rapidly change into something that was almost spikey… and then a buzzcut, and then a close shave of stubble, and then… just fifty-five seconds after I dipped the very tips of a beautiful jungle of lush, soft satin into a strange fluid, the last traces of stubble faded away into a glowing, shiny scalp of bare skin. I sat there with my moth and my eyes wide open, my friends the same way behind me, and then slowly, so very slowly, I reached up and felt the smooth skin covering my head.

The feeling of smooth, soft skin where there had once been warm, silky locks was a bit of a shock, but as I rubbed my head I felt myself smiling. I wasn’t smiling at my loss of hair, heavens no! I could tell that this was a once in a lifetime thing and I couldn’t wait to begin growing my hair back out, but I was smiling at the fact that I had had the guts to go through with this at least once in my life. My friends all stepped forward and felt my newly shaved head, and after a while of rubbing and tentative laughter I heard my best friend Mary tentatively ask “So… do you like it?”

I turned to her with a smile on my face. “Like it? I HATE it, I don’t want anything more than to grow my hair back the way it was, but I’m so glad that I went through with it!” My friends all smiled at me warmly and we hugged, my support group was stronger than ever, even though the last trace of the “Sisterhood of Hair” had just disappeared into the depths of history.


That night I got back to my place and set a fire as I continued to rub my newly denuded head. This was the first time I had lit a fire since spring, and even though it was just getting cool enough to enjoy a warm fire at night I hadn’t made this fire with that intent. I let the fire build for a bit as I looked down and stroked the soft silk of my favorite summer dress, knowing that in mere moments all that would remain of it would be dust and ash. My friend Jenny had burned her clothes after being reborn during her shave, and as the last person in the group to lose my locks didn’t I owe it to my group to follow suit? It was time for a new me, and a new chapter of my life.

After a few minutes it looked like the fire was healthy enough for what was in store, so I stood up and slowly slipped out of my light silk dress, taking the time to hug it to my chest as I prepared to throw it into the fire. I opened up the grate of the fireplace, but just as I was about to throw in my dress I stopped. Whoever said I NEEDED to be born again because of my shave? I didn’t see why a shave couldn’t just be a chapter of my life, not just the end of one story and the beginning of another. Indeed, I had already planned to grow my hair back to its’ former glory, who was to say that I couldn’t enjoy this dress again when my hair was long enough to brush against my knees? I took my dress away from that fire and put it instead in my closet, where I promised it would stay until the time was right to wear it again.


Three years and six months later I opened my closet doors and pulled out the silk sundress I had hidden in a box so long ago. I held it up and noticed that it looked just as beautiful as the day I put it away, so I unzipped the side and slipped into it.

Forty-two months had passed since the night of my journey into baldness, and while myself, Jenny, Nicole, and Mary were still as good friends as we had ever been Jenny had been right about our group. Our friendship remained strong, but “The Sisterhood of Hair” had broken. At first it seemed like everyone was going to grow out their hair to their former glorious lengths, but Mary had been the first to cave, and after growing her hair to her shoulder blades she had decided to trade in her long, strawberry blonde locks for a chin length bob with her trademark bangs still intact. The style looked great on her, but her long, soft, feathery layered hair had passed into the history books.

Jenny and Nicole had fared better, keeping their promise as their hair grew out, and for a while I secretly hoped that they would join me in my path to long hair, but as their hair grew to their waist they decided that it was time for each of them to be independent. Jenny cut her hair back to her shoulder blades while Nicole trimmed it back to her chin
length bob she had fallen in love with. The two of them had indeed been reborn with their shaves, but they were still the strong, independent women I had known lurked beneath their nervous, high school personas.

But after all was said and done there was still one crusader in the quest to protect long hair… me. As the years passed by and my friends traded in their long beautiful hairstyles for new, shorter ones I continued to press on. Time passed and I happily watched as my hair grew past my shoulder blades, and then my waist, and then my butt, until now three years and six months later it tumbled in a beautiful fall of platinum blonde silk that rested just below the bottom of my bum. I looked at myself in the mirror in my old silk dress, and was happy to see that it still fit like a glove. I knew that my hair was not as long as it had been that night that seemed like so many lifetimes ago, but I was on my way, and as I smoothed the silken fabric of my yellow summer dress I knew that in less than a year I would be re-united with my knee length mane.


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