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/images/offcut/the_best_haircut_ever/I drew the brush slowly through her beautiful hair, my fingers thrilling to the silken feel and enjoying the delicate perfume that came from her freshly shampooed tresses. Joy had the most magnificent hair I had ever handled.  She had been coming regularly to the small salon I had opened 5 years earlier and I had been totally fascinated by her hair ever since.  I had seen her before she had started coming to my salon as she worked in the nearby bank and I became totally obsessed by her hair and had many fantasies about it. 

How unbelievably exciting it would be to make love under such a silken blanket. The other great excitement would be to cut off this beautiful long hair. Like most hairstylists I found the urge to cut off masses of hair was irresistible; the thrill of forcing scissors through silken locks and creating a completely new image was so exciting.  Of course if I ever had the opportunity to do this to Joy’s hair, the other fantasy would be no more. 

During my career in hairdressing I had been able to persuade many girls with long hair to submit to my eager scissors. Many of them had lost far more hair than they expected for the ability to resist a persuasive stylist was obviously quite difficult and once they were trapped in the chair under a voluminous cape they were at the mercy of a ruthless hairdresser.  The longer and more beautiful that the hair was gave me greater excitement and perversely the urge to cut as much off as possible.  I was now in my mid thirties, happily married, but the longest my wife’s hair had been was shoulder length and I had never had a relationship with any girl whose hair had been much longer, so I had never been able to fulfil my dream. 

The first time Joy came into the salon she booked for a trim and my stomach lurched with excitement when I was able to fully appreciate the length and beauty of her hair.  It was waist length, a lovely light chestnut colour with natural lighter streaks and was in superb condition, heavy gleaming tresses that streamed down over shoulders and back.  Because it was so beautiful I rejected the thought of ever wanting to cut it off, instead my mind filled with my fantasy. Making love under this silken blanket of beautiful long hair! 

I knew that she was married and she that she worked nearby. She was about 28 years old, not beautiful but with a slim figure, a lovely smile and always was nicely made up and was smartly dressed and of course it was her superb hair that made her stand out.  I had never seen her with her hair totally loose, she would either have her hair in a beautifully arranged thick heavy plait or a loosely gathered ponytail or what appeared to be her favourite arrangement which had most of the top hair gathered and held on her crown and then the rest of her hair streaming loosely down her back. 

One of my assistants had already put a cape around her and freed her hair from the band that had held up the top section of her hair. Her glorious hair now streamed down over shoulders and back in a stunning fall that reached her waist. I smiled at her and picked up a brush and began drawing it slowly through her magnificent hair. It was even more beautiful than I had imagined. “You are booked for a trim I see, how much would you like cut off?”  She said very firmly, “I just want a fraction cut off the ends.  No more than half an inch.” I nodded and continued to draw the brush through her hair in long sweeping movements and got an immense thrill from handling the lovely hair.  I brushed it for several minutes and could see that she enjoyed the feel of the brush in her hair. 

I then asked her to stand up and moved her slightly away from the chair and picked up my scissors and comb.  She was watching very carefully in the mirror as I began snipping away and she visibly relaxed as she saw that I was only removing the minimum amount from the ends of her hair that would help to avoid split ends and keep it in perfect condition.  I spent along time trimming her hair and when I finally removed the cape she gave a delighted smile and said, “Oh thank you very much.  That is perfect.”  I passed her the covered band that had previously been removed and watched as she expertly re-arranged her hair back into its usual style. As I took her money she said, “How often do you think I should have my hair trimmed?”  “Oh, ideally about every 8 to 10 weeks.” I replied and feeling delighted that she was obviously thinking of coming to the salon again. 

I watched her as she walked away, still admiring her uniquely beautiful hair and seeing how it bounced and swayed about her shoulders and back and tried to imagine that blanket of hair spread out around her naked body.  After that she came regularly to have her hair trimmed and she was always very friendly when she came to the salon and I often mildly flirted with her, which she appeared to enjoy. I always took far longer brushing her hair than was necessary to prepare it for her trim as I certainly got great pleasure from it and I could see that she obviously enjoyed her long hair being handled. Because of her regular visits to have the ends of her hair trimmed it was only necessary for me to cut off half an inch to prevent any split ends from spoiling the beauty of her hair.  She always looked apprehensive when she saw me pick up the scissors but then relaxed when she saw the small amount of hair I was removing. 

On one occasion she mentioned that that her hair had always been about waist length and she had never seriously considered cutting it shorter.  She also told me that the reason she had begun coming to my salon for her trim was that she had experienced an upsetting visit to another salon.

She had explained carefully to the young male stylist that she only wanted about half an inch removed to prevent any split ends and suddenly realised he was removing at least 3 inches from the length.  She protested vehemently but of course once the first locks had been cut the length needed to be levelled off.  The stylist made the excuse that this amount needed to be cut off to remove all the split ends but obviously could not resist the temptation of cutting as much of her hair as he dared.  Joy was devastated that he had cut so much off.  “I was so angry and upset, I cried about it for weeks,” she said, and then added, “I feel I can trust you with the scissors.”  I smiled to myself for I knew that if her hair had not been so beautiful and that I still enjoyed my fantasy every time I saw her hair, I would probably long ago convinced her that her hair should be shorter. 

Then it happened! 

She had been to the salon a few weeks earlier for her usual trim and then much to my surprise she called into the salon again. She was looking very attractive in a tight fitting skirt and white crisp blouse and as it was a warm evening she was carrying her jacket over her arm. Her superb hair was pulled back from her face and held on the crown in her usual style.  It was near closing time and my staff had left and I was about to leave myself.  She smiled at me and I could see that she looked quite nervous.  “I know it is rather late but can you do my hair for me now please?”  I felt very surprised that she had returned so soon after her last trim but as always I was pleased to see her.  I nodded and said,”Of course, I always enjoy doing your hair.  It’s a bit soon for your trim though isn’t it?” 

She paused and then looked at me and I could see how tense she looked and then she said, “I want you to cu
t my hair short please.”  I felt my stomach lurch sickeningly and said unbelievingly, “Short?”  One of my fantasies with her hair was instantly shattered, but already as I looked at her magnificent hair I could feel stirrings of excitement at the thought of forcing scissors deep into her silken tresses.  “Will you do it for me?” She looked so determined that I felt if I refused she may well go to another salon and I would be deprived of the consolation of cutting her beautiful long hair as well as it being the end of my fantasy. 

I smiled at her and said, “Of course I can do it.”  I locked the door and said. “I don’t want any interruptions so I can spend plenty of time working on your hair. I think it will be best if we move to the top of the salon and I can put these lights out.”  I picked a brush and also my scissors and comb and then she followed me as I walked through the salon and into the small room that I had fitted out as a beauty room.  It contained a large chair opposite a mirror, a full-length couch and the usual array of trays and trolleys that held the necessary beauty products.  I indicated that she should sit down in the chair and she sank down into looking very nervous but determined. 

I smiled at her and said. “Would you like a cup of coffee before I start?”  “Oh yes please, that would be lovely.” As I prepared the coffee I made a swift phone call to my wife explaining that I had an unexpected late appointment for I did not want to be interrupted this evening!  I quickly made two cups of coffee and then drew up a chair and sat down alongside her. I stared at her and said slowly, “Well, this is quite a surprise.  Are you sure about this?”  She nodded and said,  “Yes, I am. I suppose I have been thinking it was time for me to have a change for about the past 6 months or more, but recent events have helped to make up my mind.”  She hesitated and then continued. “My husband and I have split up.  I found out he was having an affair and we are to divorce.  I have just come back from London from an interview and I have been offered quite a high executive position in the bank, starting next month so everything is changing in my life.  One of the reasons I have kept my hair long is that my husband insisted, but I can do what I like with it now, also during my interview in London someone casually mentioned that the staff should look professional and any long hair should be worn up.  My hair is too long and thick for me to do that successfully so that is another reason for me to have it cut.  I thought long and hard about on the train on the way back and have decided to have it cut short and I was hoping you would still be open and could do it for me tonight before I changed my mind.  I know I am probably going to be terrified whilst it is being cut but I am determined now to have a complete change.” 

I stared at her for a few moments and then put a hand sympathetically on her shoulder, feeling a thrill of excitement as I softly touched her silken hair, and then stood up and moved behind her.  I loosened the covered band, which held back the top hair and totally freed her long silken hair, and allowed it to stream down over her shoulders and down to her waist.  I picked up the brush and began gently drawing it through her long beautiful hair. “You are sure about this?” I asked.  She stared at me through the mirror and gave a little sigh as I brushed her hair and murmured, “Oh, that feels so good. I really love having my hair brushed.  I am sure it will feel so strange when it is short but I am not going to change my mind.” 

Again I felt the lurch of disappointment that I would soon have to destroy my fantasy but continued to brush her hair as it was obvious we were both getting a lot of pleasure from it. She suddenly said softly, “I don’t think you really want to cut my hair short.  I have seen you cut off a lot of long hair since I have been coming here and you really cropped a couple of my friends when they were only expecting an inch or two to be cut off.  You have got quite a reputation for being ’scissor’ happy, and yet you have never put any pressure on me to have my hair shorter.  I remember once sitting waiting and the girl in the next chair had quite long hair and you just chopped off masses of it before she realised what was happening and I half wished you would do it to mine.  You obviously love cutting hair short and I might have been persuaded to let you cut mine a long time ago if you had tried.”  She paused and then added words that totally surprised me but greatly increased the excitement I was feeling. “The last few times you trimmed my hair I had this fantasy that you would suddenly just start chopping off masses of my hair and I would just sit there and let you do it.  Didn’t you ever want to cut my hair short?” 

I took a deep breath and knew I had to confess my fantasy, “When I first saw your hair I wanted to chop it short as I do find cutting off long hair is very exciting but your hair is special that there is something I wanted to do even more than cutting it off.”  I could feel my excitement growing as I saw her swallow hard and lean her head into the sweeping strokes of the brush and heard her give a little gasp as I deliberately let my fingers touch her slim white neck as I stroked her hair and her body gave a little shudder. 

“I want to see you naked with your hair loose and spread out like a blanket and make love to you under it.”  She gave a little groan and turned around and her hand reached out and stroked the enormous bulge in my trousers and said,  “Why not do it now? I am sure you know how aroused I am as well.”  She stood up and gently pushed me back towards the large beauty couch that was behind me. Her fingers were loosening my belt as I pulled down her skirt and she pulled off her own blouse and seconds later her bra and pants followed and she stood before me naked, revealing a slim boyish body but with beautifully shaped breasts with the nipples now swollen with excitement.  Her beautiful long hair was cascading over her shoulders and partially covering her body and she smiled at me provocatively and within seconds I too was naked and held her in my arms. 

She allowed me to lift her up and she wrapped her legs tightly around my body and then she slid down onto my large throbbing member, and her long hair threshed about as she urgently worked herself up and down.  We came almost simultaneously and she clung to me briefly and then eased herself down to the floor.  She indicated the large beauty couch behind me and said, “I am sure it will be more comfortable on there.”  I moved backwards until I was able to allow myself to lie on the bed and she clambered up and sat astride me and said, “Now let me see how I can really excite you with my hair!” 

She bent over me and began kissing me and her sweet smelling long hair fell forward over my face and I lifted and stroked her magnificent hair as she slowly moved from kissing my mouth to gradually work down my body. It was the most erotic moments I had ever experienced and Joy moaned in unison with me as I twisted my fingers through her hair.  Finally she reached my throbbing erect member and she pulled upright herself upright and I closed my eyes as I felt her move her position and then a few seconds later she was easing herself onto me.  She began to gently move up and down and I gasped with pleasure but then it turned to one of surprise as I heard the unmistakable sound of scissors severing hair! 

I opened my eyes just as Joy dropped a great lock of her own hair that she had just hacked off on to my ba
re chest.  I gave a moan of shock but then because she rapidly increased her movement, I moaned with pleasure as I ejaculated but she had a determined look on her face as she caught hold of another great lock of her hair and began forcing the scissors through at about shoulder level.  With a smile she dropped the great mass of hair as she severed it down on to my body and I realised that there was no point in trying to prevent her from continuing.  She was depriving me of the opportunity to have the pleasure and excitement of cutting off her beautiful long hair but perhaps she had thought that after the erotic pleasure she had given me with her long hair during our sex that

I would have tried to persuade her not to have her hair cut.  As more locks of her long hair piled up on my body I realised that the thought had been there. 

However the sight of her long hair being hacked off was still very arousing and I could feel myself getting hard once again.  She was continuing to move slowly up and down on me as she continued with almost a dreamy look on her face to cut more and more of her hair off and drop it on to my body.  Finally she severed the last trace of her wondrous long hair and gave a choking sob and burst into tears and then I managed to roll her over and make love to her again.  I could feel the long lengths of her severed hair trapped between our writhing bodies and my hands were stroking the chopped ends of her remaining hair that I knew I would soon have to work on to create a new dramatic style to replace its former glory. She moved with me as we made love one more time and then she gave me one more kiss and we sat up on the edge of the couch.  The mass of her long hair that she had tossed on to my naked body tumbled down to the floor and Joy put her hands to her ravaged hair and said, “Oh my God!  What have I done!” 

I smiled and said, “Deprived me of the pleasure of cutting off your long hair for a start.”  She looked at me and said, “I am sorry but I thought you might try to talk me into keeping my hair long and I probably would have changed my mind so I just made sure and wanted to cut the first lock off myself and then once I started it felt so good doing I just carried on. Can you make my hair look good now or have I ruined it?”  Now that her really long hair had gone I knew now what I wanted to do.  I was really going to crop her!  I could just shape her shoulder length hair a little and it would look all right but I now had the perfect excuse to cut her hair as short as I liked. 

“It will be fine,” I said.  “Come and sit over here and let me see what I can do with it.”  She sat in the chair and she grimaced as she looked at her reflection in the mirror at her hair bushing unevenly out about her shoulders. .”  I smiled to myself as I realised that I would not have to put a cape over her, this would be the first haircut I had done on a naked woman!  I picked up a brush and said,” I will turn the chair around away from the mirror so you don’t have to see yourself until I have completed your new image.”  Her hair still gleamed and felt so silky as I began brushing it and I felt my excitement begin to rise, as I knew I could do exactly as I liked with it. Her boyish body and her small delicate features were well suited to a very short haircut.  “Well,” I said, “you have made a bit of a mess of it but I can sort it out for you.”  She smiled with relief and said, “How much more will you have to cut off?” 

I continued to vigorously brush her hair and was also carefully checking her hairline at the back that I saw was perfect to take a very short nape.  “Well, I will have to cut your hair quite short now but I think that you will look very dramatic for most people will be shocked when they first see you without your long hair.”  She gave a little smile and said, “I am shocked enough myself!  My head feels so strange and light.”  She paused and said, “Please don’t cut it any shorter than you have to, you know you reputation for being scissor happy,”  “Just relax, your hair will look great when I have finished.  I will just get what I need from the salon.”  I came back with the hair dryer, blow-drying brushes, dampening lotion and electric clippers with attachments and as I placed them on the shelf behind her she turned around and saw the hair clippers.  She gave a little gasp and said, “Are you going to use those on me?”  “I may just need them to tidy up the nape area.” I replied. She made no further comment as I pushed her head forward, sprayed it with the dampening lotion and began. 

I made a horizontal parting across her head and fastened all the top hair up and then combed down the remaining hair. I cut straight across it at about nape level and she gave a little gasp as she saw 4 or 5 inches of her hair tumbling down over her naked shoulders and then on to her hands that were clenched together in her lap. I moved to either side and cut off a similar amount there to bring her hair up to about jaw level and then I put down the scissors and picked up the clippers from behind me.  I pushed her head even lower and switched them on.  I saw her body give a little movement and she said softly, “Oh please not too short.  I don’t want to look like a little boy.” I paused with the clippers buzzing close to her head and said, “It needs to be short at the back, and it is quicker if I use the clippers.” I placed my left hand on the top of her head to steady it and 


then moved the clippers up from her slim white neck and gently began easing them up the back of her head into her hair. The note of the clippers changed as they began biting into her hair and she gave a little gasp as she felt clippers on her head for the first time in her life. Clumps of her


damp hair rolled down on to her bare shoulders as I flicked them from the clipper head and I ran the buzzing blades up almost to the crown. 

3   3

As I was making the second pass up the back of her bowed head I heard Joy give a little moan and suddenly noticed that she was stroking herself between her legs and she gasped, “Oh that feels unbelievable!” I was already beginning to feel aroused myself at the sight of the shorn hair tumbling away leaving behind just the merest covering and knowing that she was being sexually stimulated made it even more exciting. Again and again I ran the clippers up her bowed head and then to the side and swiftly cleared the hair from over her ear.  Joy continued to stroke herself, she had her eyes closed and was giving little gasping sobs as her hair tumbled away.  I cropped off the hair on the other side and then paused to change the clipper head so that I could cut the hair even shorter. 


She opened her eyes as I paused and must have thought I was finished with the clippers as she said desperately, “Oh please don’t stop yet!”  She almost moved her head into the clippers as I ran them up the back of her head once more and her movement increased until finally she came in great gasping sobs.  I switched off the clippers and she looked up at me and said, “Oh that was the most unbelievable climax I have ever had!  I was terrified at how short you were cutting my hair but didn’t care because it felt so fantastic.”  She raised her hand to the back of her head and grimaced
and said, “Christ!  It’s so short! Are you sure it’s going to look alright?”  “Don’t worry.  It is short but it really will look good when I have finished.” 

I repositioned her head now and released the remaining long hair from the front and top of her head that was still 4 or 5 inches long and dampened it with the spray and then picked up my scissors. (Picture 6) 


I started at the side, taken small sections of the longer hair and using the scissor over comb method cut each section quite close to the skin, although not quite as short as the clippers had cut.  Joy sat silent, occasionally fingering a lock of her hair as they dropped on to her lap but I could feel myself getting aroused as I cut more and more of her hair off. 

7   8

9   10

I had almost finished scissoring the remaining longer lengths of hair and was in front of her when she suddenly pulled me close and almost before I realised what was happening she closed her mouth around my erect penis and began sucking.  My pleasure was intense and as my scissors sliced through the last section of hair I intended to cut, I spurted all over her body.  Now her extreme haircut had given is both the most incredible exotic experience and we smiled happily at each other. 

I hugged her and then said, “There is a shower next door, let’s go and clean up and then I will blow dry your hair.”  She stood up and brought both her hands to her head and began fingering its extreme shortness and said. “My head feels so light and bare.  I hope you haven’t made me look a freak.”  I smiled and said, “I promise you are going to look sensational.  Once you decided that your long hair was going to be cut it needed to be replaced by a really dramatic hairstyle.” 

I knew that deep down I felt that nothing could ever look better than her long glorious tresses and many others would feel the same but this ultra short haircut did suit her.  It also revealed more of her personality and her fine bone structure that had previously been hidden by all her long hair.  We shared a long sensuous shower together and then after we had dressed I took her back into the small beauty room and swung the chair around so that she was able to see her reflection in the mirror.  She gave a little gasp and then a half smile as she ran her hands over her cropped hair, “ Oh it is so short but it feels fantastic and I think I am going to like it once I get over the shock!” 

I picked up a brush and a dryer and began working on her hair and it only took a few minutes, as the only hair on her head longer than about ¼ of an inch was the hair at the front.  I had cut this in an asymmetric shape with the left side much shorter and the right side just partly covering her forehead.  I applied a little dressing to smooth her hair down and then stood back feeling delighted and I knew it was the best haircut I had ever done – in more ways than one!  She looked gorgeous! 


Joy smiled at her reflection in the mirror, turning her head several ways and then brought her hands up and smoothed the cropped hair at the back.  She then said, “Oh I can hardly recognise myself.  I love it! You are absolutely brilliant.  I thought I would never forgive you for cutting my hair so short but you were right.  Another good thing is that I won’t have to spend nearly so much time on my hair, shampooing and drying it always took hours.”  She stood up and hugged me and then gave me a long lingering kiss and then said with a smile, “I am sure I won’t be able to get such a good haircut when I move to London.  Will you be able to trim it for me, when I come down, I will be visiting my parents quite often.”  “Of course, and if you can’t make often enough I could always come up to London.  You know how much I like your hair,” We both laughed happily, knowing that more than just her hair was the attraction. 

The End

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