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Crystal hung her head in defeat. She had just lost a big bet to her boyfriend Jason. They had been playing blackjack all night and Crystal had won 98% of the games so far. The last bet of the night had been that the loser was to become the slave of the winner for an entire six months.

“Tomorrow will be a new day for you and it might even be the start of a new identity for you as well.”

“What do you mean by that, Jason?”

“You will find out in the morning.”

Crystal awoke around noon the next day. Jason was nowhere in the house. Crystal found a note from Jason on the kitchen table with instructions to go to a hair salon in town at 2pm. It said the stylist would already have instructions on how to do her hair and that it was all paid for as well. Crystal got to the salon a few minutes early and pondered how Jason wanted her hair cut. She did not think that he would do anything drastic because he had always loved her 5″8′, well-developed body, and her long, silky-smooth, dark brown hair that just barely touched the crack of her butt. Crystal entered the salon and was greeted by the lady at the counter.

“You must be Crystal?”

“Yes, but how did you guess that?”

“Your boyfriend dropped by and gave us the picture of how you wanted your hair cut. I can see why you are so nervous to get your hair cut. Don’t worry, you will look great once we are done.”

Crystal could only wonder about her new style as she sat in the chair and the cape was put on her. The stylist got to work quickly and with just a few snips of the scissors, Crystal’s hair had gone from butt length to slightly below shoulder length.

“I will be right back dear. I have to go mix the color now.”

Crystal was getting worried now but she knew that Jason would not do anything too drastic so she relaxed and accepted whatever was to come.

The stylist returned and put a plastic cap on Crystal’s head. With a little pick she pulled out a few strands of hair from different areas of Crystal’s hair and applied the color solution to them. A half-hour later the stylist rinsed out Crystal’s hair and blew it dry.

Crystal saw her new hairstyle and actually liked it. Slightly longer than shoulder length with a few dark blonde highlights.

“How do you like your hair? It will be cooler this summer than that long mess you had before don’t you think?”

“It will take me a little while to get used to but I like it and you are right, it will be a bit cooler and even a bit easier to take care of.”

“Your boyfriend already paid us this morning so you’re all set.”

“Thank you.”

Crystal headed for home and found Jason already in bed waiting for her.

“So, do you like your new hairstyle, babe?”

“I like it but can’t wait to grow it back out.”

“Well it will be a few months before I let you grow it back out. Remember I own you as my slave for six months.”

“I know. When that time is up I can go back to my old look. Are you going to tell me what else you might have planned?”

“Let’s just say that you will end up with a total body and image makeover. You are beautiful as you are but you still need just a little extra to make you incredibly sexy. I set your next appointment for Monday of next week and before you ask, no, I am not going to tell you what it is for.”

Crystal spent the rest of the week and weekend being nervous about Monday but in a slight way she was also excited, even though she could not figure out why she would be excited. Monday arrived and Crystal awoke to find another note on the table with directions to a different hair salon and a appointment at noon. When Crystal arrived at the salon the first thing she noticed was a lady coming out with a crew cut and a lot of earrings in her exposed ears. She began to wonder if she should even go in there or not but she rationalized that there would be no way Jason would do anything that extreme to her. She got the courage up and entered the salon.

“May I help you?”

“Uh, yes. I have a appointment for noon to get a hair cut. My name is Crystal Banks.”

“Follow me please. You may have a seat here and your stylist will be with you shortly.”

Crystal got nervous again as she looked around at the pictures on the walls. Almost all of them were of extreme hairstyles, piercing, and tattoos.

“Hi, Crystal. My name is Melissa and I am your stylist for today. Your boyfriend came in this morning and paid for you today along with giving me the note of what you want done. Are you ready to get started?”

“I guess so, but may I ask why you have so many pics of tattoos and piercing on your wall? The extreme hairstyles I can understand but I don’t get why those others pics would be in a hair salon.”

“We do tattoo and piercing work here as well as hair, nails, tanning, waxing. You name it, we do it. Let’s get started. We will do your hair color first and then the cut and then the rest. Ok?”

Crystal replied “OK” but wondered what Melissa had meant by “the rest”.

Melissa returned with the color solution and soon had Crystal’s hair covered. 35 minutes later and Crystal’s hair was washed, cut and styled. Melissa did not cut much off. She spun Crystal around to reveal a beautiful redhead in the mirror with just above shoulder-length hair.

“It looks great.”

“I am glad you like it. Sit here and I will be back shortly with the rest of the equipment.”

When Melissa returned she was carrying a piercing gun.

“We will do your ears first, ok?”

“Uh. ok.”

A short while later Crystal sported 2 new earrings in each earlobe to complement the one she already had.

“The next piercing might hurt a little so I want you to close your eyes so that you will not see it coming, ok?”

Crystal figured that Melissa would put an earring in the top of her ear so she said “ok”. She was very shocked when she felt a sharp pain in the right side of her nose. She looked in the mirror to see a diamond stud gleaming back at her.

“I did not ask to have my nose pierced. Why did you do that?”

“Uh, I am sorry. It was on the list that your boyfriend gave me. I thought you wanted it done.”

Melissa gave Crystal the list and sure enough everything that Melissa had done was on the list.

“I don’t like the nose ring, so can you take it out?”

“I better not do that right now because taking it out could cause it to get infected. Wait about 2 weeks and then it should be ok to take out.”

“I guess I will leave it in if I have to. Everything else looks great and I love my red hair. I always wanted to try red but never had the courage.”

“I’m happy you like your new look. Come again soon.”

When Crystal got home she made sure Jason stayed away from her for the rest of the night because she was still very mad at him about the nose ring.

The following Monday Jason had left another note on the table with instructions to go back to see Melissa. At the bottom it promised “no piercing or tattooing” so Crystal got ready to go and was soon walking in the door of the salon.

“Hi, Crystal. Welcome back. I take it you are ready for another hairstyle. Jason left the instructions and you don’t have to worry about any new piercing or tattoos. Just a hairstyle today.”

“Ok. I will trust you on that. I guess you have figured out by now that Jason is picking my styles for me without me knowing what they are, right?”

“Yes. He told me that today. I think you will love the new style for today. As always, color is up first.”

“I had gotten used to the red. What color are we going to now?”

“You will see soon enough but don’t worry, it is a normal color.”

“O.K. Let’s do it then.”

Melissa applied the color and rinsed it out after about 45 minutes and then got to work on the cut. Crystal could not see her new hair color because she was not facing the mirror. First Melissa used scissors to cut a lot of hair from the back of Crystal’s head and then came a buzzing sound and Crystal jumped as she thought it was a tattoo gun.

“It’s only clippers. I have to use them a little here in back.” Melissa continued running the clippers all around the back of Crystal’s head and then returned to scissors to finish the cut in front and on the sides. When she was finished she spun Crystal around. What Crystal saw in the mirror was incredible looking. She had a very severe inverted bob cut with just a tiny bit of hair in the back and it arched down drastically to just below chin level in front. The most shocking was the color. It was as bleached blonde as Crystal had ever seen. The new hairstyle and color set off the 3 earrings in her ears as well as her nose ring. Crystal now found herself loving her nose ring, which was something she never thought she would do.

“What do you think?”

“I love it. It sets off these piercings perfectly. I almost think I want to get a new earring at the top of my ear. Do you have time to do that now?”

“Yes, I have plenty of time. I’ll tell you what. I will do one in the top of each ear and I won’t even charge you. How does that sound?”

“That sounds ok.”

Within a few minutes Crystal was sporting her new earrings and when she looked in the mirror she realized that there was another piercing she wanted and the thought of it made her wet between her legs because she was now turned on by this new addiction to piercing.

“Could you do one more piercing? Another nose ring on the same side?”

“I can. Are you sure you want this? You were very upset when I did the first one.”

“I am beginning to like this look now so yes I am sure that I want it.”

15 minutes later Crystal was on her way home. She could not stop looking at herself in the rearview mirror the whole time.

Jason was shocked to see the new holes Crystal had gotten all on her own but he was very pleased with them and he too thought they looked perfect. That night Crystal and Jason had the best lovemaking session they had ever had.

Nearly a month passed and Jason had not sent Crystal on any new adventures. Crystal was wondering when he would send her out again. Deep down she actually could hardly wait for a new change. She came downstairs to find a note. “Finally, I get to have a little adventure again,” she thought. This note was directing her to go see Melissa again. As normal everything had been paid for. Crystal was soon in the salon.

“I can’t wait to get started today.”

“I am delighted to hear to you are enjoying your new look. I want to warn you ahead of time today that Jason has a couple wild things on the list today.”

“Anything you want to throw at me I am ready to handle.”

“Then we will start with hair. Color first as always.”

Melissa added more bleach to Crystal’s hair to get rid of the little bit of growth that had occurred. Then she just trimmed Crystal’s hair back into the same severe inverted bob. Then more color solution was added. When Crystal got a look at her new hairstyle she was shocked but at the same time had become very wet again between her legs. The style was the same but the bleached blonde hair had been replaced by a deep purple. It really did look good. The more she looked at herself in the mirror the more she wanted to get home so she could relieve the sexual tension building up inside her.

“The next thing that Jason want done is going to hurt some. It is a type of tattoo.”

“I was wondering when he would get to tattoos. What is it and where is it going? I am ready for it.”

“He wants all of your makeup tattooed on. When it is done it will really stand out. Are you ok with this?”

“I had not expected it to be tattooed makeup but yes I am ready to do that. After all it should save me some money on cosmetics.”

“Then let’s get started.”

4 hours later Crystal got to see her new makeup. She had black eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids, a medium blue eyeshadow, dark red lip liner, bright red lipstick, and Melissa had tattooed a beauty mark on the left side of her upper lip.

“This will take a little getting used to, seeing my face made up all day long but I actually do like it a lot. A few months ago I never would have guessed I would be standing here looking like this but now that I am, I am glad of the new me and happy I have gone through this change.”

“I am glad to hear that. I am sure I will see you again soon.”

When Crystal got home she hugged and kissed Jason.

“I am so happy you made me go through these changes. For a long time I have thought about doing something like this but I know that I would have never had the courage to do it on my own.”

“I am happy that you’re happy. A few months ago you were beautiful but yet still dull. Now you are starting to become incredibly sexy. I have a few more plans for you before the six month bet deadline is up. But I want to make sure that you are willing to give me total control of your entire body and your entire look? A lot of what I have planned will be permanent changes. Are you willing to accept this and let me do it?”

“I have thought of this as being a possibility and my answer is a huge YES! Of course I trust you. I love you with all my heart and I want to always look my sexiest for you.”

“Then we will get started next week on your final makeover.”

The next week came and Crystal had a breast enlargement to go from a size 36c to a big 38dd. 2 months later and Crystal was back in the salon, handing Melissa a sealed envelope.

“You look amazing. I can’t wait to see what Jason has planned for me to do to you today.”

After reading over the notes Melissa got started on what was to be Crystal’s most dramatic makeover yet. Melissa started by running the clippers straight up the back of Crystal’s head, stopping just at the edge of where her bangs started. Many clipper passes later and it was time to use the razor. Melissa leathered up Crystal’s head and began slowly erasing the remaining hair. Soon Crystal was bald except for her bangs. Melissa then put a new color onto the bangs and when it was rinsed away revealed a bright pink. Tattoos were next and after many hours, Crystal was almost entirely covered in all kinds of flowers, birds, and butterflies. Even her face and head had been tattooed. As many piercings were applied all over her body, Crystal had a lot of incredible orgasms rip through her body at the thought of her now permanently punked-out extreme look. This was the start of a brand new life for her and she knew that she would love every minute of it.

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