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What happened from 1979 to 1985? You guessed right if you said; “Don’t tell me, Linda grew her hair out again.” To be exact, Linda grew her hair to be 6′ long or 72″. Now Linda was only 5″6″ or 66″, so this means that Linda’s hair was 6″ longer then she was tall, or her hair laid on the ground 6″. Oh the color was back and it was just glorious to see, brown hair like a ribbon with a ting of red highlighting it, flowing down the back to the ground and then rolling out 6″ in back of Linda.

There were four of us who bowled as a team. Myself (Tom), Linda, our partners Kiku and Jerry. The four of us had bowled together for about 10 years in a husband and wife league. Kiku was Jerry’s wife and as you might have guessed was and Oriental, Japaneese to be exact. Jerry and myself worked together and Linda and Kiku became very good friends. Kiku was 5′ tall with a very slender build. Kiku had long black hair that also fell to the ground and lay about 6″ behind her.

Both Kiku and Linda adorned their hair with chopsticks or did their hair into a ponytail on top of their heads that fell to their ankles. When we went out to dinner and Linda and Kiku wore their hair in a ponytail, traffic would stop to look at the two ladies one with straight black hair and the other with brown and red highlighted hair down to their ankles walking down the street. Jerry and myself were the proud husbands and there was not a soul on the planet that did not know how we supported our wives and their hair.

In May of 1985, we entered a bowling tournament in Reno, Nevada at the MGM Grand Hotel and Showroom. We had arrived on Friday afternoon and were bowling at the MGM lanes to see how the lanes were to bowl on. We liked what we bowled for practice games and waited for the events to open the next morning. Back home, we were doing quite well as a team. Jerry and myself carried 185 averages and Linda and Kiku carried 155 averages. When we bowled, Linda and Kiku did their hair up on top of their heads and secured their hair with large pins thus keeping the long hair in place.

We had entered the Team Event with all four of us, Mens Partners with me and Jerry, Womens Partners with Kiku and Linda and Mixed Partners with Jerry and Kiku and Linda and myself. We each had an excellent series and would up in the top 3 for payouts in each category. Then came the team event. We were doing great and then it happened Kiku had rolled the perfect game of 11 strikes so far and was going for that perfect 300 game when she fouled on strike number 12. It was not her foot that fouled, but her hair had come undone and fell across the foul line. The ball continued down ward to the pins and a perfect strike. Everyone was shocked not at the foul but at the amount of hair laying across the foul line while the buzzer sounded. Kiku was devastated a perfect 11 frames of bowling and then her hair came undone. Linda was too bowl next and she had 7 strikes in a row. Linda laid the ball down and bend at the line when her hair came undone and a foul. Everyone in the house watched as the hair like Kiku’s layed on the floor with an embarrassed lady, each with a face that was flush red with embaressment, not from a good game but a spire of hair that came undone and caused her too foul.

Some spectator yelled” If you had really short hair, that would not have happened.” Linda looked at him and said “You are right, and I bet it will not happen again.” The heckler then said; “Does this mean that your are going to go and get your hair cut really short because of what happened?” Linda replied; “Maybe if you come up with a thousand dollars for your dream of a really short haircut.” The heckler said “You little lady with the dark hair, you fouled because of your hair also, so are you game for a really short haircut like your friend.” Kiku looked at the heckler who was drunk and said; “Your on, for another thousand dollars, we will both get our hair cut, as you say really super short.” Linda looked at Kiku and they both laughed. Linda said “He will never come up with 2,000 dollars” We then started the second game and did pretty good but it was the third game of the team seriesthat we got really hot and shot out of our heads.. Linda and Kiku were rolling another fantastic game, not as good as game one had been but they were at 210 in the 9th frame. At the tenth frame each had a strike and each finished with triple strikes and a 240 game. We had just won the team event, we had just taken the team trophy and we were estatic. While we were celebrating, a voice rang out from the crowd and said; “Had a good series, lots of memories watching you all bowl, especially all that hair on the floor in the second game. We wanted to capture that hair moment, so now here is your request for the two thousand dollars.” It was the drunk heckler, he had garnered a crowd. The crowd was all about a haircut and had each donated money collectively making $2,000, all for the event of a lifetime, watching not one but two ladies, going from super long calf length hair each (they thought), to really super short hair.

The drunk heckler gave Linda a thousand dollars and Kiku a thousand dollars, then grabbed Linda’s right hand in his left hand and Kiku’s left hand in his right hand, then raised both his arms high and said; “Now everyone, we are going to be treated to a makeover, the likes you all have never before seen, nor will probably ever see again. We have some more entertainment. Everyone lets all gather at the banquet hall where we will have these ladies on the stage each to get their haircut..” Everybody went up stairs to watch the event about to unfold. Jerry and myself told Linda and Kiku that they did not have to go through with this. Linda and Kiku looked at us and said; “But we made a deal for a thousand each. They covered the deal. We never thought they would, but; they have dared us to carry through and that is what we have to do. When you make a deal and they back it up.” Kiku nodded and said; “We now have to pay the price for being cocky and then we got challenged. We have to accept their money and get a short hair cut.” I said; “I think your crazy and just want a reason to cut it all short again.” Linda and Kiku looked at me and Jerry. Then Linda smiled and said; “Did you bring the movie camera?” I said “Yes I did.” and Linda said; “Good, get it all on tape, ok, this way you can wear out another tape.” Both Linda and Kiku were taken backstage as everyone else was seated for the event.

The curtain rolled open and Kiku and Linda were announced. The stage had two beauty salon chairs and two beauticians from the hotel waiting to do the honors. Both Linda and Kiku still had their hair done up high, while they were introduced to the crowd. The two beauticians were introduced as Kay and Tarra. Linda and Kiku were told by the announcer; “Let your hair down for the last time for all to see and before your getting it cut really short as agreed too.” Everyone watched as Linda and Kiku, like a precisioned team, at the same time, took out the pins from their locks of hair. As the last pin was unsecured from the hair, the hair of each, cascaded down the shoulder, to the back, bouncing at the hips and springing downwards to their calves. There we a lot of oohws and aweeees and cameras flashing as everyone now knew that the makeovers were coming. The beauticians looked at Linda and Kiku and Kay said; “Your hair is in a ponytail on the top of your head.” Linda said; “Yes it is.” Kay then asked; ” Then your hair is a lot longer then what we are looking at right now correct.” Linda said;” Yes that is correct Kay.” Kay then said; So would you both undo the rest of you hair for us?” Kiku spoke up and said:”Maybe you Kay and Tarra would like to unpin the ponytail each of us has?” The beauticians nodded and Kay reached up and undid Linda’s ponytail. At the same time Tarraa reached up and undid the pins holding Kiku ponytail. Down came more hair falling. The crowd went wild, as the hair fell down to the ground and laid there at Linda and Kiku’s feet. Linda and Kiku were having
fun as the beauticians pulled their hair out to it’s fullest length and held it out while the audience went wilder and snapped more photos. Linda and Kiku turned around for pictures to be taken and then the beauticians had Linda and Kiku take a seat in the chair. If you were there the ladies hair was to the floor about 6″ each when standing. Once seated, the hair fell to the floor and lay coiled like a snake. Linda had over 26″ of hair on the floor when seated and Kiku had over 20″ of hair laid on the ground when she was seated.

Now that they were seated, Tarra asked the crowd; “Does anybody have a hairstyle in mind, one that Linda and Kiku should have their hair cut into?” The heckler was silent, he was just staring at all the hair, the crowd was speechless, many were just shocked when they realized how much hair was going to really be cut off. Finally someone in the audience said; “Give them each a pixie cut, they wanted it short and they agreed.” Linda looked at Kiku and the beauticians and said; ” He is right, Kay will cut my hair and Tarra will cut Kiku’s hair off into a 1″ clipper cut, but; you must save the hair that is cut from each section..” The beauticians looked at Linda and Kay said; “Ugh, Umh, OH GOD, a 1″ clipper cut, DO YOU KNOW HOW SHORT THAT IS, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS, OR ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Linda said “Yes, for both of us, a 1″ clipper cut, I am as serious as a heart attack. That should give them something to yell about for their thousand dollar haircut.” Linda then proceeded to tell Kay and Tarra how to do the cut. “The hair will be tied off into six sections to be clipper cut off. As Kay does my hair, Tarra will be holding each section of hair out so all can watch and photograph the clipper cutting of each section of hair. Once the section of hair is clippered off, you will take that section to the tables behind us, there at the tables, you will lay the hair out across the three ribbons, for all to see the severed hair laid out for viewing. Once all six sections have been clipper cut off, you will taken the clippers and run them over the whole head to make all of the cut sections an even 1″ clipper cut.. Then Kay and Tarra willswitch places. Tarra will do Kiku and Kay will hold the sectioned hair to be clipper cut the same way mine was.”

Kiku was now a little shaken and was saying ;”Ooh my god , a 1″ clipper cut Linda, are you sure you want to this short a cut, this is really going to happen, my long hair is going to be cut short to a 1″ cut? Ooh my god Linda , oh my god.” Linda said; “DON’T PANIC KIKU, THE FEELING YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL, IS LIKE NO OTHER FEELING YOU WILL EVER HAVE. IT IS SO DIFFERENT. KIKU YOU ARE GOING TO REMEMBER THIS DAY FOR ALL OF YOUR LIFE. OK KIKU DO THIS CUT WITH ME SOMETHING WE DID TOGETHER. ” Kiku acknowledged with a nod. Linda was then caped by Kay and her assistant Tarra held Linda’s hair stretched out and lifted up to clear the cape as it was fastened around Linda’s neck. The hair was then sectioned into six distinct sections LIKE Linda had told them to do. First at the front of the right ear, Second at the back of the right ear to the nape, then from the nape to the middle of the back of the head, then from the middle of the back of the head to the left nape. Then from the nape to the ear on the left side and finally the ear forward left side. Linda watched as each section was carefully done and looked at me and said; “Are you getting all this on film.” I nodded and said; “Oh yes, I am going to capture all of this cut. This time I will get to see and film this cutting.”

“Then Kay picked up her clippers and put on the 1” attachment. Kay then brought the clippers to Linda’s front right side. The other beautician Tarra stood holding Linda’s first section of hair outward, to be cut underneath. Kay then turned on the clippers. Kiku squeeled and jumped from the chair. The crowd laughed. Kay brought the clippers to Linda’s right front section of outstreached hair held by Tarra and said to the crowd; “ARE YOU READY FOR THIS CROWD.” The crowd yelled “CUT IT OFF, CUT IT OFF, CUT IT OFF.” Kay pushed the clippers upwards at Lindas sideburns, up to the temple past the forehead and directly into the center of Linda’s head. The section of hair was severed and fell into Terra’s clutches, showing a 2″ wide swath of hair about 1″ long left from the clippers devistation. The crowd went absolutely wild and chanted; “DO IT AGAIN, CUT IT OFF, DO IT AGAIN, CUT IT OFF. Kiku was terrified as she sat and watched, knowing her fate was to be next.” The second section was raised upwards and the clippers were sent plowing through the section of hair. It was like a tractor plowing hay. Cutting through it all till it too was severed. The crowd was estatic and wanted more as each section was cut. The crowd would yell “CUT IT AGAIN, CUT IT OFF, CUT IT ALL OFF. Kiku could only watch in sheer panic knowing what was to come as each cut brought a section of long severed hair past her to the tables where it was laid to it’s final resting. But it was the clean cut of the hair that was shorn short on Linda’s head that scared Kiku the most as she watched Linda being transformed from a super long haired lady into a super short haired lady. About half way through the cut at the nape, Kiku saw a half super long haired lady and a half super short haired lady. Kiku watched as the next section to the left was cut and finally the last section was buzzed away and all of Linda’s beautiful long hair lay on the table, ribboned and bound for all to photograph while Kay buzzed Linda’s hair to a perfect 1” clipper cut all over her head. Kiku sqeeked a small “oh god Linda what have you done, what am I going to do, oh god Linda, oh my god help me, I am so scared right now.

“Now it was Kiku’s turn. Kiku was beside herself as Tarra moved torward her chair with cape in hand. Kiku had watched as all of Linda’s long beautiful hair was clippered from 72″ down to 1″. Kiku sat in awe watching each section of Linda’s long luxurious brown hair was clippered. As each section was cut, then brought past her to the table and laid to rest between three ribbons. Kiku knew she was next as each section that was clippered from Linda’s haircut, was brought by her, bringing her closer to being caped up and her hair being severed like Linda’s had been. Kiku almost fainted when Tarra stood behind her and Kay held her hair out as she was caped. Now Kiku envisioned herself being clippered to a 1″ cut. Kiku said; Linnda, I have never had a haircut in my whole life. I never have short hair, I only trim ends, whole life, never have a haircut in all of my 37 years.” Linda took Kiku’s hand and said; “Close your eyes Kiku and think of something else. Kiku started to cry. All Kiku could think about was her hair being cut and reduced from 66″ to an inch of hair. Tarra turned the clippers on, the pop made Kiku jump and breath deep and say;”Oh god cut it all off fast, please cut off fast.” Tara raised the clippers up and plowed through Kiku’s hair one section after the other. It went very quickly since Linda held one section till it was cut, then Kay held the other section as it was cut. When it came time to cut the nape, Kiku found out what Linda had described to her. The clippers cutting there way up the nape of her neck with a warm vibration, a very warm sensation of the clippers against her knowlwdge knot and then to the top of the spine a chill was sent down Kiku’s back that made her shiver. A second cut up the nape, a soothing sexual feeling of warmth and pleasure, the cutting elation of the clippers and there sound chewing up hair. The feeling was exilerating and put Kiku at ease. Kiku was finally relaxed and submissive as she sat in peace as the clippers ran up the other side of the nape, to the top of her spine again and sent a sensual chill down her back again.

Now Kiku knew the meaning of what Linda had said earlier. “THE FEELING THAT YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL, IS LIKE NO OTHER FEELING YOU WILL EVER HAVE, IT IS SO DIFFERENT.” Kiku could care about her hair anymore. Half of her hair was already cut off. But Linda was right, they had s
omething too talk about and watch the cutting films of the event that took place that weekend, memories too share for many years to come. As Tarra finished up on Kiku’s buzzed cut all over her head, Kiku took Linda to her side and said; “Linnda you were right, what a feeling, the warmth of the clippers vibrating up your neck, oh my god I thought I was going to climax.” Linda said; “Now you know Kiku now you know what a clipper cut is like. If you never had it done, you would never have experienced the moment, and yes I almost climax each time I have my hair buzzed..”

Kiku was uncapped and both Linda and Kiku were presented with their hair to keep as a keepsake of the event. The drunk said;”Thank you both for being such good sports and going through with the event that we will all carry with memories in our hearts and on film. Again thnk you both for the memories.” The crowd went wild again as Linda and Kiku held the severed hair up, for one last photo before going home with hubbies on a bowling trip they all will never forget.

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