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Katrina’s First Short Cut

Our Reader Score [Total: 25   Average: 2.7/5]This story is true and happened today, Dec. 15, 1999. …so, I walk into my salon after lunch and standing at the front desk is Katrina, 20 years old, 5′ 9″, an almond-eyed Latino beauty from Miami, thick silky brown hair...
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Shear Pleasure

Our Reader Score [Total: 18   Average: 3.2/5]I have always been extremely turned on by girls with beautiful hair. Like all red-blooded guys, I certainly appreciate all the features of women, but the first attraction is definitely the hair. The feel of its softness in my hands, and...
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Killer Braid (Part 1)

Our Reader Score [Total: 3   Average: 3/5]This was the happiest day in NIKKI s life . Today she was getting married. She was such in a rush that when started walking down the isle she realized she had forgotten her shoes but no one was paying attention...
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Kelly’s Haircut

Our Reader Score [Total: 28   Average: 2.5/5]She had been trying to grow her hair out now for what seemed like forever, but she was beginning to tire of the process. She had been downtown at the market with a friend and they had been talking about hair...
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Strip Poker

Our Reader Score [Total: 19   Average: 2.7/5]You, your best friend Rachel and I take a two-hour trip to visit a Navy buddy of mine for the weekend; we have set up kind of a long distance blind date. Now Mike and I are extremely good friends and...
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Killer Braid (Part 2)

Our Reader Score [Total: 13   Average: 2.2/5]Nicki had just gotten married when her new husband Steve got over drunk on their wedding night and became violent and she got him off her by wrapping long braid around his neck then fled to her mothers house. They returned...
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